Thursday, November 10, 2016

Together Again

Thursday's Recap - 

Nell stops by Sonny's to get dresses for Carly. She offers to talk with him, but Sonny says he doesn't want to discuss anything. Then Nell tells Sonny that Jax showed up to support Carly. She also scolds Sonny and tells him not to leave town after the funeral. However Sonny tells her to keep quiet about his plans and hands her a letter to give to Carly after the funeral. Later Kristina stops by to see Sonny. She senses something is wrong and asks if he's going somewhere. Sonny denies it, but makes sure she knows how much he loves her. 

Sam checks on Alexis at her house and asks about the fire in the kitchen. Alexis tells her not to worry about it. Sam wants to use Alexis computer, which has a search up about drinking problems on it. However Kristina happens to stop by, which gives Alexis a chance to clear the screen. Later Sam grills Alexis about the fire again and asks if Alexis was drinking while watching Danny. Alexis strongly denies it and later they leave for the funeral together.  

Franco talks to Liz at GH about her victim impact statement. Liz says she's expecting a call any minute to find out if her rapist will get paroled. Liz talks about how Lucky and Jason both helped her heal and feel safe. Then Brad happens by and complains about Dr. Finn to Liz. They think that maybe Dr. Finn has a drug problem. Nearby Franco vents to Dr. O that Jason makes Liz feels safe and not him. Franco says that he feels as bad as Liz's rapist, because of what he did to Sam. Franco also says he wants to make sure Baker, Liz's rapist, can't hurt her again. At the end, Liz learns that Tom Baker is getting out of prison. 

Finn goes to Wyndermere to check on Hayden and he's greeted by Laura. Meanwhile Hayden wakes up on the floor in the living room, hears Finn in the foyer and quickly stands up. Later Finn snaps at Hayden for leaving the hospital last night. Laura wants to know what's going on so Finn explains about the disease. Then he determines that Hayden is indeed infected. Finn promises to find a cure for her. Hayden takes a turn for the worse so Laura and Finn try to nurse her back to health. 

Jax wakes Carly up at her house for Morgan's funeral. He brings her coffee and they talk about Morgan. Carly blames herself for thinking that Sonny could change. Carly says that Morgan knew her and Jax belonged together. Later Nell comes by with Carly dresses and talks to Jax. Their is exchange is odd, but cut short by Carly when she's ready for the funeral. At the end, Nell talks to herself at Carly's house and says Carly's life is about to get worst. Meanwhile at the church, Jax shows up with Carly, which annoys Kristina. Then Jax pays his respects to Sonny and notices he's carrying a gun.

End of show!

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