Friday, October 21, 2016

I Can't Find Maxie

Friday's Recap - 

Carly thinks of how she screamed at Sonny about killing Morgan at her house. Then Sonny rings the doorbell and asks to come in. She relunctantly lets Sonny inside and he says they should bury Morgan together. Carly says she's already planned his funeral for November 11th. Sonny gets upset and accuses her of trying to keep him from saying goodbye to his son. Carly yells at him for killing Morgan and gets emotional about how she begged him not to go after Julian. Then she tells him she won't stop him from going to the funeral, but she can't forgive him. Sonny begs Carly to come home and says he can't do "this" without her. 

At Sam and Jason's place, Jason wants to talk about what comes next. Jason talks about what happened to Morgan and says Morgan died because of Sonny. Jason wants to protect his family and asks what Sam thinks about leaving Port Charles. Sam says she thinks about starting fresh sometimes, but she doesn't want to leave her mother and sisters. However Sam is open to a little town called, Aurora, that is north of Port Charles and they agree to check it out. Then Sam feels the baby kick and they share a moment basking in it. 

Nathan tries reaching Maxie on her cell phone from the PCPD without success. Then Lulu walks in and asks about the Claudette situation. Nathan says Charlotte's not his daughter and he doesn't know if Claudette is telling the truth about Valentin Cassadine. Nearby Dante gets frustrated on the phone while trying to get details about what happened to Morgan. Lulu tells him in private that he's too close to the case and he should walk away. Dante refuses so Lulu leaves. After Jordan advises Dante to recuse himself, especially given that Sonny will likely be implicated. Dante won't listen to her either. Later he gets a call about Morgan's case. He ends up going to Carly's house and tells her and Sonny that they found something at the scene of Morgan's death.

Felicia meets Anna at The Metro Court and notices Anna's new WSB ID badge. Felicia asks when she's leaving for Geneva, but Anna explains that her new position is actually based in Port Charles. Felicia seems relieved that Anna is staying in town, but is distracted that she hasn't heard from Maxie. Then she leaves to look for Maxie. Felicia goes to see Nathan at the PCPD and says she can't find Maxie. They both start to worry about where she is. Meanwhile Lulu meets Laura for manicures and they talk about the Cassadine's. Lulu says she okay if Laura wants to sell Wyndermere. Later Lulu wonders if Claudette and Valentin are involved in the games Helena was playing.

Claudette brings Charlotte to the Metro Court restaurant and tells Griffin she's leaving town. She insists that Valentin is after her and if Griffin won't leave town with her, he better say goodbye to Charlotte. Griffin says that's not okay with him and decides to ask Anna for help. He tells Anna that Charlotte is his daughter and Anna immediately think of her as Duke's granddaughter. Claudette starts to get worked up when telling Anna about Valentin. Then Claudette excuses herself to go to her hotel room and makes a tearful goodbye to Charlotte. Later Anna takes a look at Valentin's picture on her phone and seems to recognize him. Meanwhile Claudette goes to her room and tries to make travel arrangements for herself. Nathan sees her and says Maxie is missing. Claudette says she doesn't have time to worry about that, because her room was tossed and she knows it's Valentin. However when he checks her room is neat as a pin. At the end, Nathan thinks Claudette is lying again, but then he finds Maxie's bracelet in the room.

Maxie tries to get free of her bonds while tied up in the bad guy's basement. Then he comes downstairs with breakfast for Maxie, but she insists she needs something vegetarian. He leaves to make her an egg white omelet and once alone she continues to try and get free. When he returns, Maxie tries to make a run for it, but he stops her. He ties her back up and turns the gas on, despite her desperate pleas for him not to kill her. Then he leaves Maxie alone to die as she yells for help in a panic.

End of show!

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