Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I'll Kill You

Today's Show - 

Franco goes to GH in a huff and asks Liz to get coffee with in New York City. He tells Liz there is an art exhibit he wants to take her and the boys to. Liz gets suspicious and asks what's going on. Franco says Tom Baker is in the hospital right now. Liz gets upset when she finds out that Franco is tracking Tom, but she agrees to get her things and leave nonetheless. Then Liz bumps into Tom. Franco sees him and immediately steps in to defend Liz. Tom informs them both that he'll be working at GH now. Franco warns Tom that he's watching him so Tom calls him a freak. It angers Franco so he pushes Tom into the wall. Franco warns Tom that he'll kill him if she goes near Liz again.

At Kelly's, Nathan meets with Anna and Griffin and says there's no sign of Claudette. Anna wonders if Claudette is dead. Later in private, Anna talks to Griffin about the Latin phrase Valentin said to her, "open your eyes." Anna says she's heard that phrase before and she feels like she knows Valentin from somewhere. Meanwhile Maxie gets a disturbing phone call at her apartment that she thinks is from Claudette in French. The call is cut off quickly. However when Nathan comes home he tells Maxie that he ordered something for her from Paris. Maxie ends up seducing Nathan to find out what the gift is, but he never tells her. 

Nina goes to see Valentin and Charlotte at Wyndermere. Nina brings Charlotte a doll to play with, which is a hit with Charlotte. In private, Valentin talks to Nina a little about his childhood. He says he grew up without love. He says he was sent to boarding school at six years old and he never went home after that. Later when Nina goes to leave, Valentin gives her a passionate kiss goodbye. Right then Anna walks up to them. Nina quickly leaves and once alone, Anna asks why he said that Latin phrase. Valentin tells Anna not to pretend she doesn't already know. 

Dillon goes to The Metro Court to see Kiki. He finds her reading a serious book. He thinks she's still beating herself up over Morgan. Later Carly shows up and sees Dillon and Kiki talking. She asks for a moment to speak with Kiki alone so Dillon steps away. In private, Kiki says she knows it's hard for Carly to see her. Kiki thinks maybe she should quit her job. Carly agrees, offers her severance pay and tells Kiki that she's doesn't want to judge her. 

Nelle eavesdrops on Sonny and Carly's conversation at his house. Carly notices two glasses on Sonny's table, one with lipstick on it. Sonny says Laura stopped by to check on him. Then Carly tells Sonny that Jax left town. Carly admits that she kissed Jax, but swears it stopped there. After Carly leaves, Nelle and Sonny talk. Sonny takes the blame for them sleeping together. Nelle thinks maybe they should come clean to Carly, but Sonny says no way. Nelle promises she won't tell anyone. Sonny walks her to the door saying how sorry he is that they slept together. After Nelle steps outside and she tears up. Then she looks at her cell phone, listens to a recording of her conversation with Sonny and says, "gotcha!"

End of show!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Oh No!

Tuesday's Recap - 

Julian wakes up in his hospital bed to find Jordan standing over him. She tells him that he had an operation an hour ago and she asks if he remembers what happened to him. He claims not to remember. Jordan implores him to let her know when he does. Later Liz comes in to examine Julian. They end up talking and Liz says he will need someone to look after him once he goes home. 

Alexis is startled by Molly at her house. Molly wants to know where Alexis was all night. Alexis claims that she needed to take a drive to clear her head after helping Diane. However she snaps at Molly when Molly offers to clean up the alcohol from Thanksgiving. Molly asks what's bothering Alexis so she says it's the holidays. Later Jordan stops by and tells Alexis that Julian is in the hospital. Molly hopes he's dead. Jordan tells Alexis that Julian doesn't remember anything and that so far they haven't found any information to connect anyone to his hit and run. Jordan warns Alexis to be careful, because she might be a target for anyone who is after Julian. At the end when she's alone, Alexis gets a call to Julian who tells her that she owes him a visit. 

Dr. Finn worries about Hayden's whereabouts with Tracy at the Quartermaine's house. Then Hayden casually walks in eating breakfast. She's ready to go to work, but Dr. Finn says her test results came back and she can't go to work. He tells her she tested positive for the same disease he has. Hayden shrugs it off and leaves for the hospital anyway. After Finn and Tracy talk about Hayden's options. He says he doesn't have enough drugs to keep he and Hayden alive. Finn is determined to find a cure and says he's going back to work. Meanwhile Hayden arrives at GH and she's clearly upset. Liz sees her and Hayden ends up crying in Liz's arms. 

