Monday, October 3, 2016

Drop the Syringe!

Monday's Recap - 

At The Floating Rib, Dr. Finn tells Hayden he's got to sneak into GH to help a patient. Hayden decides she wants to go with him. Later at the hospital they sneak into the lab and overhear Lucy showing around a prospective buyer from the hospital board and saying that she didn't realize GH was for sale. The potential buyer says GH might be turned into condos. Lucy gets upset and claims GH is a family. The board member says GH will move to a different building. However Hayden and Finn overhear and think if the sale of GH goes through the hospital is done for. 

Ava lectures Kiki at The Metro Court about her troubles with Morgan. Franco overhears Ava saying that Morgan is mentally ill and tells Ava to back off. Ava leaves and after Franco tries to talk to Kiki about her relationship with Morgan. Kiki ends up telling Franco about how she feels like she's walking around on eggshells with Morgan. She worries that he'll never be able to meet her needs. After they talk about Franco's relationship with Elizabeth. Franco tells her that Liz is good, but Heather thought he was the hospital killer and may have done something to protect him. 

Ava goes back to her apartment and researches the dangers of not taking medication for mental illness. Then Scotty knocks on the door and plays Ava his new rap recording to attract new business. After he goes on to say he heard at the PCPD that Paul is the hospital killer. Ava pretends to be surprised, but then pleads with Scotty to defend Paul. She ends up telling Scotty that she knew Paul was the killer and needs Scotty to help her keep Paul quiet. She cries about the flash drive (my goodness that flash drive has been around for ages, hasn't it?) Then she admits to messing with Morgan's medication and fears it will effect Kiki negatively. Scotty thinks Morgan could end up hurting someone and scolds Ava. 

Morgan goes to Andre's apartment for a therapy session. He tells Andre about his recent violent outbursts and his concerns about his relationship with Kiki. Morgan also tells Andre about cheating on his paper for school and worries Kiki will dump him if she finds out. Andre suggests that he admit his mistakes to everyone and face the music. Morgan humbly agrees and says he'll start with Kiki. Then Morgan leaves to meet up with Kiki, but learns she has to work a double shift. After Morgan inquires about joining a poker game. 

Dillon and Anna burst into Paul's room just in time to stop him from injecting Tracy with a lethal syringe. Dillon screams at Paul for his actions and says Susan would never approve of his killing spree. Paul tries explain his behavior, but Dillon won't listen, unties Tracy and dares Paul to kill him instead. Paul yells at Anna while she holds a gun to him asking why she brought Dillon with her. Anna doesn't want to hear it and orders him to put the syringe down or she'll shoot. Paul tries to inject himself, but Anna attacks him and Tracy grabs for the needle. Anna handcuffs Paul and Dillon says he'll take care of Susan. At the end, Tracy hugs Dillon as Anna takes Paul out to the police cruiser. 

End of show!

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