Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Extended Vacation

I apologize, but I won't be back until next week. 

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Break

I've decided to take a little holiday break from recapping. There is so much to do in the next few days that I don't think I'll have much time for General Hospital. I'll be back on December 27th. 

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Cage Free

Today's Show - 

Laura takes a position on the hospital board at GH and Kevin realizes she'll be his boss. Then Lucy approaches them and notes that Laura's new position will make her Kevin's boss as well. Lucy is all excited and hurries Laura off to give her tips on dealing with the board. Later Laura tells Lucy she plans on making The Nurses' Ball a priority. Lucy is thrilled and encourages Kevin and Laura's relationship before walking off. At the end, Laura tells Kevin that she loves him and he says it back to her. They kiss and then Laura has to rush off to a board meeting. 

At the Metro Court, the song Charlotte keeps whistling gives Anna a memory flash. After Charlotte is reluctant to spend time alone with Lulu and says she wants to go home. Then Valentin walks in and Charlotte runs to hug him. Lulu gets worked up and tells Dante she thinks Valentin is playing games. She wants sole custody of Charlotte, but Dante is hesitant and tells Lulu she'll end up hurting Charlotte. Dante says Charlotte loves Valentin and Lulu should wait. At the end, Charlotte gives Lulu a cold hug. It upsets Lulu so she threatens Valentin that she's going for full custody.

Nearby, Emma asks Anna why she's so interested in the song Charlotte was whistling. Emma knows that Anna doesn't like Valentin and offers to spy on Valentin for Anna. However Anna tells her not to go near Valentin without her. Then Valentin approaches Anna and asks if Emma and Charlotte can be friends. Anna says yes and asks Valentin about the song. He says it's in Russian and asks if Anna speaks it. Anna says of course and then Valentin makes a reference about a teacher he had in school. It seems to trigger something for Anna. At the end, Anna tells Dante she thinks she knows Valentin from her time in the WSB post Cold War, but can't remember how.

Scott Baker comes to GH to speak with Franco about his brother Tom. Liz tries to intervene on Franco's behalf, but then gets called away for work. Once alone, Franco tells Scott he's not sorry for attacking Tom after what he did to Elizabeth. However Franco assures Scott that he hasn't hurt Tom. Scott seems to understand that Tom is troubled. Franco then tells Scott that he wants to change for Liz and Liz overhears him. She's touched and tells Franco she's ready to be with him for real.

Meanwhile at Franco's studio, Tom manages to get free of his cage. However Tom discovers the door is locked from the outside and freaks out. He tries to open the door, but when that fails he begins screaming for help. Later Franco returns to his studio. Tom is in his cage again. Franco tells him he's going to let him go after all and opens the cage door. When he does, Tom chloroforms Franco. 

In Hayden's hospital room, she begins to flat line. Liz comes in the with a crash cart and Finn manages to bring her back. When Hayden wakes up, Tracy tells her she died. Tracy and Liz decide to give Finn and Hayden alone time. Once in private, Finn tells her that he has a cure but if it doesn't work it could kill her. Hayden is worried there won't be enough cure left for Finn, but he tells her he'll figure something out. Hayden decides to take the chance and at the end, Finn injects the cure into her IV. 

End of show!

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Monday, December 19, 2016

The Cure

Here's What Happened - 

Lulu goes to Wyndermere and tells Valentin she wants to take Charlotte home. Valentin says he won't stop Lulu from having a relationship with Charlotte, but she has to share with him. Then Charlotte and Nina walk in the room. Nina gets Charlotte to go play and then tells Lulu not to speak against Valentin. Lulu gets irked by Nina. Valentin promises he won't keep Charlotte from Lulu. Charlotte returns with a picture for Nina and it's clear they have a bond. Then Valentin let's Lulu take Charlotte to see the Christmas tree lighting at The Metro Court. Privately Nina tells Valentin it was a mistake for him to let Lulu take her. Valentin says he feels like he has to let Lulu sink or swim with Charlotte. Nina warns him that people will go to extreme lengths to protect their children. 

