Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Morgan's Dead

Today's Show - 

Carly dreams of having all her children at the table with her. However Bobby wakes her up and asks if she remembers what happened last night. Carly thinks the news of Morgan's death was just a dream, but Bobby has to explain that Morgan is really gone. Meanwhile Jason talks to Sonny in his living room. Sonny asks if Jason thinks he's the reason Morgan is dead. Sonny says he called off the hit on Julian and his broker told him the job was cancelled. Sonny is convinced something went wrong. Jason promises to help figure it out.

Dante walks into the police station and sees Michael there. Dante has to tell him that Morgan is dead. Michael is in shock. Dante explains how Morgan stole Julian's car and it blew up. Michael says no one wanted Julian dead more than Sonny. Right then Sonny walks in with Jason. Michael, Jason and Sonny go into the interrogation room and Michael scolds Sonny for putting a hit on Julian. Later Dante goes to see Carly and tells her that Morgan was drunk driving Julian's car and it exploded. Carly asks if Sonny had anything to do with the bomb. Dante says he can't implicate Sonny, but hands her Morgan's cell phone. Then he leaves as Carly starts to break down.

Tracy learns that she's been banned from the GH board at the Quartermaine's. Ned walks in and they end up talking about Dillon. Later Monica walks in and asks Tracy why she was barred from the board meeting. Tracy tells her that GH is for sale. After Michael and Jason show up to tell Tracy and Monica about Morgan's death. At first Tracy snaps at Jason, but then Monica smooths things over. In private, Michael vents to Jason that who ever gave the order to plant the bomb killed Morgan. Jason says Sonny might not have had anything to do with it. 

At The Metro Court, Dillon comes to visit Kiki and tells her their talk made him feel like he was getting a fresh start. Kiki agrees, but wonders why Morgan won't call her back. Later Dillon goes to Crimson and gets a visit from Ned. They talk about the hook in the boathouse door, but Dillon swears he had nothing to do with it. Meanwhile Ava goes to see Kiki at work and tells her that Morgan died. Kiki is distraught and goes to see Dillon at Crimson. She tells him that she can't pursue a relationship with him now. After Kiki breaks down crying in the elevator and we get a music montage.

Lulu meets Laura at the Metro Court restaurant to catch up. They end up talking about Kevin. Laura says every time she trusts someone they prove her wrong. Later Olivia joins them, but Lulu gets called away by Dante. In private, Olivia asks about Laura's relationship with Kevin. It prompts Laura to give Kevin a call. After Ned comes to visit Olivia and wonders why they don't go public with their relationship. Olivia is worried that if they go public and make it real, then there's a chance they could mess it up. It leads to them sharing a kiss. Meanwhile Lulu finds Dante having a breakdown at the PCPD over Morgan's death. Dante is worried that he's going to have to arrest Sonny.

 Back at the hotel, Ava runs into Bobby and offers her condolences. Bobby asks if Ava ever loved Morgan. Ava swears she loved Morgan very much and walks off in tears. Over at Sonny's house, Carly listens to the last voice message she left for Morgan on his cell phone. Then Sonny walks in. Carly assumes he's responsible and accuses Sonny of killing their son.

End of show!

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