Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It's Time to Pay for Your Crimes

Here's What Happened - 

Carly questions Sonny at their house and asks if he's lying to her about going after Julian. Then Morgan stumbles in smelling of smoke and looking like a mess. Morgan goes to shower and Sonny gets a call that Morgan was expelled from school for cheating. Later Sonny and Carly confront Morgan about what happened. Morgan gets upset, screams that he's not getting better and storms out. After Sonny tells Carly something is off with Morgan. Carly doesn't understand why so Sonny advises they give it a little more time. He promises Carly that Morgan will have a good life. 

Claudette approaches Griffin at The Floating Rib and he asks about the man she's running from. She tells him a story about how she met Valentin Cassadine at a nightclub and was seduced by him, but says then he changed and threatened to kill her and Charlotte if she left him. Then she says she wishes Charlotte was Griffin's child. Meanwhile Nathan tells Maxie at their apartment that Valentin Cassadine is still locked up. Nathan thinks there should be no reason for him not to see his daughter. Maxie cautions him to retest the DNA. Nathan says he will, but Charlotte is innocent and he wants to be there for her. 

Curtis tells Nina at The Metro Court that he's having trouble finding her a baby. Nina says she's okay with it, because she's going to look outside the country for a baby. He's concerned that she's going to go outside the law and says he can't help. Nina gets upset and walks out. She heads over to see Maxie and Nathan and learns about Claudette's daughter. Nathan surprises both Maxie and Nina when he says Charlotte should come live with them. Nina suggests that Charlotte live with her instead. Meanwhile Curtis goes to see Jordan at the PCPD and she thanks him for helping her catch Paul. Curtis asks if she'll give him a job a the PCPD. They end up having a disagreement about their past working together and his previous drug problem. Jordan says she turned him in before for his own good and she doesn't trust him anymore. Curtis swears he's not the same man anymore and walks away. 

Kiki gives Nell some tips at The Metro Court about working for Carly and helps her score concert tickets. Then Michael walks in and tells them that Paul murdered Sabrina. Michael vents to Nell so she tells him to take comfort in the fact that Paul will pay for his crimes. Nearby Kiki leaves a voice message for Dillon and Morgan overhears her. He gets upset and accuses Kiki of ignoring him in favor of Dillon. Kiki tells him that Paul is the hospital killer and that's why she called Dillon. Then Morgan confesses that he got kicked out of school, snaps at Kiki and storms away. Meanwhile Michael tells Nell he plans on getting justice for Sabrina. Nell gets concerned and calls Sonny to tell him. 

Ava goes looking for Scott at The Floating Rib and demands to know if he'll represent Paul. Scotty is reluctant, but says he will. Meanwhile Jordan visits Paul in his jail cell and scolds him for being such a psycho killer. Then Ava and Scotty show up to talk with him. Paul says he doesn't need Scotty, because he plans on representing himself. Scotty says he has a fool for a client. Ava asks to speak with Paul alone and pleads with him for her flash drive. Paul thinks paying for his crimes will be good for him and says maybe it would be good for Ava if she paid for hers. At the end Jordan returns and Paul says he has something to tell her. 

End of show!

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