Monday, November 28, 2016


What have I done?
Here's What Happened - 

At Carly's house, Jocelyn asks if Jax will stay in town for Christmas. Carly tells her not to pressure him. Then Jax gets a call and learns his mother is sick. After he tells Carly and Jocelyn is has to leave for Australia tonight. Jocelyn gets upset, but Carly is supportive. Later Jocelyn and Carly hang out and Carly sees that Sonny left her a message. Jocelyn warns Carly not to go back to Sonny, but Carly says Sonny's in a lot of pain. She thinks there is goodness in Sonny.

Andre and Jordan talk outside of Kelly's about Andre warning Curtis to leave her alone. Jordan gets annoyed when Andre admits to it and they argue. She demands an apology from him, but Andre doesn't give in. Meanwhile inside Kelly's, Curtis tries to talk to Valerie and asks for her forgiveness. However Valerie isn't receptive to him. Nearby Sam, Jason and Danny enjoy some ice cream and Sam expresses concern about Alexis' behavior. Later Curtis approaches them to talk about Jessup and they wonder who would go through so much trouble to cover their tracks. At the end, Curtis and Jordan blame one another for causing damage in each other's lives. 

Alexis runs Julian over with her car outside of a bar. When she goes to check on him, Julian remains unconscious. Alexis ends up calling for an ambulance and begs Julian not to die on her. He's not responsive, which makes her panic. Then she hears the sound of the ambulance coming so she drives away. She heads home and has another drink to calm her nerves. Later Jax stops by, but can immediately tell something is wrong. Alexis admits that she hit Julian with her car after drinking. Jax calls the hospital and learns that Julian is stable, but in bad condition. Jax asks her to check into rehab. She agrees do it tomorrow, but Jax doesn't believe her. However, he has to leave to catch his flight so Alexis promises him she'll do the right thing. 

Ava goes to the hospital panicked over Julian after receiving a call about his accident. She goes to his hospital room just as he's waking up. Julian doesn't remember what happened and says he feels like he's going to die. He asks Ava to have his kids come to see him one last time and tries to tell her something about the business. However he passes out from the pain medication before he can finish his sentence. Later Valerie comes to question Julian about the accident.

Nell tells Sonny at his house that she saw Carly and Jax kissing. She implies that Carly and Jax are sleeping together. Sonny jumps to the wrong conclusion and gets upset. He asks Nell to make him a drink and she slips drugs into it. Sonny ends up guzzling the whole drink and Nell pretends to drink with him. He quickly feels the effects and can barely walk. Nell helps him up to his bedroom. She undresses him and puts him into bed. Sonny tells Nell she's a good girl and thanks her for helping him. After Sonny passes out, Nell takes her clothes off and slips into bed with him. 

End of show!

This is the second time Alexis has run someone over with her car. Remember Keifer? Someone needs to tell her about Uber. As for Nell and Sonny...lord help us! Bye Bye Jax, I wish he was staying in town.

Have a great night!

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