Wednesday, November 2, 2016


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Liz and Franco kiss and talk about how great it is that hospital has reopened in the elevators. When they get off the elevators, Monica gives a speech about how they will all get back to servicing the people of Port Charles now. Monica ends up giving the credit for the hospital reopening to Tracy, which disappoints Franco and Liz. Tracy then makes an announcement saying they need to do their best to keep the hospital from getting sold. After Hayden approaches Liz and says she's the hospital's new financial manager. Hayden says she hopes they don't have to make any cuts to the nursing staff. Nearby Dr. Obrecht and Franco chat and he vents about Monica ignoring him. Then she says that he shouldn't be someone he's not for Elizabeth and warns him about being jealous.

Valerie finds Curtis at The Metro Court bar after her spin class. He says he was waiting to take her to breakfast. Curtis takes a selfie of he and Valerie and then steps away. She takes his phone and deletes the picture, but then sees the photos he took of Morgan's case file. When Curtis returns, Valerie accuses him of lying and playing her for a fool. Curtis swears it was just an accident and he couldn't help but snap some pictures. Valerie says Jordan might have been right about him and dumps Curtis. Then she says she has to decide if she's going to turn him in for stealing evidence or not.

Meanwhile Griffin goes to GH for work and chats with Dr. Finn. Then Tracy tells Finn that Hayden gives him something to live for. Finn thinks there isn't anything between Hayden and him.  After Finn and Hayden talk and she says they should keep things professional if he doesn't want more than a lunch buddy in her. Nearby Griffin tells Liz he's going to need help to keep Charlotte safe. Liz assures him that Anna is the best at what she does. Then they talk about Franco acting jealous. Liz says Franco won't do that again, but then Franco walks over and puts his arms around Liz. Franco tells Griffin they should get to know each other better.

Alexis wakes up hung over and starts to clean up all her empty wine bottles. Then she gets a surprise visit from Valentin. Alexis tells him to leave, but he refuses and offers her a job. Alexis turns his offer down. Valentin thinks they're alike, because they are both Mikkos' bastards. He thinks they should inherit everything from the Cassadine's. He says if she can prove his claim to the estate is legal he will share it with her. He also promises to leave town no matter what as long as she tries her best. 

Sam hears Jason on the phone talking about Sonny at Mercy hospital. After Sam asks if she's going to be okay. He tells her she'll be okay and she just needs to take it easy. Jason hopes they can move soon, but Sam seems unsure. Then she asks if he's heard from Alexis and when Jason says no, Sam thinks that's not like Alexis. Later Sam and Jason walk into Alexis' house and Jason gets in Valentin's face. Valentin decides to see himself out, but makes a comment about Alexis drinking on his way out. Later Sam and Alexis talk alone and Sam thinks if Alexis gets involved with Valentin she'll end up dead.

Griffin and Anna talk at Anna's place about Charlotte and he thanks Anna for watching her for him. Dante stops by and tells Griffin they will protect Charlotte. In private, Dante confides in Anna that he feels like a failure as a cop and a brother. Anna gives him tea and they talk about Valentin. Dante says he remembers Valentin saying something about meeting Nikolas as a child and he was a fishermen. Later Anna goes to Valentin's hotel room to investigate him and he says he's been expecting her. 

End of show!

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