Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Free man!
Today's Show - 

Kiki struggles to stay focused at The Metro Court for the Halloween party. Franco approaches her to give her a pep talk. Then he notices Liz come in with Jason and Jake. Franco gets a little jealous and makes some snarky comments. Liz sits down alone with Franco and assures him that there is nothing for him to worry about. Meanwhile Dillon shows up dressed as Elvis and flirts with Kiki. She's still reeling over Morgan so Dillon tries to make her feel better, but without success. After Dillon goes to see Nina, tells her about his talk with Kiki and Nina tells him to give Kiki time. Then they end up talking about Nina's mission to have a baby on her own. At the end, Dillon returns to The Metro Court, gives Kiki a picture he took of her smiling and says he'll be there for her when she's ready.

Charlotte shows up at Crimson and tells Nina she's looking for her mother. Then Griffin walks in upset and tells Charlotte not to walk off again without telling him. Nina jumps in with accessories for Charlotte to play with and Griffin explains how he's really Charlotte's father. Nina shares that she wanted to take care of Charlotte for Nathan and offers some supportive words about parenting to Griffin. Later Griffin takes Charlotte to The Metro Court party, but she ends up yelling at him and throwing a temper tantrum. Liz and Franco notice so Liz goes over to offer help. She manages to calm Charlotte down, but Franco gets jealous again when Liz talks to Griffin. Kiki tries to perk Franco up, but he snaps at her. He ends up snapping at Griffin as well so Liz calls him a jealous tool. Franco gets upset and asks her if they're ever going to have sex. Liz kisses him and says when the time is right it will happen.

At Wyndermere, Valentin reveals himself and says he owns the house. Everyone is shocked to see him, but Valentin claims he's now a free man. Dante verifies it with Jordan and after everyone listens as Valentin provides proof that he owns Wyndermere. Alexis looks over the paperwork Valentin provides. Laura looks at it too and realizes that it is Nik's signature. Lulu asks why Valentin wants to live in Port Charles. Valentin claims he wants to make amends with his family and then leaves. After Laura thinks Valentin is insane, Alexis is ready to deal with her "brother" and Dante and Lulu are all worked up. Meanwhile Valentin goes to see Nina.

A beat up Morgan shows up at Sonny's doorstep. Sonny asks for his forgiveness and hugs him. However it turns out Morgan is really just a kid dressed as a Zombie. Sonny gets upset and roughs the kid up, who ends up calling Sonny crazy. Jason shows up just in time to stop Sonny from beating the kid up. After Jason tells Sonny he might know who planted the bomb in Julian's car, but Sonny says it doesn't matter because he ordered the hit. Then he sees Morgan again. Jason asks if Sonny is taking his meds, but Sonny swears he has been. He says, "I may not be sober, but I will be sane." At the end, Sonny "sees" Morgan again. Morgan tells him to get rid of Jason so he can make things right. Sonny tells Jason to go and then calls Diane saying he needs to get his affairs in order. At the end Morgan says, "goodbye Dad" and disappears. 

End of show!

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Friday, October 28, 2016

I Own Wyndermere

Here's What Happened - 

Alexis tries to be productive at her house by cleaning. Then she ends up dumping her wine out while ranting about Julian. However she concludes that cleaning "sucks" and calls for alcohol to be delivered. Later Sam comes over with Danny, who is dressed as Brother Bear. Danny mentions that Sam and Jason are moving. Alexis seems upset, but tries to be supportive. Then Alexis' alcohol delivery arrives so she quickly takes it and puts it aside so Sam doesn't question it. Alexis then says they should go to Wyndermere for Laura's party.

Lulu and Maxie have girl time at Maxie's place and share pictures of their kids dressed in Halloween costumes. Then Maxie says that her and Nathan have decided to get married on New Year's Eve. Meanwhile Dante brings Rocco to the PCPD dressed as a cop to see Nathan. After they talk about Valentin and Nathan tells Dante that he's not Charlotte's father afterall. Later Maxie calls Nathan and asks him to come home early. When he arrives, Maxie's in the shower and left a note for him to meet her in there. At the end, Nathan and Maxie find footage of Claudette traveling on the computer and try to figure out who she was with. 

Nell takes pictures of Avery at Sonny's house, but Sonny is in a bad mood. Then Kristina shows up so Nell leaves. After Kristina talks to Sonny about her last encounter with Morgan, which was negative, and says she understands how Sonny feels. Sonny flashes to his last encounter with Morgan where he and Carly yelled at him for getting expelled from school. She tries to get Sonny to come with her to a party, but he says he needs alone time. Once alone, Sonny has a fantasy of having a different exchange with Morgan before he died that's positive. When he snaps out of it, Sonny gets a knock on the door. It's Morgan in tethered clothes and looking beaten up. 

Bobby comes to see Carly at The Metro Court and advises her to take a break. However Carly says the pain is too much and she can't deal with it. Later Nell shows up and tells her that Sonny has been distraught. Nell assures Carly that she's loyal to her, but she feels obligated to take care of Avery. Then Nell offers to handle everything for Carly at the hotel so she can go home. Carly agrees and once alone, Bobby accuses Nell of making herself purposely indispensable to Carly. 