Anna talks to Dante at The Metro Court about Charlotte being Lulu's child. Dante seems a little sad and tells Anna he always wanted a daughter of his own. Dante worries that he might not be able to love Charlotte they way Lulu wants him to. Anna tells him that his love for Lulu and Rocco will make it okay for him. After Anna tells Dante that she thinks Valentin burned down his childhood school. Anna also says she thinks she knows Valentin from somewhere. Later they run in Lulu and Charlotte. Anna takes Charlotte to play with Emma. Charlotte teaches Emma a tune that triggers a bizarre memory for Anna. In private, Lulu gushes to Dante about Charlotte. Dante doesn't like that Lulu approached Valentin without him. At the end, Lulu tells Dante she doesn't plan on giving Charlotte back to Valentin. 

Liz tells Franco at the hospital that his landlord complained about the loud music at his studio. She questions him about the Christmas present he's been working on, but then she gets called away to a patient before Franco can answer. Meanwhile at Franco's studio, Tom tries to get Franco's cell phone through his cage as it lays on the floor. Later Franco returns to the studio and finds Tom trying to get his phone. Franco says he's going to keep Tom until he officially breaks parole and goes back to prison. Tom swears he's reformed and begs for Franco to let him go. At the end, Tom's brother, Scott, goes to the hospital looking for him. Liz introduces him to Franco and asks if Franco knows where Tom might be. Back at the studio, Tom finally manages to get free of his cage.  

Tracy reads to Hayden at the Quartermaine's and tells her that Finn thinks he's found a cure. Hayden asks why Tracy is helping her. Tracy says Hayden reminds her of someone. Later Hayden's temperature rises so Tracy brings her to the hospital. Liz comes to help and Hayden asks her to find Dr. Finn before she dies. Meanwhile in the hospital lab, Dr. Finn enlists Brad's help to find a cure for he and Hayden. After Liz calls Finn to say Hayden is in bad shape. Dr. Finn rushes to Hayden's room with his syringe. Finn tells Tracy he thinks he's found the cure and is going to test it on himself to see if it works. However before he can inject himself, Hayden begins to flat line.

End of show!

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Friday, December 16, 2016

GH is Preempted Today

No GH today due the president's end of year speech. See you on Monday!

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

You're Charlotte's Mother

Here's What Happened - 

Sam goes to see Maxie at Crimson and Maxie tells Sam she wants to throw her an amazing baby shower. Sam isn't sure that she wants that, but Maxie insists. Then Maxie learns that Sam is waiting to find out the sex of the baby until he or she is born. Maxie thinks it's a mistake and steals Sam's test results when Sam steps away to take a call. 

Dante and Lulu wait for results at GH about Charlotte. Griffin comes over to tell them he doesn't have any answers yet on her DNA, because he's being extra thorough to assure there is no tampering. Later Griffin returns. He tells Lulu she is definitely Charlotte's mother and Valentin is her father. Dante thinks they'll have to prepare for a custody battle. Lulu wonders if Dante can love Charlotte like a father. 

Julian struggles with pain at Ava's apartment. Ava is concerned about him and warns Alexis she'll be watching her. Ava wants to have Bloody Mary's to celebrate Julian surviving, but Alexis says he can't drink on pain medication. Ava and Alexis snipe at each other. Alexis steps on the balcony to collect herself and slips vodka in her coffee to take the edge off. In private Ava pleads with Julian to let her help him so he doesn't have to involve Alexis. Julian ends up falling asleep on her. After Ava and Alexis start arguing again and Ava tells Alexis that she knows Alexis ran Julian down. Ava threatens to go to the cops with that information.

Nelle brings Sonny some ornaments from Carly for his Christmas tree. She offers to decorate the tree for him and once again they promise to keep quiet about their night together. Then Carly walks in and puts the finishing touches on the tree. Sonny is clearly uncomfortable with Nelle being there too. Then Carly gets a call and learns that Sonny recommended Nelle for a job in Atlanta. Carly wonders why Sonny got involved. Nelle jumps in and says it was just a mix up and Sonny thought he was helping her. However Nelle assures Carly she's not leaving town. Carly thinks it was nice of Sonny to help Nelle and says she thinks things look positive for Christmas.

