Friday, December 2, 2016

Breakfast in Bed

Love these two!
Here's What Happened - 

Sam and Jason wait outside of Kelly's for Curtis. They wonder if they can trust Curtis, but Jason thinks he needs to chance it to prove Sonny's innocence. Meanwhile Curtis eavesdrops on Ava and Julian talking in the hospital. He hears Ava telling Julian to go after Sonny, but Julian says she needs to let him handle things. After Ava leaves, Curtis goes to talk to Julian on his own. Curtis asks about Julian's accident and Oscar Jessup. Julian gets defensive and tells Curtis he'll regret it if he keeps investigating. 

Alexis thinks about running Julian over at Kelly's and gets anxious. She decides to add some alcohol to her coffee. Then Anna shows up to meet her and wants to talk about Valentin. She asks if Alexis can tell her anything about him. Alexis answers that she hates Valentin and says she has bigger uses with Julian to think about. However Alexis offers her help nonetheless and tells Anna about the boarding school Valentin went to as a child. At the end, Alexis runs into Sam and Jason while she's getting text messages from Julian. Jason says they know Sonny isn't responsible for Julian's accident. 

Nelle listens to her recording of Sonny talking about them having sex in Carly's office when Michael walks in. She uses headphones and decides to keep listening even though Michael is standing there. After Michael asks her for help getting Carly a Christmas present. Nelle suggests a pizza stove or a cozy sweater. Later Michael asks Nelle to go to the Toys for Tots gala with him. 

Nina helps out with Toys for Tots at the hospital as they wait for Santa to arrive. Then Valentin arrives with lots of toys. He flirts with Nina, but Nina rebuffs him based on what Anna has to say about him. She does, however, end up telling Valentin that he's a good father and says that means a lot to her. Nearby Dante and Lulu step off the elevators and can barely keep their hands off each other. Then they see Valentin talking to Nina and wonder what's going on with them. Dante tells Lulu not to worry about it and to let Nina make her own mistakes. 

Laura and Kevin wake up in bed together and Kevin tells her that he loved her showing up at his door naked under a fur coat the night before. Laura says Kevin is a great guy and her life is better with him in it. They end up going for another round of love making and after they decide to cook breakfast together. However Kevin forgets that he's got to get to work and rushes out of bed before they can make food.

Sonny dreams about himself kissing Nelle. He wakes up and finds Carly is there. She thinks he was having a nightmare. After Carly tells Sonny about Julian's accident. Sonny wonders if Carly thinks he's responsible, but she says she knows he's not. Sonny says he knows things have to change and comes close to telling Carly about Nelle. However Ava stops by to visit Avery and interrupts them. Ava wants to discuss her custody of Avery, but Sonny firmly shoots her down and Carly backs him up.

End of show!

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