Friday, November 18, 2016

Just One Kiss

Friday's Recap - 

Charlotte tells the judge in her custody hearing that she calls Valentin, "Pa Pa." Charlotte then tells the judge that she loves Valentin. Anna gets concerned and shows the judge files on Valentin that show he didn't exist before 2011. The judge calls for a break for consider the information. After Griffin lays into Valentin about Claudette. Valentin calls Claudette a liar and says no one will probably ever see her again. Griffin ends up punching Valentin and the judge sees him. The judge tells Anna and Griffin that she won't use that against Griffin, but she's going to award Valentin full custody of Charlotte. She orders Valentin to stay in town and then gives Griffin a moment to say goodbye. Griffin promises Charlotte he will always be there for her. Nearby Valentin makes a odd comment to Anna in Latin, which means, "open your eyes."

Sam calls Jason from the hospital to tell him that her check up went well. Nearby Franco looks at the internet for information on Tom Baker and thinks of his encounter with him. Then the internet freezes up so he has to get technical support. After Sam runs into Franco and he apologizes to her for everything he did to her. He asks for Sam's forgiveness, but she tells him to go to hell. She also tells him that he's fooling himself if he thinks he can change for Elizabeth. 

Tom Baker approaches Liz outside of Kelly's and says they have unfinished business. Liz pulls out her pepper spray and warns him to leave her alone. Tom claims he means her no harm and says she didn't need to send Franco to choke him. Liz gets upset and tells him that he's always a threat to her. She goes back to the hospital and asks Franco if he really did choke Tom. Franco admits it, which upsets Liz. Franco explains that Tom is garbage and asks how she found out. Liz tells him that Tom told her and she's afraid Franco will get arrested if he continues to threaten Tom. She asks him to promise her that he'll leave Tom alone. Franco agrees, but later asks the guy from technical support to hack into the cloud for information on Tom.

Jax makes waffles for Jocelyn at Carly's house. Jocelyn tells him that she misses Morgan and asks if Jax thinks Carly will ever go back to Sonny. Then Carly walks in and eats with Jocelyn. Jax ends up telling them that he'll be in town for awhile. Jocelyn insists that Jax stay with them and Carly agrees. Later Carly and Jax chat in private and Carly thanks him for being there to help her. He makes her laugh, but then Carly catches herself and tears up about Morgan. Jax comforts her and Jocelyn sees them. Jocelyn comes into the room looking for help on her school work and it's apparent she likes seeing her parents together. After Carly and Jax talk in private and they agree their time together was special. The conversation leads to a kiss.

Sonny dreams in his jail cell that Carly brings Morgan's urn and taunts him with it. When Sonny wakes up Jason is there. Jason tells him that he's trying to find the bomber, but Sonny doesn't think it matters since Morgan is dead. Jason tells him that he didn't fail Morgan and asks for Sonny to hang in. Later Diane visits Sonny before his hearing and he says he's going to plead not guilty. Meanwhile Jason meets Sam at Kelly's and she tells him about her conversation with Franco. Then she gets a call from Spinelli who tells her their lead for who the bomber is, named Jessup, has been dead for years. 

Curtis meets Julian at The Metro Court to tell him he hasn't uncovered much about who planted the bomb. Julian gets annoyed and steps away to take a call. After Curtis sees Diane and decides to chat with her. However she refuses to talk with him, because she knows he's working for Julian. Then Diane walks out. Later Julian returns, writes Curtis a check and fires him. At the end, Julian takes a call from a man named, Jessup, who has apparently been telling Julian what to do for months. 

End of show!

Are Valentin and Jessup one and the same?

Have a great weekend!

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