At The Metro Court, Curtis and Jason review the evidence they found in the dumpster. Carly brings them coffee and questions Jason about why he seems off. However Curtis says they're in the middle of something before Carly can get any answers from Jason. She decides to leave them alone. After Jason tells Curtis he thinks he found something. They head over to a pawn shop and show the owner pictures of Julian and his men to see if the owner recognizes them. The owner says no, but he does recognize the bag that the tools Jason found in the dumpster were in. The owner says he has a bunch of them, which he hands out all the time. Later Jason ends up finding matching tools in the shop and accuses the owner of lying to him. At the end, we see that an unknown person is watching Jason and Curtis question the owner on surveillance cameras. 

End of show!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Find A Cure

Today's Show - 

Franco continues to torment Tom Baker in a dog cage at his studio. Franco says he doesn't think Tom was rehabilitated in prison and he wants to stop him from hurting Liz or anyone else. Franco asks what his plans for Kiki were and says he wants to save all women who will run into him going forward. Then Liz knocks on the door. Tom tries to scream for help, but Franco uses a buzzer he has attached to Tom's neck to zap him quiet. Then Franco steps outside to talk to Liz. She asks to come in, because she wants to talk about Tom. Franco says she can't because then she'll see her Xmas present. Liz thinks it's sweet that he's making her a gift. After Liz says she's worried that he'll hurt Tom and tells Franco he's already a hero to her. Liz wants them to move forward together. Then she invites Franco to spend the holidays with her. He's very happy and says how much he loves her kids. Liz kisses him goodbye and once she leaves, Franco returns to Tom. He tells Tom he's not going to kill him, but he's going to end his life as he knows it. 

Dr. Finn helps Hayden in her hospital bed at the Q's when she has a seizure. Tracy comes in to help and tries to hold Hayden still. Finn gives Hayden some of his drug (Zeconestrol (sp?), despite his running low on supplies. It seems to help her, but Finn tells Tracy he doesn't have enough drugs left to keep both he and Hayden alive. Tracy tells him he's going to have to find a cure before it's too late. Tracy says she will take care of Hayden while he goes to work on a cure. Finn tells Hayden he has to leave. She thinks he's her father leaving her again and tells him as her father that she loves Finn. 

Later Finn promises he'll come back to see her again whether he finds a cure or not. After Hayden confuses Tracy with her mother and asks if she hates her because Hayden reminds her of the failure her mother had with Jeff Webber. Tracy plays along and tells Hayden she was an inept mother. It seems to hit home for Tracy. She tells Hayden she loves her. Meanwhile Finn goes back to his hotel room to work out a cure, but grows frustrated when he can't. He talks to Roxie and wonders what he's missing. Looking at Roxie shedding her scales, Finn gets an idea. He takes Roxie out of her tank and hopes she can help save Hayden's life. 

Michael goes to see Carly at The Metro Court to ask if she's seen Nelle. Carly says no and thinks maybe Michael and Nelle got their wires crossed. After Carly tells Michael she's probably going to spend Christmas with Sonny, because she thinks it's good for the family to be together. Meanwhile Nelle goes home and talks to herself about going to the party with Michael. Then she strips down to her underwear, looks at her kidney scar and rants about Carly. After Nelle looks in a music box full of keepsakes, including a rattle. Right then Michael sends her a text asking where she went. Nelle thinks about Michael and her fake seduction of Sonny. Later she cries to her music box again. Then Michael stops by. She apologizes for leaving the party abruptly and claims she was feeling sick. Michael thinks he made her uncomfortable by pressuring her to come to the gala. They end up talking and decide to be friends no matter if things get complicated. After Michael leaves, Nelle once again returns to her music box and looks at her baby rattle.

