Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Cage Free

Today's Show - 

Laura takes a position on the hospital board at GH and Kevin realizes she'll be his boss. Then Lucy approaches them and notes that Laura's new position will make her Kevin's boss as well. Lucy is all excited and hurries Laura off to give her tips on dealing with the board. Later Laura tells Lucy she plans on making The Nurses' Ball a priority. Lucy is thrilled and encourages Kevin and Laura's relationship before walking off. At the end, Laura tells Kevin that she loves him and he says it back to her. They kiss and then Laura has to rush off to a board meeting. 

At the Metro Court, the song Charlotte keeps whistling gives Anna a memory flash. After Charlotte is reluctant to spend time alone with Lulu and says she wants to go home. Then Valentin walks in and Charlotte runs to hug him. Lulu gets worked up and tells Dante she thinks Valentin is playing games. She wants sole custody of Charlotte, but Dante is hesitant and tells Lulu she'll end up hurting Charlotte. Dante says Charlotte loves Valentin and Lulu should wait. At the end, Charlotte gives Lulu a cold hug. It upsets Lulu so she threatens Valentin that she's going for full custody.

Nearby, Emma asks Anna why she's so interested in the song Charlotte was whistling. Emma knows that Anna doesn't like Valentin and offers to spy on Valentin for Anna. However Anna tells her not to go near Valentin without her. Then Valentin approaches Anna and asks if Emma and Charlotte can be friends. Anna says yes and asks Valentin about the song. He says it's in Russian and asks if Anna speaks it. Anna says of course and then Valentin makes a reference about a teacher he had in school. It seems to trigger something for Anna. At the end, Anna tells Dante she thinks she knows Valentin from her time in the WSB post Cold War, but can't remember how.

Scott Baker comes to GH to speak with Franco about his brother Tom. Liz tries to intervene on Franco's behalf, but then gets called away for work. Once alone, Franco tells Scott he's not sorry for attacking Tom after what he did to Elizabeth. However Franco assures Scott that he hasn't hurt Tom. Scott seems to understand that Tom is troubled. Franco then tells Scott that he wants to change for Liz and Liz overhears him. She's touched and tells Franco she's ready to be with him for real.

Meanwhile at Franco's studio, Tom manages to get free of his cage. However Tom discovers the door is locked from the outside and freaks out. He tries to open the door, but when that fails he begins screaming for help. Later Franco returns to his studio. Tom is in his cage again. Franco tells him he's going to let him go after all and opens the cage door. When he does, Tom chloroforms Franco. 

In Hayden's hospital room, she begins to flat line. Liz comes in the with a crash cart and Finn manages to bring her back. When Hayden wakes up, Tracy tells her she died. Tracy and Liz decide to give Finn and Hayden alone time. Once in private, Finn tells her that he has a cure but if it doesn't work it could kill her. Hayden is worried there won't be enough cure left for Finn, but he tells her he'll figure something out. Hayden decides to take the chance and at the end, Finn injects the cure into her IV. 

End of show!

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