Monday, November 7, 2016

Who's My Daddy?

Monday's Recap -

Andre interrupts Jordan and Curtis in a heated moment at the PCPD. Curtis leaves and after Andre questions Jordan about what was going on between them. After Andre says he's planning on going to Morgan's funeral. He makes a joke about Jordan being a hypocrite for going to the funeral too, but Andre tells her it was just a joke. Jordan says Curtis made her tense so Andre says he thinks Curtis has an agenda. Later Andre intercepts a phone call from Curtis to Jordan and warns him to leave Jordan alone.

Julian's henchman gets shot out of nowhere in the parking garage. Jason calls for help. Then Curtis happens upon him and they briefly discuss the situation. After the police arrive, but Jason holds back on sharing the man's cell phone. Curtis agrees to keep quiet about it if Jason let's him take a peek at the phone as well. At the end, Jason tells the police he never saw the man's cell phone when they ask where it is.

Liz takes Franco home and tells him that he inspired her to take an art class. Then she shows him some of her work and asks him to pose for her. He worries that if he does people in her class will think they're in a relationship. Liz says that's okay with her. After Franco goes to undress, but Liz tells him she only wants to a facial portrait. Later Franco looks at her portrait of him and says it's very bold. At the end, they end up having an intimate moment that leads to a kiss.

Lucy surprises Ava in an alley and tells her that she knows what Ava did to Morgan. Ava tries to deny it, but Lucy doesn't buy her act. Lucy thinks Sonny and Carly deserve to know the truth. Ava insists that Lucy keep quiet. Lucy decides not to say anything right now, but tells Ava she'll hold onto the pills to blackmail her later. Lucy also warns Ava that someone else might have seen her with the pills.

Dante and Lulu talk at their place about not having another child. Lulu says she's over it and Rocco is enough for her. Later Dante surprises Lulu by putting her engagement ring in Rocco's Halloween candy and he proposes to her again. Lulu accepts and Dante slips the ring on her father. At the end, they lay on the couch and gush about their future together.

Valentin tells Griffin he's really Charlotte's father at The Metro Court. Then Anna shows Griffin a DNA test which proves he's not her father after all. Anna suggests that Claudette lied to protect Charlotte. Valentin then walks over to Charlotte. She recognizes him and they hug. After Valentin shows Anna and Griffin Charlotte's birth certificate stating her last name is Cassadine. Valentin even offers a bit of his blood for Anna to double check Charlotte's DNA to prove he's telling the truth. Later Anna and Griffin agree to protect Charlotte no matter what the tests say. 

Carly goes to see Sonny at his house and shows him Morgan's journal. Carly is convinced that something went wrong with Morgan's medication. Sonny goes to check his medication and while he's out of the room, Carly finds a note Sonny left for her. Sonny tells her not to worry about it and then says Morgan's lithium is missing. Carly thinks they're missing something, but Sonny blames himself for Morgan's death. At the end, Carly thinks they both failed Morgan and walks out.

End of show!

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