Sonny asks Jason at his house if he's going to tell Carly about him supposedly sleeping with Nelle. Jason thinks Sonny should come clean, because the truth always has a way of coming out. Sonny thinks it's better to keep it quiet and reminds Jason that he's lied before, even about being Michael's father. Jason gets offended, but Sonny says the truth will break him and Carly up for good. Right then, Carly walks in and senses the tension between Jason and Sonny. She asks what's wrong so Sonny says they were talking about Morgan. Jason backs up his lie to Carly. After they put up a Christmas tree together, but acknowledge that something will be missing without Morgan this year. Carly says she wants them all to be together, including Jason, Sam and the boys, for the holidays. She senses that Jason has something on his mind. Jason says it's just nice to see his best friends getting along. At the end, Jason and Sonny are alone. Sonny asks if Jason is going to tell Carly about Nelle. He answers no, but says if Carly asks him he won't make up a story. Then Jason tells Sonny to do right by his family. 

End of show!

There are still many problems, but on a whole I do think GH has been better of late. I really can't stand Nelle, but I think that's the point. The plot with Tom Baker is ludicrous, but for those who know Todd Manning's history on OLTL with his rape of Marty, you know Roger is playing Franco very Toddish and I like it. I think Hayden and Finn have cute couple potential, even though this silly disease plot is going nowhere fast. Let's hope he does find a cure quickly.

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Friday, December 9, 2016

We're Charlotte's Parents

Friday's Recap - 

Curtis shows Jason what he found out at Kelly's. Curtis determines that there is more surveillance footage from yet another angle. He and Jason take off to investigate and end up looking through dumpsters for clues. Curtis gets scared by a rat, which amuses Jason. Then Jason finds a bag full of stuff that might have been used to plant the bomb. Later Curtis gets a call from Jordan with more information on the case.

Nelle goes to Sonny's house at Sonny's behest. He gives Nelle her missing necklace and then says he's found a solution for their awkward situation. Sonny tells her that there is a teaching job waiting for her in Atlanta. Nelle says he can't make her leave and tells Sonny there is nothing for her back in Atlanta. Sonny decides to drop the issue. Nelle assures him she won't say anything about them sleeping together and she records their conversation again. Later Jason shows up and notices an odd exchange between Nelle and Sonny. Nelle leaves and after Jason asks Sonny what's going on.

Ava stops by Julian's hospital room with plans to take him home with her after he's released. However Julian informs her that he has other plans. Meanwhile Alexis spikes her coffee again outside of Kelly's. Then she heads to the hospital to pick up Julian. Ava is surprised to see her and in private figures out that Alexis must have been the one who hit him. Julian asks her to keep quiet about it. Ava agrees, but doesn't think anything good will come of his plan for Alexis. By the nurses' station, Alexis gets questioned by Griffin about why she's taking care of Julian after what he did to her. Alexis claims that she's trying to forgive people who have wronged her. Griffin has trouble believing her. 

In NYC, Lulu and Maxie are locked in Dr. Bellamy's exam room and struggle to figure out how to get out. Meanwhile Valentin gets a call at Wyndermere from Dr. Bellamy about Lulu and Maxie snooping in his office. Valentin decides to handle the situation personally. Back at Dr. Bellamy's office, he tells Lulu and Maxie to sit tight and keeps them locked up. Later Valentin shows up and Lulu slaps him across the face. Then Dr. Bellamy gives Valentin some alone time with Lulu and Maxie. 

At GH, Nathan goes to Griffin for help with Valentin. Nearby Dante can't reach Lulu on her phone and wonders where she is. Nathan can't reach Maxie either. Griffin tells them that Maxie and Lulu stopped by last night and Dante finds the address for Dr. Bellamy. Nathan and Dante take off to find the girls. Later Dante and Nathan show up at Dr. Bellamy's office. Valentin says he has something to tell all of them. At the end, Valentin confirms that Lulu is Charlotte's mother. He looks at Lulu and smirks, "we're Charlotte's parents."

End of show!

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Watch Out For Tom Baker!