Dr. Obrecht and Franco discuss Liz and Tom Baker at Kelly's over breakfast. Dr. O asks if Franco is planning to "do Tom in" but Franco says no, he's just having the hospital IT guy track Tom for him. Dr. Obrecht tells him to give up this fool's errand. Later Franco checks on Tom's whereabouts and sees that he's at General Hospital. 

At GH, Bobby gets a surprise bouquet of flowers. Carly shows up saying she sent the flowers as a thank you and a peace offering to Bobby after the weird incident she had with Nell. Bobby says Nell rubs her the wrong way. However Bobby also says she'll try to give Nell the benefit of the doubt. 

Sonny wakes up to find Nell in his bed and he groan's, "Oh no!" Nell rolls over and greets him good morning. Sonny jumps out of the bed and puts his clothes on. He can't remember anything and asks Nell to explain what happened. Sonny says she's a sweet girl, but he's not attracted to her. Nell breaks into tears and apologizes to Sonny claiming she's never going to be able to look Carly in the face again. She begs him not to tell Carly, but then Carly shows up at the house. Sonny runs downstairs to distract Carly. Nell listens from the upstairs while Sonny and Carly talk about the car bomb and who is responsible. Carly says she doesn't want to punish him for Morgan's death anymore. At the end, Carly notices two glasses on Sonny's table and asks who was with him last night. 

End of show!

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Monday, November 28, 2016


What have I done?
Here's What Happened - 

At Carly's house, Jocelyn asks if Jax will stay in town for Christmas. Carly tells her not to pressure him. Then Jax gets a call and learns his mother is sick. After he tells Carly and Jocelyn is has to leave for Australia tonight. Jocelyn gets upset, but Carly is supportive. Later Jocelyn and Carly hang out and Carly sees that Sonny left her a message. Jocelyn warns Carly not to go back to Sonny, but Carly says Sonny's in a lot of pain. She thinks there is goodness in Sonny.

Andre and Jordan talk outside of Kelly's about Andre warning Curtis to leave her alone. Jordan gets annoyed when Andre admits to it and they argue. She demands an apology from him, but Andre doesn't give in. Meanwhile inside Kelly's, Curtis tries to talk to Valerie and asks for her forgiveness. However Valerie isn't receptive to him. Nearby Sam, Jason and Danny enjoy some ice cream and Sam expresses concern about Alexis' behavior. Later Curtis approaches them to talk about Jessup and they wonder who would go through so much trouble to cover their tracks. At the end, Curtis and Jordan blame one another for causing damage in each other's lives. 

Alexis runs Julian over with her car outside of a bar. When she goes to check on him, Julian remains unconscious. Alexis ends up calling for an ambulance and begs Julian not to die on her. He's not responsive, which makes her panic. Then she hears the sound of the ambulance coming so she drives away. She heads home and has another drink to calm her nerves. Later Jax stops by, but can immediately tell something is wrong. Alexis admits that she hit Julian with her car after drinking. Jax calls the hospital and learns that Julian is stable, but in bad condition. Jax asks her to check into rehab. She agrees do it tomorrow, but Jax doesn't believe her. However, he has to leave to catch his flight so Alexis promises him she'll do the right thing. 

Ava goes to the hospital panicked over Julian after receiving a call about his accident. She goes to his hospital room just as he's waking up. Julian doesn't remember what happened and says he feels like he's going to die. He asks Ava to have his kids come to see him one last time and tries to tell her something about the business. However he passes out from the pain medication before he can finish his sentence. Later Valerie comes to question Julian about the accident.

Nell tells Sonny at his house that she saw Carly and Jax kissing. She implies that Carly and Jax are sleeping together. Sonny jumps to the wrong conclusion and gets upset. He asks Nell to make him a drink and she slips drugs into it. Sonny ends up guzzling the whole drink and Nell pretends to drink with him. He quickly feels the effects and can barely walk. Nell helps him up to his bedroom. She undresses him and puts him into bed. Sonny tells Nell she's a good girl and thanks her for helping him. After Sonny passes out, Nell takes her clothes off and slips into bed with him. 

End of show!

