Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Free man!
Today's Show - 

Kiki struggles to stay focused at The Metro Court for the Halloween party. Franco approaches her to give her a pep talk. Then he notices Liz come in with Jason and Jake. Franco gets a little jealous and makes some snarky comments. Liz sits down alone with Franco and assures him that there is nothing for him to worry about. Meanwhile Dillon shows up dressed as Elvis and flirts with Kiki. She's still reeling over Morgan so Dillon tries to make her feel better, but without success. After Dillon goes to see Nina, tells her about his talk with Kiki and Nina tells him to give Kiki time. Then they end up talking about Nina's mission to have a baby on her own. At the end, Dillon returns to The Metro Court, gives Kiki a picture he took of her smiling and says he'll be there for her when she's ready.

Charlotte shows up at Crimson and tells Nina she's looking for her mother. Then Griffin walks in upset and tells Charlotte not to walk off again without telling him. Nina jumps in with accessories for Charlotte to play with and Griffin explains how he's really Charlotte's father. Nina shares that she wanted to take care of Charlotte for Nathan and offers some supportive words about parenting to Griffin. Later Griffin takes Charlotte to The Metro Court party, but she ends up yelling at him and throwing a temper tantrum. Liz and Franco notice so Liz goes over to offer help. She manages to calm Charlotte down, but Franco gets jealous again when Liz talks to Griffin. Kiki tries to perk Franco up, but he snaps at her. He ends up snapping at Griffin as well so Liz calls him a jealous tool. Franco gets upset and asks her if they're ever going to have sex. Liz kisses him and says when the time is right it will happen.

At Wyndermere, Valentin reveals himself and says he owns the house. Everyone is shocked to see him, but Valentin claims he's now a free man. Dante verifies it with Jordan and after everyone listens as Valentin provides proof that he owns Wyndermere. Alexis looks over the paperwork Valentin provides. Laura looks at it too and realizes that it is Nik's signature. Lulu asks why Valentin wants to live in Port Charles. Valentin claims he wants to make amends with his family and then leaves. After Laura thinks Valentin is insane, Alexis is ready to deal with her "brother" and Dante and Lulu are all worked up. Meanwhile Valentin goes to see Nina.

A beat up Morgan shows up at Sonny's doorstep. Sonny asks for his forgiveness and hugs him. However it turns out Morgan is really just a kid dressed as a Zombie. Sonny gets upset and roughs the kid up, who ends up calling Sonny crazy. Jason shows up just in time to stop Sonny from beating the kid up. After Jason tells Sonny he might know who planted the bomb in Julian's car, but Sonny says it doesn't matter because he ordered the hit. Then he sees Morgan again. Jason asks if Sonny is taking his meds, but Sonny swears he has been. He says, "I may not be sober, but I will be sane." At the end, Sonny "sees" Morgan again. Morgan tells him to get rid of Jason so he can make things right. Sonny tells Jason to go and then calls Diane saying he needs to get his affairs in order. At the end Morgan says, "goodbye Dad" and disappears. 

End of show!

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