Here's What Happened - 

Franco brings Liz a key-chain with mace on it at Perks. Liz is worried that Franco is going to kill Tom. Franco promises that he won't go after Tom, but says he's worried because he really cares about her. Liz says his violent side scares her. Franco asks her to promise that she'll use the key-chain if she needs to. Later Liz runs into Hayden and tries to get her to open up about what's going on with her. However Hayden is reluctant to talk. 

Monica, Dillon and Tracy talk about Tom Baker at the hospital. Then Finn rushes up to Tracy asking if she has seen Hayden. Tracy says yes so Finn tries to call Hayden, but without success. Then he gets a call from Liz telling him where Hayden is. Later Liz comes to the hospital and talks to Monica and Tracy about what's happening with Hayden. Meanwhile Finn goes to Perks to talk to Hayden while she's trying to ice skate. Hayden tells him that she made a bucket list, because she's accepted that she's going to die. At the end, Hayden gets light headed and Finn has to catch her from falling. 

Outside of Kelly's, Kiki has a run in with Tom Baker. He asks if she's a model. Kiki thinks he's giving her a line, but Tom says he is a professional photographer. He gives her a card and suggests they can help each other out since they're both looking for work. Kiki turns Tom down while Franco happens to overhear. After Franco confronts Tom, but Tom quickly warns Franco to back off. Meanwhile Dillon meets up with Kiki and they talk about all the people they've lost, including Emily. Dillon warns her to be careful of Tom Baker and gives her background on what Tom did to Emily and Liz. Later Franco ends up warning Kiki about Tom as well and he asks for her help to keep women safe. Kiki likes the idea and agrees. 

Dante talks to Nathan about Lulu's thoughts on Charlotte being her daughter at the PCPD. Dante says the Canadian authorities can't find Claudette and will soon declare her dead. Nathan wonders how they could prove that Lulu is Charlotte's mother. Meanwhile Maxie and Lulu go to Claudette's Obgyn, Dr. Bellamy, in New York City for information on Charlotte. Maxie pretends to need an exam while Lulu snoops in the doctor's files. Lulu finds out that Claudette was a surrogate for Charlotte. After Dr. Bellamy catches Lulu looking into his files and decides to lock Maxie and Lulu in the exam room.

At Wyndermere, Valentin and Nina regale in their night together. She tells him that she likes him and she likes being with him, but she's not sure if he's being 100% honest with her. Valentin hopes they can have a real relationship. Later Nathan and Dante go to Wyndermere to talk to Valentin about Claudette. Nathan isn't pleased to find Nina there, but Nina is quick to tell him that she's a grown woman who will make her own choices. Nina refers to Valentin as her boyfriend. At the end, Nina leaves and Valentin gets a phone call from Dr. Bellamy.

End of show!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Is Charlotte My Daughter?

Today's Show - 

Nathan catches Maxie snooping on his laptop to learn what surprise he has for her at their apartment. Then they practice dancing for their wedding. They disagree on the music for their wedding song and Nathan ends up pulling his back out. Maxie worries that Nathan won't be able to dance at the wedding now, but Nathan assures her that nothing can stop him. Then he heads off to work, but says he'll stay on desk duty. 

Curtis and Jason tell Sam at Kelly's that Julian planted the bomb in his own car. Curtis thinks they should go to the cops. However Jason and Sam don't think that's a good idea. Curtis ignores them and goes the PCPD to talk to Jordan anyway. Jordan end ups handcuffing him to her desk and threatens to hold him overnight. Curtis decides to tell Jordan about the van he figured out was Julian's, but refuses to tell her who he's working with. Jordan removes his cuffs and then shows Curtis surveillance footage from the Floating Rib from a different angle. Upon looking at it Curtis says, "What the hell?"

Andre tries calling Jordan, but misses her. Then Anna stops by his office and asks Andre to consult on her investigation into Valentin. Anna thinks Valentin burned down his childhood school and she wants to prove it. Andre asks what is bothering her so much about Valentin. Anna says she feels like Valentin knows her from somewhere. She thinks finding out what happened at Valentin's school will give her the answers she needs. 