This is the second time Alexis has run someone over with her car. Remember Keifer? Someone needs to tell her about Uber. As for Nell and Sonny...lord help us! Bye Bye Jax, I wish he was staying in town.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Taking a Vacation

I'm taking a blog vacation this week. I'll be back on November 28th. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Enjoy GH!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Just One Kiss

Friday's Recap - 

Charlotte tells the judge in her custody hearing that she calls Valentin, "Pa Pa." Charlotte then tells the judge that she loves Valentin. Anna gets concerned and shows the judge files on Valentin that show he didn't exist before 2011. The judge calls for a break for consider the information. After Griffin lays into Valentin about Claudette. Valentin calls Claudette a liar and says no one will probably ever see her again. Griffin ends up punching Valentin and the judge sees him. The judge tells Anna and Griffin that she won't use that against Griffin, but she's going to award Valentin full custody of Charlotte. She orders Valentin to stay in town and then gives Griffin a moment to say goodbye. Griffin promises Charlotte he will always be there for her. Nearby Valentin makes a odd comment to Anna in Latin, which means, "open your eyes."

Sam calls Jason from the hospital to tell him that her check up went well. Nearby Franco looks at the internet for information on Tom Baker and thinks of his encounter with him. Then the internet freezes up so he has to get technical support. After Sam runs into Franco and he apologizes to her for everything he did to her. He asks for Sam's forgiveness, but she tells him to go to hell. She also tells him that he's fooling himself if he thinks he can change for Elizabeth. 

Tom Baker approaches Liz outside of Kelly's and says they have unfinished business. Liz pulls out her pepper spray and warns him to leave her alone. Tom claims he means her no harm and says she didn't need to send Franco to choke him. Liz gets upset and tells him that he's always a threat to her. She goes back to the hospital and asks Franco if he really did choke Tom. Franco admits it, which upsets Liz. Franco explains that Tom is garbage and asks how she found out. Liz tells him that Tom told her and she's afraid Franco will get arrested if he continues to threaten Tom. She asks him to promise her that he'll leave Tom alone. Franco agrees, but later asks the guy from technical support to hack into the cloud for information on Tom.

Jax makes waffles for Jocelyn at Carly's house. Jocelyn tells him that she misses Morgan and asks if Jax thinks Carly will ever go back to Sonny. Then Carly walks in and eats with Jocelyn. Jax ends up telling them that he'll be in town for awhile. Jocelyn insists that Jax stay with them and Carly agrees. Later Carly and Jax chat in private and Carly thanks him for being there to help her. He makes her laugh, but then Carly catches herself and tears up about Morgan. Jax comforts her and Jocelyn sees them. Jocelyn comes into the room looking for help on her school work and it's apparent she likes seeing her parents together. After Carly and Jax talk in private and they agree their time together was special. The conversation leads to a kiss.

Sonny dreams in his jail cell that Carly brings Morgan's urn and taunts him with it. When Sonny wakes up Jason is there. Jason tells him that he's trying to find the bomber, but Sonny doesn't think it matters since Morgan is dead. Jason tells him that he didn't fail Morgan and asks for Sonny to hang in. Later Diane visits Sonny before his hearing and he says he's going to plead not guilty. Meanwhile Jason meets Sam at Kelly's and she tells him about her conversation with Franco. Then she gets a call from Spinelli who tells her their lead for who the bomber is, named Jessup, has been dead for years. 

Curtis meets Julian at The Metro Court to tell him he hasn't uncovered much about who planted the bomb. Julian gets annoyed and steps away to take a call. After Curtis sees Diane and decides to chat with her. However she refuses to talk with him, because she knows he's working for Julian. Then Diane walks out. Later Julian returns, writes Curtis a check and fires him. At the end, Julian takes a call from a man named, Jessup, who has apparently been telling Julian what to do for months. 

End of show!

Are Valentin and Jessup one and the same?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I'm a changed man.
Today's Show - 

Dr. Finn takes his injection while waiting by Hayden's bedside at the Quartermaine's. She wakes up in a panic so Finn explains that she needs to rest while he monitors her. He also explains that he quit his job at the hospital. Then Finn calls Liz and asks her to bring him antibiotics for Hayden. Later Liz shows up and Hayden makes a comment that Liz probably wants to see her die. Liz gets offended and says that's not true. At the end, Hayden and Finn talk alone and she asks what's next. Finn says he's glad to be with her and Roxy and he's not going to let her die. Hayden agrees they're in it together.

