Thursday, October 6, 2016

Our First Kiss

Thursday's Recap - 

Morgan goes to the Quartermaine's boathouse and thinks he sees Kiki and Dillon making out through a shadowy reflection in the window. In anger he slams a hook into the door. However it's actually Olivia and Ned inside. He leaves and inside Olivia and Ned talk about how "hot" their tryst was. After Olivia opens the door, sees the hook in the door and thinks someone is sending them a message. She thinks Julian is threatening them. Later Olivia and Ned go to The Metro Court and warn Julian to stay away. Julian denies threatening them with the hook and warns them to back off. Later Ned suggests that maybe Dillon was venting and put the hook in the door.

Morgan goes to The Floating Rib, sees Nell there and vents to her about seeing his girlfriend cheating on him. They end up venting about his mental problems and her parents selling her kidney. Morgan impulsively kisses her. Nell pushes him away and walks out. After Morgan decides to start drinking at the bar and tosses his pills in the garbage.

Dillon thanks Kiki for driving him to Crimson. He gets upset when he sees a picture of Paul. Kiki tries to make him feel better by talking about how awful Ava is for a mother. After they talk about their duet at Nurses' Ball and flirt. They reminisce about their first kiss and agree it was one of the best nights of their lives. Then they end up kissing again.

Anna and Griffin have dinner together at The Metro Court and they talk about Julian's trial. Griffin says he has hatred toward Julian, which isn't very Christian of him. Meanwhile Julian lets himself into Alexis' house and she freaks out on him to get out. He says he just wanted to get his last box and doesn't mean her any harm. Alexis drinks wine so Julian accuses her of having a problem. Then Anna shows up, her and Julian have words and then he leaves. After Anna and Alexis get into a tense conversation about what happened during Alexis' testimony. Then Anna says she hopes Sonny takes action against Julian now. 

Sonny goes to church to let God know he has to take action against Julian. Griffin shows up and they have a conversation about getting revenge against Julian. Griffin thinks Sonny should let God deal with Julian. Sonny says God doesn't come through. Griffin takes the defense and says maybe Sonny never really believed in God at all. He accuses Sonny of enjoying having the power to kill people. Meanwhile Julian is followed by a man in dark suit at the Metro Court.

End of show!

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