At Wyndermere, Nina stops by with a Christmas present for Charlotte. She finds Valentin alone with a lovely Christmas tree up for Charlotte. Nina talks about her childhood Christmas', which she says were empty. Valentin says his Christmas' were lonely except for a scarf given to him by a cook at his boarding school. Later Nina learns there is a storm on the way and she can't leave. Nina thinks Valentin is manipulating the situation until she gets soaking when she goes outside. After Valentin brings her dry clothes that apparently Britt left behind as well as food and wine. Nina tells Valentin that he makes her nervous. She also mentions her failed previous relationships, but says she's a strong woman now. After they end up kissing, which leads to their clothes coming off. 

Lulu tells Dante at GH that when she looked at Charlotte she felt a connection. She asks if Dante thinks it's possible that Charlotte is her daughter. Dante doesn't think so since Charlotte is Valentin's child and not Stavros'. Lulu thinks it's possible that a mistake could have been made. However Dante tries to convince her otherwise. Later Lulu goes to see Maxie and asks for Maxie's help to prove Charlotte is her daughter. Meanwhile Dante goes to the PCPD and wants to talk to Nathan about Lulu's concerns. 

Jason and Sam go to the hospital for a check up and talk about Curtis and Julian. Jason hopes Sonny will soon be free. Sam asks if once things are back to normal if he still wants to move to Aurora. Jason thinks it's the wrong time for them to move and they agree to stay in town. Then Dr. Kelly comes in and Sam has an ultrasound. Dr. Kelly writes the sex of the baby down on their ultrasound picture and tells them to look only if they want to know. At the end, Jason gets a call from Curtis who tells him he's got something really big. 

End of show!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Monday, December 5, 2016

Thank You, Alexis!

I wasn't drunk, I was pissed!
Monday's Recap - 

Anna asks Robert to help her investigate Valentin over the phone at Kelly's. Then Laura walks in and Anna asks her about Valentin. Laura gives Anna the highlights of what happened in Greece with Valentin and also says that Luke had mentioned Valentin to her in the past. Laura mentions that Valentin wore the same costume as Kevin on Halloween and offered to let her live with him. Laura gets upset thinking of what he did to Nikolas and says she thinks Valentin has a lot of secrets. Later Anna gets a call back from Robert and learns that the headmaster of Valentin's boarding school had been killed back in the day. 

Nina and Valentin flirt at the hospital. Then Santa (Kevin) arrive to greet the kids for Toys for Tots. Meanwhile Nurse Amy greets a grown up Rocco, Lulu and Dante at the hospital. She asks if Rocco has a brother or sister on the way, which leads to an awkward moment for Dante and Lulu. After they run into Valentin. Lulu tells Valentin to go back to Greece. Then Dante speaks with Valentin in private and orders him to leave his family alone. However Valentin says that's not possible, since they live in the same town. He also tells Dante not to use his badge to harass him.  

Sam and Jason try to figure out who wants to kill Julian outside of Kelly's. Then Curtis shows up and tells them he thinks Julian is hiding something. Jason thinks Julian must know who planted the bomb. Curtis thinks they should get surveillance footage from the garage near the scene. Jason and Curtis head off to break into a van that was parked across the street the night of the bomb. Meanwhile Sam goes to GH for her check up and decides to go see Julian. 

Alexis shows up at GH to visit Julian. She asks if he remembers anything from his hit and run. Julian claims he's not sure what happened. Then he says he can't stop thinking about the person who called 911, because that person saved his life. He then says, "thank you, Alexis," for calling 911 after she ran him down. Julian recounts every detail of what happened and says it was a DWI. Alexis says she wasn't drunk, she was pissed. She also says there is no evidence of her being drunk that night and there is nothing the police can find against her. Julian says it won't be as hard to prove to the Bar Association. However Julian says he'll keep her secret if she does something for him in return. 

Michael asks Nelle to attend the Toys for Tots Gala, but Nelle is hesitant because of Carly. However Michael talks her into it. Then they talk about what kind of dress she'll need so Michael suggests she go to Maxie for help. Nelle doesn't feel comfortable borrowing a dress or jewelry. Later Nelle realizes her necklace is missing. Then she remembers that it's probably at Sonny's house. 