Liz realizes that Franco went after Tom Baker at GH and tries to call him. Meanwhile at Tom Baker's house, Franco ignores Liz's call while he attacks Tom. Then Franco threatens to make him pay for raping Elizabeth. Tom swears he's not the same man who hurt Liz and Emily in the past. Tom claims he's been rehabilitated, but Franco says he doesn't care. Later Franco texts Liz that he's coming back and he doesn't want her to come to Tom's house. Before he leaves, he chokes Tom with a crowbar until Tom swears he'll stay away from Liz. At the end, Franco goes to the hospital and tells Liz he made sure Tom won't come near her. 

Scotty tells Ava at The Metro Court that he has to wine and dine Lucy to get the pills for her. Then Lucy walks in so Scotty tries to get Lucy to leave with him in order to avoid Ava. However Lucy doesn't mind and insists they drink some good champagne. After Lucy calls Scotty out for trying to seduce her just to get Morgan's pills from her. Lucy is angry that he would chose Ava over her. Scott tries to calm her down by saying they should go after Ava together.

Meanwhile Kiki shows up to meet with Ava and they talk about Morgan. Kiki says she misses Morgan so Ava tells her that she snuck into his funeral. Kiki informs her that she missed Sonny's big confession. Kiki is also surprised that Ava doesn't want to gloat about it. Ava thinks Sonny did the right thing and says that is more than she can say for herself. 

Michael asks Nell to distract him at Carly's house from all his troubles. She suggests they play a game of chess. Michael thanks her for helping his family. Nell says meeting them helped her answer a lot of questions about her childhood and she wants to impress Carly. Michael touches her hand. Nell pulls away saying she wants to avoid things getting messy and just wants to be friends. Then she leaves saying she's going to buy a book about playing chess. 

Carly goes to visit Sonny in jail and tells him she read his letter. She also says that Jason told her that Sonny's really innocent. Carly asks if Sonny really thinks he's absolved. Sonny says he thinks maybe someone else killed Morgan. Carly doesn't think it matters because of the violence in his life. She says if he won't change, she will. Then she walks out. 

Alexis and Jax head to a bar outside of town for a drink. Once their drinks arrive, Alexis says she feels responsible for Morgan's death because of her relationship with Julian. Later Jax reveals that he paid Nell's parents for her kidney when Jocelyn was sick. Alexis thinks Jax should tell Carly the truth, but Jax says there is more to the story and he can't. Then he wants to get the check. Alexis says he should leave, but she wants to stay. Jax doesn't like the idea, but Alexis convinces him she wants to work somewhere she can't be distracted so he leaves. At the end, Tom Baker shows up and offers to buy Alexis a drink.

End of show!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

You're a Terrible, Horrible Person

Tuesday's Recap - 

Franco lies to Elizabeth about his plans at the hospital. However Dr. Obrecht sees him and gets him to admit that he's going to confront Liz's rapist. Dr. O wants to stop him, but when Liz comes by she backs off. Later Liz approaches Dr. Obrecht in private and asks what's going on with Franco. Dr. O tells Liz she's a terrible, horrible person. She accuses Liz of being a manipulator of men so they come to her rescue. Dr. O drops the address Franco had for Tom Baker on the floor and Liz picks it up. Meanwhile Franco goes to Tom Baker's house and bangs on the door. No one answers so Franco let's himself in and confronts Tom.

Anna tries to keep Charlotte from Valentin at Crimson. Griffin backs Anna up so for Charlotte's sake, Valentin decides to back off. After Nina talks to Valentin in private and says Anna has a lot of nerve to keep his daughter from him. Nina tells him she doesn't like Griffin and explains what happened between Nathan and Griffin. Valentin thinks Nina would be a great mother. Meanwhile Anna learns that they'll need written consent from Claudette to keep Charlotte in The Metro Court restaurant. Anna wonders if Claudette's mother would testify on their behalf, but Griffin thinks it won't work. Anna tells him that she feels like he's family and she will support him.

Carly reads Morgan's journal at her house. Then Michael and Nell walk in and Nell gives Carly the letter Sonny wanted her to give Carly. Carly reads it and see it's a breakdown of Sonny's assets, which he's leaving to her and the kids. Carly gets upset and storms off. After Nell tries to comfort Michael when he feels like he needs to fix his family. Nell wonders who fixes Michael when he needs help. She tells him he's great.

