Tuesday, October 18, 2016

He's A Tool

Today's Show - 

Anna works out furiously at the gym with Griffin. He gets her to open up about her feelings about Julian. She blames herself for Morgan getting killed, because she didn't make more effort to stop Julian. Griffin also feels like he's responsible. Then Anna gets a call from Robert and leaves. Once alone, Griffin starts beating the punching bag. Meanwhile Anna heads over to Kelly's and runs into Andre. Anna tells him that Robert offered her a position in Geneva, Switzerland and they weigh the pros and cons of taking it together. Later Anna calls Robert back and says she'll take the job.

At The Metro Court, Tracy asks Dr. Finn how he's doing. Hayden interrupts them also wanting to know how Finn is doing. In private, he tells Hayden he's running clinical trials on himself. Hayden is worried that he's going to kill himself, but Finn says he's got no choice. Then Hayden's date, Evan, shows up calling her, "babe." Finn sits a table near them and listens to Evan ramble on. Tracy joins joins him and says she thinks Finn and Hayden have sparks. Finn says Hayden's date is a tool. However Hayden gets intrigued when Evan tells her his father can get medical grants. Evan offers to help her with Finn's grant if she sleeps with him. At first Hayden gets upset, but when she sees Finn coughing, Hayden changes her mind. 

Liz and Franco talk at The Metro Court and he tells her that he's got an idea to help get her job back at GH. Then Franco goes to see Heather in jail and he gets her to admit that she was the person who attacked Bobby and Lucas at the hospital. He asks her to confess, but Heather refuses. Later Liz runs into Laura outside of Kelly's and Laura says she's thinking of selling Wyndermere. They end up talking about Hayden and Liz says she doesn't care if Laura kicks Hayden out. After they talk about Franco. Right then Franco happens to walk over and overhears Liz talking positively about him. At the end, Franco approaches Liz and shows her a recording of his conversation with Heather saying he can save the hospital now.

Nathan tries to get romantic with Maxie at their apartment, but they get interrupted by Claudette and Charlotte. She pushes her way inside and offers to let Nathan watch Charlotte for awhile. After Claudette goes to the gym and toys with Griffin. She says she hopes Nathan will help raise Charlotte. Meanwhile back at Maxie's place, she gets a letter delivered with Charlotte's DNA results. Maxie hides the results, but Charlotte ends up grabbing the envelop and Nathan sees it. He gets upset, but when they open the letter it says Nathan isn't Charlotte's father. Back at the gym, Claudette and Griffin start making out.

End of show!

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