Carly threatens to kick Ava's ass at Sonny's house if she doesn't back off the subject of Avery's custody. Ava says Avery is her daughter and that after what happened to Morgan, they're not fit to raise her. Carly accuses Ava of using her kids for her own agenda. Ava says that's not true and she's surprised that Carly won't protect Avery from Sonny after what happened to Morgan. Carly doesn't like that Ava keeps throwing Morgan in her face so Sonny insists that Ava leave. After Carly asks to get some presents for Jocelyn that she left under his bed. Sonny says the bedroom is a mess so he goes upstairs to get the gifts. While up there, he finds Nelle's necklace. At the end, Carly walks in.

Rocco asks Santa for a dog for Christmas at GH. After Nina tells Santa that Valentin is bringing his daughter to see him. Kevin says that "Santa" can be kind to all children of the world, even those with homicidal fathers. Nearby Lulu and Dante run into Laura. Lulu mentions their encounter with Valentin earlier. Then Charlotte shows up to see Santa with Valentin. She tells Santa the only thing she wants is her mother for Christmas. Right then, Lulu walks in and seems to recognize Charlotte.

End of show!

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Breakfast in Bed

Love these two!
Here's What Happened - 

Sam and Jason wait outside of Kelly's for Curtis. They wonder if they can trust Curtis, but Jason thinks he needs to chance it to prove Sonny's innocence. Meanwhile Curtis eavesdrops on Ava and Julian talking in the hospital. He hears Ava telling Julian to go after Sonny, but Julian says she needs to let him handle things. After Ava leaves, Curtis goes to talk to Julian on his own. Curtis asks about Julian's accident and Oscar Jessup. Julian gets defensive and tells Curtis he'll regret it if he keeps investigating. 

Alexis thinks about running Julian over at Kelly's and gets anxious. She decides to add some alcohol to her coffee. Then Anna shows up to meet her and wants to talk about Valentin. She asks if Alexis can tell her anything about him. Alexis answers that she hates Valentin and says she has bigger uses with Julian to think about. However Alexis offers her help nonetheless and tells Anna about the boarding school Valentin went to as a child. At the end, Alexis runs into Sam and Jason while she's getting text messages from Julian. Jason says they know Sonny isn't responsible for Julian's accident. 

Nelle listens to her recording of Sonny talking about them having sex in Carly's office when Michael walks in. She uses headphones and decides to keep listening even though Michael is standing there. After Michael asks her for help getting Carly a Christmas present. Nelle suggests a pizza stove or a cozy sweater. Later Michael asks Nelle to go to the Toys for Tots gala with him. 

Nina helps out with Toys for Tots at the hospital as they wait for Santa to arrive. Then Valentin arrives with lots of toys. He flirts with Nina, but Nina rebuffs him based on what Anna has to say about him. She does, however, end up telling Valentin that he's a good father and says that means a lot to her. Nearby Dante and Lulu step off the elevators and can barely keep their hands off each other. Then they see Valentin talking to Nina and wonder what's going on with them. Dante tells Lulu not to worry about it and to let Nina make her own mistakes. 

Laura and Kevin wake up in bed together and Kevin tells her that he loved her showing up at his door naked under a fur coat the night before. Laura says Kevin is a great guy and her life is better with him in it. They end up going for another round of love making and after they decide to cook breakfast together. However Kevin forgets that he's got to get to work and rushes out of bed before they can make food.

Sonny dreams about himself kissing Nelle. He wakes up and finds Carly is there. She thinks he was having a nightmare. After Carly tells Sonny about Julian's accident. Sonny wonders if Carly thinks he's responsible, but she says she knows he's not. Sonny says he knows things have to change and comes close to telling Carly about Nelle. However Ava stops by to visit Avery and interrupts them. Ava wants to discuss her custody of Avery, but Sonny firmly shoots her down and Carly backs him up.

End of show!

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Thursday, December 1, 2016