Friday, October 14, 2016

It Was Too Late

Here's What Happened - 

Maxie strongly insists that Charlotte isn't Nathan's kid at her apartment. Claudette gets defensive and ends up leaving. In private, Nathan scolds Maxie for being rude in front of Charlotte. Maxie defends her actions and insists that Claudette is lying to him. Meanwhile Claudette takes Charlotte to the park and talks to her about her dad. Later she returns at Nathan's behest. Maxie decides to apologize to Charlotte. However in private, Claudette says doesn't believe Maxie's apology. Nathan takes Claudette outside and says he needs time alone with Charlotte. Claudette agrees and says when Nathan takes charge it makes her feel like everything will be okay. Later Claudette has Charlotte hug Nathan while Maxie makes inquiries about having another DNA test done. 

Sam and Alexis meet at The Metro Court and talk about Morgan's death. Sam says Jason is taking it hard. Alexis says the bomb was meant for Julian and Sonny must be behind it. Sam says no matter what Julian has done she doesn't wish him dead. Alexis says she doesn't wish him dead either. She does say she hopes Julian lives a miserable life and if he had died instead of Morgan, it would have solved a lot of problems.  

Julian stops by Crimson and tells Nina that Sonny killed his own son. Nina doesn't want to talk about it. Then Scotty interrupts to see Julian and Curtis arrives to speak with Nina. Curtis tells Nina in her office that he can't get her a baby. Nina says she's going to take the matter in her own hands. Later she notices that someone took her fruit basket for Sonny and Carly. Meanwhile Scotty tells Julian that Sonny is probably going to want revenge. Scotty thinks if they could prove that Sonny tried to kill him, he would go to prison. Later Julian asks Curtis to find out who put the bomb in his car and Curtis agrees.

Kristina goes to Sonny's and hugs him about Morgan. Then Jocelyn comes downstairs and hugs Kristina. Jocelyn says that Carly told her to pack. Upstairs Carly packs her bags and talks to Michael in the bedroom. She tells him she's going back to her old house. Michael advises to be sure she's doing the right thing. She gets upset and says because of Sonny's actions her son is dead and she can't stay there. 

Later Carly tries to leave the house so Michael takes Kristina and Jocelyn away to give her privacy. Once alone, Carly tells Sonny she should have left him after Kiki was shot. Sonny swears he called off the hit. Carly screams to him that, "it was too late!" Then Nell knocks on the door wanting to know about Morgan's funeral. Carly gets distraught and says she doesn't know if you can even have a funeral without a body. Then Carly and Nell leave Sonny alone with his grief. 

Michael goes to the park with Avery, Jocelyn and Kristina. In private, Kristina asks what Michael's mother is doing to her dad. Jocelyn overhears them arguing and asks how Sonny is involved. Right then Nell shows up and offers to take Avery for awhile. Once alone, Kristina confirms to Jocelyn that Sonny put the bomb in Julian's car. Jocelyn asks Michael to tell her the truth. Michael says he doesn't know for sure if Sonny is responsible, but Jocelyn assumes the worst anyway. Carly shows up and Jocelyn tells her that Jax was right about Sonny all along. Back at Sonny's house, Nell brings Avery to see Sonny, but Sonny says it would better if Nell put Avery down for a nap. After Julian shows up at Sonny's with Nina's gift basket in hand. 

End of show!

I wish I could say it was an exciting week on GH, but honestly, despite Morgan's death, I found this week kind of boring. What do you think?

Have a great weekend!

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