Tuesday, October 25, 2016

It's Not Your Fault

Today's Show - 

Hayden and Finn make out in his hotel room, but get interrupted by Tracy, who pushes her way inside. Tracy rants about how Finn called her for a favor and asked for Tracy to give Hayden a job. Hayden gets offended and thinks Finn just wants to get rid of her. Later in private, Finn says he doesn't want to be Hayden's cause. Hayden thinks he's resistant to getting feelings for anyone other than his wife and walks out.

Franco tells Liz at the PCPD that he has all the evidence he needs to reopen the hospital. Then Jordan walks over so Franco plays her the recording of Heather admitting to attacking Lucas. However Jordan doesn't think it proves anything. She says she will look for proof of Heather's involvement. Franco then shows Jordan a check that Heather wrote to one of the guards at the asylum and proof that said guard recently purchased a condo. Later Tracy comes to the station and Jordan tells her that Heather might be the one who attacked Lucas. Meanwhile Franco takes Liz to The Metro Court to celebrate.

Alexis and Sonny talk on the deck of The Haunted Star about what happened to Morgan. However Sonny is upset and walks into the bar alone. After Alexis dodges a request from Diane to get together. Inside Scotty talks to Ava about the faux pills. Ava is distraught and blames herself for Morgan's death. Sonny overhears them talking and wants to know what's going on. Ava tells Sonny she saw Morgan shortly before he died and his death is partly her fault. Sonny doesn't react and walks back outside. He ends up having an emotional chat with Alexis about Morgan. Alexis consoles him and blames Julian for what happened. 

Max goes to see Jason at his penthouse and they talk about the bomb in Julian's car. After they talk about Sonny. Max thinks Jason needs to save Sonny. Then Sam comes home with Danny dressed as a pirate so Max heads out. Later Jason talks to Sam about Sonny breaking down. Sam thinks Jason should help Sonny. 

Nina and Julian discuss business at The Metro Court. She confronts him for stealing her fruit basket and rails about how terrible he is. Julian continues to be in denial about Alexis and thinks she still loves him. Then Alexis walks in. Nina advises him to leave Alexis alone. However Alexis approaches Julian and says Morgan is dead because of him. Meanwhile back at The Haunted Star, Sonny yells that Ava killed his son and Scotty and Sonny end up fighting.

End of show!

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