Tuesday, November 15, 2016

You're a Terrible, Horrible Person

Tuesday's Recap - 

Franco lies to Elizabeth about his plans at the hospital. However Dr. Obrecht sees him and gets him to admit that he's going to confront Liz's rapist. Dr. O wants to stop him, but when Liz comes by she backs off. Later Liz approaches Dr. Obrecht in private and asks what's going on with Franco. Dr. O tells Liz she's a terrible, horrible person. She accuses Liz of being a manipulator of men so they come to her rescue. Dr. O drops the address Franco had for Tom Baker on the floor and Liz picks it up. Meanwhile Franco goes to Tom Baker's house and bangs on the door. No one answers so Franco let's himself in and confronts Tom.

Anna tries to keep Charlotte from Valentin at Crimson. Griffin backs Anna up so for Charlotte's sake, Valentin decides to back off. After Nina talks to Valentin in private and says Anna has a lot of nerve to keep his daughter from him. Nina tells him she doesn't like Griffin and explains what happened between Nathan and Griffin. Valentin thinks Nina would be a great mother. Meanwhile Anna learns that they'll need written consent from Claudette to keep Charlotte in The Metro Court restaurant. Anna wonders if Claudette's mother would testify on their behalf, but Griffin thinks it won't work. Anna tells him that she feels like he's family and she will support him.

Carly reads Morgan's journal at her house. Then Michael and Nell walk in and Nell gives Carly the letter Sonny wanted her to give Carly. Carly reads it and see it's a breakdown of Sonny's assets, which he's leaving to her and the kids. Carly gets upset and storms off. After Nell tries to comfort Michael when he feels like he needs to fix his family. Nell wonders who fixes Michael when he needs help. She tells him he's great.

Jason tells Sonny he's not responsible for Morgan's death at the PCPD. Outside the interrogation room, Dante refuses to recuse himself from Sonny's case to Jordan. Then Diane walks in and they all go into the interrogation room. Sonny announces that he changed his mind. Dante and Jordan get upset and walk out. In private, Diane asks Sonny to tell her everything that he already confessed. Meanwhile Jason goes to The Metro Court to see Carly. He tells Carly that Sonny's innocent and needs her. Back at the station, Jordan decides to arrest Sonny anyway.

End of show!

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