Friday, October 28, 2016

I Own Wyndermere

Here's What Happened - 

Alexis tries to be productive at her house by cleaning. Then she ends up dumping her wine out while ranting about Julian. However she concludes that cleaning "sucks" and calls for alcohol to be delivered. Later Sam comes over with Danny, who is dressed as Brother Bear. Danny mentions that Sam and Jason are moving. Alexis seems upset, but tries to be supportive. Then Alexis' alcohol delivery arrives so she quickly takes it and puts it aside so Sam doesn't question it. Alexis then says they should go to Wyndermere for Laura's party.

Lulu and Maxie have girl time at Maxie's place and share pictures of their kids dressed in Halloween costumes. Then Maxie says that her and Nathan have decided to get married on New Year's Eve. Meanwhile Dante brings Rocco to the PCPD dressed as a cop to see Nathan. After they talk about Valentin and Nathan tells Dante that he's not Charlotte's father afterall. Later Maxie calls Nathan and asks him to come home early. When he arrives, Maxie's in the shower and left a note for him to meet her in there. At the end, Nathan and Maxie find footage of Claudette traveling on the computer and try to figure out who she was with. 

Nell takes pictures of Avery at Sonny's house, but Sonny is in a bad mood. Then Kristina shows up so Nell leaves. After Kristina talks to Sonny about her last encounter with Morgan, which was negative, and says she understands how Sonny feels. Sonny flashes to his last encounter with Morgan where he and Carly yelled at him for getting expelled from school. She tries to get Sonny to come with her to a party, but he says he needs alone time. Once alone, Sonny has a fantasy of having a different exchange with Morgan before he died that's positive. When he snaps out of it, Sonny gets a knock on the door. It's Morgan in tethered clothes and looking beaten up. 

Bobby comes to see Carly at The Metro Court and advises her to take a break. However Carly says the pain is too much and she can't deal with it. Later Nell shows up and tells her that Sonny has been distraught. Nell assures Carly that she's loyal to her, but she feels obligated to take care of Avery. Then Nell offers to handle everything for Carly at the hotel so she can go home. Carly agrees and once alone, Bobby accuses Nell of making herself purposely indispensable to Carly. 

Kevin shows up at Wyndermere dressed as a beast to see Laura. They end up talking about her selling Wyndermere. Laura is preparing to throw a goodbye party for the house. Then Lucy shows up so Kevin excuses himself. After Lucy offers her services to Laura to find a new place to live. Later Lulu, Dante and Rocco show up. Laura tells Lulu it's going to be hard to leave the house. Then someone knocks on the door. Laura opens it and sees a man she thinks is Kevin dressed in the same beast outfit. Alexis and Sam arrive and at the end, the real Kevin shows up. Right then Laura gets a call from Lucy saying she can't sell Wyndermere, because Spencer doesn't own it. Laura wonders who does own it in that case. To everyone's surprise, Valentin pulls off his beast mask and says, "I do!"

End of show!

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