Thursday, October 13, 2016

That's Not Your Daughter

Thursday's Recap - 

Michael listens to Kiki's last voice message to Morgan at Sonny's house. Then Jason walks in saying he came to see him. Michael vents to Jason that he's feels guilty for not being there for Morgan when he really needed him. Jason assures him that he's not responsible and Morgan was a victim of terrible circumstances. Jason tells Michael to stop blaming himself.

At the PCPD, Jordan and Nathan discuss Morgan's car exploding. Then Dante walks in followed by TJ. Dante claims he will recuse himself if it turns out Sonny is involved. Jordan hugs TJ and they head off to the park for some time together. TJ recounts what happened with Morgan before he stole Julian's car to her. TJ blames himself for not calling the police. Jordan hopes TJ will stay away from Sonny now, but TJ says he can't think about that. Back at the station, Dante tells Nathan that Morgan's death doesn't feel real. Later Claudette brings Charlotte to meet Nathan. He's overjoyed and hugs the little girl. 

At Crimson, Nina and Dillon discuss Morgan's passing. Nina asks Dillon to help her put her feelings into words for Carly. However Dillon is distracted over Kiki. Nina advises him to go to Kiki and fight for her, even if she pushes him away. Meanwhile Franco finds Kiki at her apartment and holds her as she cries. Kiki feels guilty, because she wanted to break up with Morgan. Franco tries to make her feel better, but she just says she wants to be alone. Later Dillon comes to see Kiki. He talks to her through the door until she opens up. After Michael overhears as Kiki vents to Dillon about wanting to break up with Morgan. Michael gets upset and berates Kiki until Dillon stops him. However Kiki freaks out and orders Dillon to leave. 

Lulu goes to Maxie's place in shock over Morgan's death and breaks the news to Maxie. Lulu cries and they talk about about how hard being a parent is. Maxie says Nathan is about to find out, because he's about to meet Charlotte. Maxie also tells Lulu that Claudette is hiding from Valentine Cassadine. Later Nathan brings Charlotte to meet Maxie with Claudette in tow. After Maxie tells Nathan she's certain that Charlotte isn't his child after meeting her. Meanwhile Lulu goes to see Dante and tells him about Claudette running from Valentine. 

Back at Crimson, Franco shows up looking for Dillon saying he wants to do something to help Kiki. Nina tells him she already sent Dillon to Kiki. Franco and Nina end up chatting and she says he would have been a great father. Franco doesn't agree. Meanwhile over at Kiki's place, Michael and her make some peace, but agree Morgan's death is going to hurt for a long time. 

End of show!

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