Monday, October 24, 2016

You Stole From Me

Oh Canada!
Here's What Happened - 

Dante shows Carly and Sonny that they found the jade necklace Carly gave Morgan at the scene of the accident. Sonny wants to know if there is any evidence that Morgan might have survived, but Dante says they haven't found anything yet. Dante leaves and after Carly wonders if it could be possible that Morgan is alive. She also scolds Sonny by saying she can't even look at him. Then Kiki stops by and apologizes for hurting Morgan. Kiki cries and says she always loved Morgan. Carly wants details about why Morgan was upset with Kiki before he died. Kiki tells her about what Morgan saw at the boat house and also tells Carly she was going to break up with Morgan. Carly ends up lashing out at her, but Sonny defends Kiki. At the end, Carly yells at Sonny some more and then kicks him out. 

Finn wakes Hayden up on the couch in his room, but she snaps at first. Once she remembers what happened the night before, Finn offers her some aspirin for her hang over. She takes a shower and after Finn tells her that he can't accept Evan's check for a medical grant. He appreciates Hayden's efforts to get it for him, but worries that it will come back to haunt her. Later Hayden remembers flirting with Finn when she was drunk. Finn ends up telling her that he's very interested in her, but says since he's dying, them getting together is a bad idea. Hayden thinks he's worth taking the risk and they end up kissing. 

Nathan finds Maxie's bracelet in Claudette's hotel room. He realizes that Maxie must have been taken as mistaken identity for Claudette. After Dante comes to the room to say Maxie's car is still in the parking garage. Meanwhile Maxie tries to think of a way to escape from the gas in the bad guy's basement. She manages to untie herself, but discovers the door is locked. She looks around for something to help get the door open  with and finds a cell phone. She manages to call Nathan and gives him a clue about where to find her. However she ends up passing out and drops the phone. Nathan manages to find her in time and comes to rescue her. 

Laura talks to Anna and Griffin about Valentin and parenthood at The Metro Court. After she joins Kevin for lunch. However Laura is distracted and tells Kevin about Valentin resurfacing. They agree to keep going on dates until there are no distractions. Nearby Anna wonders why Valentin's pictures looks familiar to her. Griffin then looks at Charlotte and begins to feel sympathy for Claudette. Later Charlotte starts to fuss about her mother so Griffin goes to Claudette's room. He finds Claudette alone and realizes that she's going to run away and leave Charlotte with him. Claudette ends up knocking Griffin out and then takes off. At the end, Claudette gets on a plane and Valentin sits down next to her singing Oh Canada. Then he says she stole something from him.

End of show!

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