Jason tells Sonny he's not responsible for Morgan's death at the PCPD. Outside the interrogation room, Dante refuses to recuse himself from Sonny's case to Jordan. Then Diane walks in and they all go into the interrogation room. Sonny announces that he changed his mind. Dante and Jordan get upset and walk out. In private, Diane asks Sonny to tell her everything that he already confessed. Meanwhile Jason goes to The Metro Court to see Carly. He tells Carly that Sonny's innocent and needs her. Back at the station, Jordan decides to arrest Sonny anyway.

End of show!

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Let's Move In

The last half of GH was interrupted today by the president's address so this recap is condensed. 

Here's What Happened - 

At Morgan's funeral, Sonny decides to say a few words. He says Morgan deserves peace and then pulls out his gun in front of everyone. He quickly puts it down and cries about how the violence in his life effected Morgan. Sonny takes full responsibility for Morgan's death. Then he apologizes to Carly and Michael and asks Dante to arrest him. Jordan and Dante end up taking Sonny to the PCPD. 

After Bobby asks Michael what he thinks of Nell. Michael says she's great. Nearby Carly talks to Jax about what happened with Sonny. Jax thinks Sonny did the right thing. Meanwhile at the station, Jason tells Sonny he's making a mistake in the interrogation room and asks him not to plead guilty. Outside, Jordan tells Dante he can take a step back if he needs to.

Valentin approaches Laura as she's entering Wyndermere. She tells him she'll be out by the end of the day, despite Valentin offering to let her stay if she wants to. Then he mentions his daughter will be moving in. Kevin shows up, Valentin leaves and after Laura explains to Kevin why she has to move out. He invites her to move in with him. Meanwhile at Crimson, Nina babysits Charlotte and they play paper dolls. Then Valentin stops by and brings Nina flowers. 

Scotty meets Ava for coffee and she tells him that she's thinking of going to Morgan's funeral. Scotty asks about Lucy seeing her throwing away Morgan's pills. He advises Ava to lay low or leave town. However Ava thinks he should steal the pills back from Lucy for her.

End of show!

If you missed the episode you can watch the video below.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Together Again

Thursday's Recap - 

Nell stops by Sonny's to get dresses for Carly. She offers to talk with him, but Sonny says he doesn't want to discuss anything. Then Nell tells Sonny that Jax showed up to support Carly. She also scolds Sonny and tells him not to leave town after the funeral. However Sonny tells her to keep quiet about his plans and hands her a letter to give to Carly after the funeral. Later Kristina stops by to see Sonny. She senses something is wrong and asks if he's going somewhere. Sonny denies it, but makes sure she knows how much he loves her. 

Sam checks on Alexis at her house and asks about the fire in the kitchen. Alexis tells her not to worry about it. Sam wants to use Alexis computer, which has a search up about drinking problems on it. However Kristina happens to stop by, which gives Alexis a chance to clear the screen. Later Sam grills Alexis about the fire again and asks if Alexis was drinking while watching Danny. Alexis strongly denies it and later they leave for the funeral together.  

Franco talks to Liz at GH about her victim impact statement. Liz says she's expecting a call any minute to find out if her rapist will get paroled. Liz talks about how Lucky and Jason both helped her heal and feel safe. Then Brad happens by and complains about Dr. Finn to Liz. They think that maybe Dr. Finn has a drug problem. Nearby Franco vents to Dr. O that Jason makes Liz feels safe and not him. Franco says that he feels as bad as Liz's rapist, because of what he did to Sam. Franco also says he wants to make sure Baker, Liz's rapist, can't hurt her again. At the end, Liz learns that Tom Baker is getting out of prison. 

Finn goes to Wyndermere to check on Hayden and he's greeted by Laura. Meanwhile Hayden wakes up on the floor in the living room, hears Finn in the foyer and quickly stands up. Later Finn snaps at Hayden for leaving the hospital last night. Laura wants to know what's going on so Finn explains about the disease. Then he determines that Hayden is indeed infected. Finn promises to find a cure for her. Hayden takes a turn for the worse so Laura and Finn try to nurse her back to health. 

Jax wakes Carly up at her house for Morgan's funeral. He brings her coffee and they talk about Morgan. Carly blames herself for thinking that Sonny could change. Carly says that Morgan knew her and Jax belonged together. Later Nell comes by with Carly dresses and talks to Jax. Their is exchange is odd, but cut short by Carly when she's ready for the funeral. At the end, Nell talks to herself at Carly's house and says Carly's life is about to get worst. Meanwhile at the church, Jax shows up with Carly, which annoys Kristina. Then Jax pays his respects to Sonny and notices he's carrying a gun.

