Monday, October 10, 2016

Blown Away?

Here's What Happened - 

Molly runs into TJ outside of The Floating Rib and he tells her that Morgan punched him. Inside, Julian's henchmen tells him their car was stolen. Later Molly and TJ walk inside and Dante also shows up. Julian reports his missing car to Dante and blames Sonny. In private TJ and Molly tell Dante about Morgan taking Julian's car. After Julian tells his henchman that the police won't take him seriously about the stolen car. Back outside, Dante calls for help to find Morgan with Molly and TJ standing nearby. They all agree that Morgan seems out of control. Later Julian and his man use the car's GPS to track the car. Julian then fires his associate. Back inside, TJ and Molly worry about Morgan. 

Dillon thinks of Kiki and their kiss at Crimson. Meanwhile Tracy meets with Hayden and Dr. Finn at The Metro Court to talk about the sale of the hospital. Tracy is upset by the news. Later Tracy goes to visit Dillon at Crimson. He tells her about what transpired between him and Kiki. Tracy is skeptical, but supportive. After they talk about Paul and how GH might get sold. Tracy tells Dillon she plans to fight for the hospital. Back at The Metro Court, Finn tells Hayden he might have made a breakthrough in his research. Hayden is happy to hear it and challenges him to dream big about his future. Then Finn seems to take ill and excuses himself. While sitting alone, a man sends Hayden a drink with his card. When Finn returns, Hayden lets Finn know and he gets a little jealous. 

Kiki calls Morgan from outside of his house and leaves him a voice message. Meanwhile Sonny tells Carly at The Metro Court that he thinks everything is going to be okay. Carly asks if Sonny is going to let Julian live. Sonny tells her about his conversation with Griffin at the church and says he knows he needs to find peace. Carly says he made her very happy. Later Nell stops Carly and Sonny to tell them about her getting them concert tickets. 

After Kiki shows up saying that she can't find Morgan. Carly asks if everything is okay with her and Morgan. Kiki claims they must have just got their wires crossed. Then Carly and Sonny leave to go home. In private, Nell tells Kiki she saw Morgan earlier and he was in bad shape. Nell goes on to say that Morgan gave her the impression that he and Kiki might be breaking up, but neglects to mention that Morgan said Kiki was cheating on him. Kiki leaves to find Morgan and after Nell seethes to herself, calls Kiki a princess and says out loud that Morgan has it a lot worse than Kiki. Meanwhile Kiki runs into Julian at The Floating Rib. She asks if he's seen Morgan. Julian tells her no and advises her to dump Morgan. At the end, Kiki leaves another message for Morgan pleading with him to call her. 

Morgan appears to blow up on the side of the road in front of Jason when the car he stole suddenly explodes. Jason runs to help, but can't find Morgan so he calls for help. When firefighters arrive Jason tells them Morgan was either trapped in the car or blown into the river. Then Jason calls Dante to come immediately. Dante rushes to the scene and is panicked over Morgan. Jason fills Dante in on what happened with Morgan before the car blew up and after. Dante is distraught by the news and cries. At the end, Julian arrives on the scene and learns that his car exploded. 

Meanwhile over at Sonny's house, he and Carly pour wine and talk about her fears about Sonny retaliating against Julian. Sonny reassures her that he realizes what is most important and then leads Carly to the bedroom. We get a steamy love scene set to music. After Carly gets a text message that there is an emergency at the hotel so she takes off. Later she calls Sonny from the hotel looking to see if Morgan checked in. Sonny says he's going to wait up for her. Right then Jason walks in. Sonny sees him beaten up and asks what happened. Jason replies, "It's Morgan."

End of show!

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