Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I'll Kill You

Today's Show - 

Franco goes to GH in a huff and asks Liz to get coffee with in New York City. He tells Liz there is an art exhibit he wants to take her and the boys to. Liz gets suspicious and asks what's going on. Franco says Tom Baker is in the hospital right now. Liz gets upset when she finds out that Franco is tracking Tom, but she agrees to get her things and leave nonetheless. Then Liz bumps into Tom. Franco sees him and immediately steps in to defend Liz. Tom informs them both that he'll be working at GH now. Franco warns Tom that he's watching him so Tom calls him a freak. It angers Franco so he pushes Tom into the wall. Franco warns Tom that he'll kill him if she goes near Liz again.

At Kelly's, Nathan meets with Anna and Griffin and says there's no sign of Claudette. Anna wonders if Claudette is dead. Later in private, Anna talks to Griffin about the Latin phrase Valentin said to her, "open your eyes." Anna says she's heard that phrase before and she feels like she knows Valentin from somewhere. Meanwhile Maxie gets a disturbing phone call at her apartment that she thinks is from Claudette in French. The call is cut off quickly. However when Nathan comes home he tells Maxie that he ordered something for her from Paris. Maxie ends up seducing Nathan to find out what the gift is, but he never tells her. 

Nina goes to see Valentin and Charlotte at Wyndermere. Nina brings Charlotte a doll to play with, which is a hit with Charlotte. In private, Valentin talks to Nina a little about his childhood. He says he grew up without love. He says he was sent to boarding school at six years old and he never went home after that. Later when Nina goes to leave, Valentin gives her a passionate kiss goodbye. Right then Anna walks up to them. Nina quickly leaves and once alone, Anna asks why he said that Latin phrase. Valentin tells Anna not to pretend she doesn't already know. 

Dillon goes to The Metro Court to see Kiki. He finds her reading a serious book. He thinks she's still beating herself up over Morgan. Later Carly shows up and sees Dillon and Kiki talking. She asks for a moment to speak with Kiki alone so Dillon steps away. In private, Kiki says she knows it's hard for Carly to see her. Kiki thinks maybe she should quit her job. Carly agrees, offers her severance pay and tells Kiki that she's doesn't want to judge her. 

Nelle eavesdrops on Sonny and Carly's conversation at his house. Carly notices two glasses on Sonny's table, one with lipstick on it. Sonny says Laura stopped by to check on him. Then Carly tells Sonny that Jax left town. Carly admits that she kissed Jax, but swears it stopped there. After Carly leaves, Nelle and Sonny talk. Sonny takes the blame for them sleeping together. Nelle thinks maybe they should come clean to Carly, but Sonny says no way. Nelle promises she won't tell anyone. Sonny walks her to the door saying how sorry he is that they slept together. After Nelle steps outside and she tears up. Then she looks at her cell phone, listens to a recording of her conversation with Sonny and says, "gotcha!"

End of show!

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