End of show!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wash Your Hands!

Here's What Happened - 

Carly speaks to God at the church about feeling like she couldn't protect Morgan. Sonny overhears her, but says he's to blame for Morgan's death. Then Griffin walks in and reminds Sonny that he tried to stop the hit on Julian. Carly leaves and after Griffin tries to console Sonny. Griffin tells Sonny he's considering going back to the church. At the end, Sonny asks Griffin to look out for his family. 

Michael runs into Nell at The Metro Court. They talk about Morgan, Sonny and the consequences of making bad life choices. Later Carly shows up and up ends speaking with Nell alone. She gets emotional, but then Jax shows up. He offers to be there to support Carly and not to say he told her so about Sonny. Carly is thrilled for his presence. After Michael returns and speaks with Nell again.

Nathan prepares a romantic evening for Maxie at their apartment. However they get interrupted by the doorbell. Nathan receives a certified letter from Claudette's mother. In it is a letter from Claudette warning Nathan that if he got her letter that means Valentin did something to her. Maxie thinks they need to investigate Valentin together. 

Nina runs into Valentin at The Metro Court and he tells her that he is Charlotte's true father. Nina asks him for proof that he didn't hurt people she cares about. Valentin thinks she should get to know him for herself and not judge him based on rumors. At the end, Nina agrees to have a drink with him.

Alexis wakes up at her house to find the fire alarm going off. She grabs Danny, takes him outside and then turns off the alarm. After Laura stops by to talk about Valentin. Alexis puts Danny to bed so she can talk to Laura alone. Then Alexis tells Laura that Valentin's claim to the Cassadine estate is valid. Laura gets upset thinking that Nikolas died for nothing. Alexis tries to offer words of comfort. Once alone, Alexis does internet research on drinking problems. 

Finn panics in the hospital lab when he sees that Hayden spilled his disease on herself. He makes her wash her hands, but panics when he sees a cut on her finger. He makes Hayden take some pills to prevent the spread of disease and insists that Hayden get tested and be monitored immediately. Hayden swears she's fine and walks out when his back is turned. Finn leaves her a message asking her to return to GH. Meanwhile Hayden runs to Wyndermere, where Laura tells her that they're going to have to move out. Hayden is clearly getting sick and once alone, she passes out. 

End of show!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Monday, November 7, 2016

Who's My Daddy?

Monday's Recap -

Andre interrupts Jordan and Curtis in a heated moment at the PCPD. Curtis leaves and after Andre questions Jordan about what was going on between them. After Andre says he's planning on going to Morgan's funeral. He makes a joke about Jordan being a hypocrite for going to the funeral too, but Andre tells her it was just a joke. Jordan says Curtis made her tense so Andre says he thinks Curtis has an agenda. Later Andre intercepts a phone call from Curtis to Jordan and warns him to leave Jordan alone.

Julian's henchman gets shot out of nowhere in the parking garage. Jason calls for help. Then Curtis happens upon him and they briefly discuss the situation. After the police arrive, but Jason holds back on sharing the man's cell phone. Curtis agrees to keep quiet about it if Jason let's him take a peek at the phone as well. At the end, Jason tells the police he never saw the man's cell phone when they ask where it is.

Liz takes Franco home and tells him that he inspired her to take an art class. Then she shows him some of her work and asks him to pose for her. He worries that if he does people in her class will think they're in a relationship. Liz says that's okay with her. After Franco goes to undress, but Liz tells him she only wants to a facial portrait. Later Franco looks at her portrait of him and says it's very bold. At the end, they end up having an intimate moment that leads to a kiss.

Lucy surprises Ava in an alley and tells her that she knows what Ava did to Morgan. Ava tries to deny it, but Lucy doesn't buy her act. Lucy thinks Sonny and Carly deserve to know the truth. Ava insists that Lucy keep quiet. Lucy decides not to say anything right now, but tells Ava she'll hold onto the pills to blackmail her later. Lucy also warns Ava that someone else might have seen her with the pills.

