Thursday, October 27, 2016

Give Me The Gun

Thursday's Recap - 

Anna gives Griffin parenting advice in Claudette's hotel room. She tells him that if he's not up to being a father he should give Charlotte up. Anna talks about how she gave Robin up when she was a little girl and how she regrets the time she lost. Then Charlotte comes out asking for her mother so Griffin comforts her and puts her to bed. Later Griffin looks at Claudette's locket as he lays in bed. Charlotte ends up coming out and wants to sleep next to him. Griffin gives her Claudette's locket for safe keeping and promises to take care of her. 

Valerie gets a warning about Curtis from Jordan at the PCPD. Valerie asks what happened so Jordan tells her that Curtis is working for Julian. Then Jordan takes off after receiving a file on the car bomb. Meanwhile Jason catches Curtis looking through Sonny's office desk. Jason threatens to call the police so Curtis explains that he's looking into the bomb in Julian's car. After Curtis heads to the police station and Valerie asks him about working with Julian. Curtis tells her he's thinking of forgoing his involvement with Julian. However he does take a peek at the file on the bomb when Valerie steps away and snaps pictures of what's inside. 

Back at Sonny's office, Jordan shows up and asks Jason about a previous associate that worked for Sonny and says that's the man who planted the bomb. Jordan thinks she's close to pinning Morgan's death on Sonny. She warns Jason that it's a dangerous time to be connected to Sonny. Jason tells her Sonny is just his friend and ushers her out. After he gets a call from Spinelli and hopes for news about the bomb.

Michael goes to see Carly at The Metro Court and tells her that Sonny is in bad shape. Carly gets emotional thinking of Morgan and says she doesn't know what the future holds for her and Sonny. Then Carly advises Michael to take care of himself instead of everyone else. Michael opens up to her and says he feels like a bad brother. Michael feels like he failed Morgan for believing that Sonny would change his ways. Carly advises him that Sonny didn't mean for what happened to Morgan to happen. Michael says it's too little too late. 

Sonny talks to Morgan on the bridge about his regrets as a father. He thinks about shooting himself, but then Robin appears out of nowhere. She tells him she came back to town for him. Robin brings up Stone and says that Stone would not forgive Sonny for bringing a gun to the bridge. She asks him to give her the gun. Sonny says he needs the gun to put an end to Julian, but Robin worries that he's going to kill himself. Robin tries to talk him out of ending his life, but Sonny thinks it would be a relief to his family. She says suicide is cowardly. She advises Sonny to live and give meaning to Morgan's death. He asks for alone time and gives Robin his word that he won't hurt himself. After Robin runs into Anna at The Metro Court and says she's glad she came to town. Meanwhile back at the bridge, Sonny thinks about how angry Carly is with him and looks at his gun again. He tells himself he needs to make things right for Morgan. 

End of show!

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