Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Oh No!

Tuesday's Recap - 

Julian wakes up in his hospital bed to find Jordan standing over him. She tells him that he had an operation an hour ago and she asks if he remembers what happened to him. He claims not to remember. Jordan implores him to let her know when he does. Later Liz comes in to examine Julian. They end up talking and Liz says he will need someone to look after him once he goes home. 

Alexis is startled by Molly at her house. Molly wants to know where Alexis was all night. Alexis claims that she needed to take a drive to clear her head after helping Diane. However she snaps at Molly when Molly offers to clean up the alcohol from Thanksgiving. Molly asks what's bothering Alexis so she says it's the holidays. Later Jordan stops by and tells Alexis that Julian is in the hospital. Molly hopes he's dead. Jordan tells Alexis that Julian doesn't remember anything and that so far they haven't found any information to connect anyone to his hit and run. Jordan warns Alexis to be careful, because she might be a target for anyone who is after Julian. At the end when she's alone, Alexis gets a call to Julian who tells her that she owes him a visit. 

Dr. Finn worries about Hayden's whereabouts with Tracy at the Quartermaine's house. Then Hayden casually walks in eating breakfast. She's ready to go to work, but Dr. Finn says her test results came back and she can't go to work. He tells her she tested positive for the same disease he has. Hayden shrugs it off and leaves for the hospital anyway. After Finn and Tracy talk about Hayden's options. He says he doesn't have enough drugs to keep he and Hayden alive. Finn is determined to find a cure and says he's going back to work. Meanwhile Hayden arrives at GH and she's clearly upset. Liz sees her and Hayden ends up crying in Liz's arms. 

Dr. Obrecht and Franco discuss Liz and Tom Baker at Kelly's over breakfast. Dr. O asks if Franco is planning to "do Tom in" but Franco says no, he's just having the hospital IT guy track Tom for him. Dr. Obrecht tells him to give up this fool's errand. Later Franco checks on Tom's whereabouts and sees that he's at General Hospital. 

At GH, Bobby gets a surprise bouquet of flowers. Carly shows up saying she sent the flowers as a thank you and a peace offering to Bobby after the weird incident she had with Nell. Bobby says Nell rubs her the wrong way. However Bobby also says she'll try to give Nell the benefit of the doubt. 

Sonny wakes up to find Nell in his bed and he groan's, "Oh no!" Nell rolls over and greets him good morning. Sonny jumps out of the bed and puts his clothes on. He can't remember anything and asks Nell to explain what happened. Sonny says she's a sweet girl, but he's not attracted to her. Nell breaks into tears and apologizes to Sonny claiming she's never going to be able to look Carly in the face again. She begs him not to tell Carly, but then Carly shows up at the house. Sonny runs downstairs to distract Carly. Nell listens from the upstairs while Sonny and Carly talk about the car bomb and who is responsible. Carly says she doesn't want to punish him for Morgan's death anymore. At the end, Carly notices two glasses on Sonny's table and asks who was with him last night. 

End of show!

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