Dante and Lulu talk at their place about not having another child. Lulu says she's over it and Rocco is enough for her. Later Dante surprises Lulu by putting her engagement ring in Rocco's Halloween candy and he proposes to her again. Lulu accepts and Dante slips the ring on her father. At the end, they lay on the couch and gush about their future together.

Valentin tells Griffin he's really Charlotte's father at The Metro Court. Then Anna shows Griffin a DNA test which proves he's not her father after all. Anna suggests that Claudette lied to protect Charlotte. Valentin then walks over to Charlotte. She recognizes him and they hug. After Valentin shows Anna and Griffin Charlotte's birth certificate stating her last name is Cassadine. Valentin even offers a bit of his blood for Anna to double check Charlotte's DNA to prove he's telling the truth. Later Anna and Griffin agree to protect Charlotte no matter what the tests say. 

Carly goes to see Sonny at his house and shows him Morgan's journal. Carly is convinced that something went wrong with Morgan's medication. Sonny goes to check his medication and while he's out of the room, Carly finds a note Sonny left for her. Sonny tells her not to worry about it and then says Morgan's lithium is missing. Carly thinks they're missing something, but Sonny blames himself for Morgan's death. At the end, Carly thinks they both failed Morgan and walks out.

End of show!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Today's Show - 

Liz and Franco kiss and talk about how great it is that hospital has reopened in the elevators. When they get off the elevators, Monica gives a speech about how they will all get back to servicing the people of Port Charles now. Monica ends up giving the credit for the hospital reopening to Tracy, which disappoints Franco and Liz. Tracy then makes an announcement saying they need to do their best to keep the hospital from getting sold. After Hayden approaches Liz and says she's the hospital's new financial manager. Hayden says she hopes they don't have to make any cuts to the nursing staff. Nearby Dr. Obrecht and Franco chat and he vents about Monica ignoring him. Then she says that he shouldn't be someone he's not for Elizabeth and warns him about being jealous.

Valerie finds Curtis at The Metro Court bar after her spin class. He says he was waiting to take her to breakfast. Curtis takes a selfie of he and Valerie and then steps away. She takes his phone and deletes the picture, but then sees the photos he took of Morgan's case file. When Curtis returns, Valerie accuses him of lying and playing her for a fool. Curtis swears it was just an accident and he couldn't help but snap some pictures. Valerie says Jordan might have been right about him and dumps Curtis. Then she says she has to decide if she's going to turn him in for stealing evidence or not.

Meanwhile Griffin goes to GH for work and chats with Dr. Finn. Then Tracy tells Finn that Hayden gives him something to live for. Finn thinks there isn't anything between Hayden and him.  After Finn and Hayden talk and she says they should keep things professional if he doesn't want more than a lunch buddy in her. Nearby Griffin tells Liz he's going to need help to keep Charlotte safe. Liz assures him that Anna is the best at what she does. Then they talk about Franco acting jealous. Liz says Franco won't do that again, but then Franco walks over and puts his arms around Liz. Franco tells Griffin they should get to know each other better.

Alexis wakes up hung over and starts to clean up all her empty wine bottles. Then she gets a surprise visit from Valentin. Alexis tells him to leave, but he refuses and offers her a job. Alexis turns his offer down. Valentin thinks they're alike, because they are both Mikkos' bastards. He thinks they should inherit everything from the Cassadine's. He says if she can prove his claim to the estate is legal he will share it with her. He also promises to leave town no matter what as long as she tries her best. 

Sam hears Jason on the phone talking about Sonny at Mercy hospital. After Sam asks if she's going to be okay. He tells her she'll be okay and she just needs to take it easy. Jason hopes they can move soon, but Sam seems unsure. Then she asks if he's heard from Alexis and when Jason says no, Sam thinks that's not like Alexis. Later Sam and Jason walk into Alexis' house and Jason gets in Valentin's face. Valentin decides to see himself out, but makes a comment about Alexis drinking on his way out. Later Sam and Alexis talk alone and Sam thinks if Alexis gets involved with Valentin she'll end up dead.

Griffin and Anna talk at Anna's place about Charlotte and he thanks Anna for watching her for him. Dante stops by and tells Griffin they will protect Charlotte. In private, Dante confides in Anna that he feels like a failure as a cop and a brother. Anna gives him tea and they talk about Valentin. Dante says he remembers Valentin saying something about meeting Nikolas as a child and he was a fishermen. Later Anna goes to Valentin's hotel room to investigate him and he says he's been expecting her. 

End of show!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016