Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I'm a changed man.
Today's Show - 

Dr. Finn takes his injection while waiting by Hayden's bedside at the Quartermaine's. She wakes up in a panic so Finn explains that she needs to rest while he monitors her. He also explains that he quit his job at the hospital. Then Finn calls Liz and asks her to bring him antibiotics for Hayden. Later Liz shows up and Hayden makes a comment that Liz probably wants to see her die. Liz gets offended and says that's not true. At the end, Hayden and Finn talk alone and she asks what's next. Finn says he's glad to be with her and Roxy and he's not going to let her die. Hayden agrees they're in it together.

Liz realizes that Franco went after Tom Baker at GH and tries to call him. Meanwhile at Tom Baker's house, Franco ignores Liz's call while he attacks Tom. Then Franco threatens to make him pay for raping Elizabeth. Tom swears he's not the same man who hurt Liz and Emily in the past. Tom claims he's been rehabilitated, but Franco says he doesn't care. Later Franco texts Liz that he's coming back and he doesn't want her to come to Tom's house. Before he leaves, he chokes Tom with a crowbar until Tom swears he'll stay away from Liz. At the end, Franco goes to the hospital and tells Liz he made sure Tom won't come near her. 

Scotty tells Ava at The Metro Court that he has to wine and dine Lucy to get the pills for her. Then Lucy walks in so Scotty tries to get Lucy to leave with him in order to avoid Ava. However Lucy doesn't mind and insists they drink some good champagne. After Lucy calls Scotty out for trying to seduce her just to get Morgan's pills from her. Lucy is angry that he would chose Ava over her. Scott tries to calm her down by saying they should go after Ava together.

Meanwhile Kiki shows up to meet with Ava and they talk about Morgan. Kiki says she misses Morgan so Ava tells her that she snuck into his funeral. Kiki informs her that she missed Sonny's big confession. Kiki is also surprised that Ava doesn't want to gloat about it. Ava thinks Sonny did the right thing and says that is more than she can say for herself. 

Michael asks Nell to distract him at Carly's house from all his troubles. She suggests they play a game of chess. Michael thanks her for helping his family. Nell says meeting them helped her answer a lot of questions about her childhood and she wants to impress Carly. Michael touches her hand. Nell pulls away saying she wants to avoid things getting messy and just wants to be friends. Then she leaves saying she's going to buy a book about playing chess. 

Carly goes to visit Sonny in jail and tells him she read his letter. She also says that Jason told her that Sonny's really innocent. Carly asks if Sonny really thinks he's absolved. Sonny says he thinks maybe someone else killed Morgan. Carly doesn't think it matters because of the violence in his life. She says if he won't change, she will. Then she walks out. 

Alexis and Jax head to a bar outside of town for a drink. Once their drinks arrive, Alexis says she feels responsible for Morgan's death because of her relationship with Julian. Later Jax reveals that he paid Nell's parents for her kidney when Jocelyn was sick. Alexis thinks Jax should tell Carly the truth, but Jax says there is more to the story and he can't. Then he wants to get the check. Alexis says he should leave, but she wants to stay. Jax doesn't like the idea, but Alexis convinces him she wants to work somewhere she can't be distracted so he leaves. At the end, Tom Baker shows up and offers to buy Alexis a drink.

End of show!

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