Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Money Upfront

Here's What Happened - 

Hayden takes her date, Evan, to his hotel room to strike a deal for Finn's medical grant. She decides to get him drunk and says she wants her money upfront before they commence with his part of the deal. Meanwhile Finn gets aid from Tracy at The Metro Court when he starts coughing. However he's more concerned with Hayden leaving with her date. Tracy urges him to focus on saving himself. Finn ignores her advice and decides to go burst into Evan's room. He finds Hayden with Evan, who is passed out, and she explains that she needs him to believe they slept together so he doesn't cancel the check he wrote her. Finn asks what she's talking about so Hayden explains what she did and asks for his help to set the stage for her ruse. After she's tipsy and calls Finn out for being attracted to her. Then she passes out as well. 

Maxie tells Nathan he's not Charlotte's father at their apartment. Nathan decides to go talk to Griffin about the situation. After he leaves, Maxie calls Dr. Obrecht over to babysit and tells her that Claudette lied. Then Maxie heads for Claudette's hotel room and finds a bad guy there, who attacks her. Meanwhile Griffin makes out with Claudette at the gym, but then stops. She pleads with him to run away with her and forget his promises to God. She says Charlotte is safer with Nathan. Then Nathan shows up and confronts Claudette. He accuses her of using his mother's hair for the first DNA test and says that Griffin must be the true father. Claudette ends up admitting that it's the truth. Later she takes Griffin to meet Charlotte.

Sonny thinks he hears and sees Morgan as a child at his house. Nell finds him distraught and tells him about her friend who died in high school from a drunk driver. Meanwhile Ava and Dr. Obrecht talk about Morgan at The Metro Court bar. Dr. O says that if he'd been properly medicated, Morgan might have lived. Dr. Obrecht also thinks Carly will likely have Morgan's medication tested. Ava gets nervous and decides to go to Sonny's house. She plays with him and acts concerned about Carly leaving him. Sonny tells Ava she can visit Avery for five minutes and then she has to leave. Instead Ava goes to Morgan's room looking for his pills. However she drops them and right then, Nell walks into the room.

End of show!

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