Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wash Your Hands!

Here's What Happened - 

Carly speaks to God at the church about feeling like she couldn't protect Morgan. Sonny overhears her, but says he's to blame for Morgan's death. Then Griffin walks in and reminds Sonny that he tried to stop the hit on Julian. Carly leaves and after Griffin tries to console Sonny. Griffin tells Sonny he's considering going back to the church. At the end, Sonny asks Griffin to look out for his family. 

Michael runs into Nell at The Metro Court. They talk about Morgan, Sonny and the consequences of making bad life choices. Later Carly shows up and up ends speaking with Nell alone. She gets emotional, but then Jax shows up. He offers to be there to support Carly and not to say he told her so about Sonny. Carly is thrilled for his presence. After Michael returns and speaks with Nell again.

Nathan prepares a romantic evening for Maxie at their apartment. However they get interrupted by the doorbell. Nathan receives a certified letter from Claudette's mother. In it is a letter from Claudette warning Nathan that if he got her letter that means Valentin did something to her. Maxie thinks they need to investigate Valentin together. 

Nina runs into Valentin at The Metro Court and he tells her that he is Charlotte's true father. Nina asks him for proof that he didn't hurt people she cares about. Valentin thinks she should get to know him for herself and not judge him based on rumors. At the end, Nina agrees to have a drink with him.

Alexis wakes up at her house to find the fire alarm going off. She grabs Danny, takes him outside and then turns off the alarm. After Laura stops by to talk about Valentin. Alexis puts Danny to bed so she can talk to Laura alone. Then Alexis tells Laura that Valentin's claim to the Cassadine estate is valid. Laura gets upset thinking that Nikolas died for nothing. Alexis tries to offer words of comfort. Once alone, Alexis does internet research on drinking problems. 

Finn panics in the hospital lab when he sees that Hayden spilled his disease on herself. He makes her wash her hands, but panics when he sees a cut on her finger. He makes Hayden take some pills to prevent the spread of disease and insists that Hayden get tested and be monitored immediately. Hayden swears she's fine and walks out when his back is turned. Finn leaves her a message asking her to return to GH. Meanwhile Hayden runs to Wyndermere, where Laura tells her that they're going to have to move out. Hayden is clearly getting sick and once alone, she passes out. 

End of show!

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