Kevin shows up at Wyndermere dressed as a beast to see Laura. They end up talking about her selling Wyndermere. Laura is preparing to throw a goodbye party for the house. Then Lucy shows up so Kevin excuses himself. After Lucy offers her services to Laura to find a new place to live. Later Lulu, Dante and Rocco show up. Laura tells Lulu it's going to be hard to leave the house. Then someone knocks on the door. Laura opens it and sees a man she thinks is Kevin dressed in the same beast outfit. Alexis and Sam arrive and at the end, the real Kevin shows up. Right then Laura gets a call from Lucy saying she can't sell Wyndermere, because Spencer doesn't own it. Laura wonders who does own it in that case. To everyone's surprise, Valentin pulls off his beast mask and says, "I do!"

End of show!

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Give Me The Gun

Thursday's Recap - 

Anna gives Griffin parenting advice in Claudette's hotel room. She tells him that if he's not up to being a father he should give Charlotte up. Anna talks about how she gave Robin up when she was a little girl and how she regrets the time she lost. Then Charlotte comes out asking for her mother so Griffin comforts her and puts her to bed. Later Griffin looks at Claudette's locket as he lays in bed. Charlotte ends up coming out and wants to sleep next to him. Griffin gives her Claudette's locket for safe keeping and promises to take care of her. 

Valerie gets a warning about Curtis from Jordan at the PCPD. Valerie asks what happened so Jordan tells her that Curtis is working for Julian. Then Jordan takes off after receiving a file on the car bomb. Meanwhile Jason catches Curtis looking through Sonny's office desk. Jason threatens to call the police so Curtis explains that he's looking into the bomb in Julian's car. After Curtis heads to the police station and Valerie asks him about working with Julian. Curtis tells her he's thinking of forgoing his involvement with Julian. However he does take a peek at the file on the bomb when Valerie steps away and snaps pictures of what's inside. 

Back at Sonny's office, Jordan shows up and asks Jason about a previous associate that worked for Sonny and says that's the man who planted the bomb. Jordan thinks she's close to pinning Morgan's death on Sonny. She warns Jason that it's a dangerous time to be connected to Sonny. Jason tells her Sonny is just his friend and ushers her out. After he gets a call from Spinelli and hopes for news about the bomb.

Michael goes to see Carly at The Metro Court and tells her that Sonny is in bad shape. Carly gets emotional thinking of Morgan and says she doesn't know what the future holds for her and Sonny. Then Carly advises Michael to take care of himself instead of everyone else. Michael opens up to her and says he feels like a bad brother. Michael feels like he failed Morgan for believing that Sonny would change his ways. Carly advises him that Sonny didn't mean for what happened to Morgan to happen. Michael says it's too little too late. 

Sonny talks to Morgan on the bridge about his regrets as a father. He thinks about shooting himself, but then Robin appears out of nowhere. She tells him she came back to town for him. Robin brings up Stone and says that Stone would not forgive Sonny for bringing a gun to the bridge. She asks him to give her the gun. Sonny says he needs the gun to put an end to Julian, but Robin worries that he's going to kill himself. Robin tries to talk him out of ending his life, but Sonny thinks it would be a relief to his family. She says suicide is cowardly. She advises Sonny to live and give meaning to Morgan's death. He asks for alone time and gives Robin his word that he won't hurt himself. After Robin runs into Anna at The Metro Court and says she's glad she came to town. Meanwhile back at the bridge, Sonny thinks about how angry Carly is with him and looks at his gun again. He tells himself he needs to make things right for Morgan. 

End of show!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

It's Not Your Fault

Today's Show - 

Hayden and Finn make out in his hotel room, but get interrupted by Tracy, who pushes her way inside. Tracy rants about how Finn called her for a favor and asked for Tracy to give Hayden a job. Hayden gets offended and thinks Finn just wants to get rid of her. Later in private, Finn says he doesn't want to be Hayden's cause. Hayden thinks he's resistant to getting feelings for anyone other than his wife and walks out.

Franco tells Liz at the PCPD that he has all the evidence he needs to reopen the hospital. Then Jordan walks over so Franco plays her the recording of Heather admitting to attacking Lucas. However Jordan doesn't think it proves anything. She says she will look for proof of Heather's involvement. Franco then shows Jordan a check that Heather wrote to one of the guards at the asylum and proof that said guard recently purchased a condo. Later Tracy comes to the station and Jordan tells her that Heather might be the one who attacked Lucas. Meanwhile Franco takes Liz to The Metro Court to celebrate.

Alexis and Sonny talk on the deck of The Haunted Star about what happened to Morgan. However Sonny is upset and walks into the bar alone. After Alexis dodges a request from Diane to get together. Inside Scotty talks to Ava about the faux pills. Ava is distraught and blames herself for Morgan's death. Sonny overhears them talking and wants to know what's going on. Ava tells Sonny she saw Morgan shortly before he died and his death is partly her fault. Sonny doesn't react and walks back outside. He ends up having an emotional chat with Alexis about Morgan. Alexis consoles him and blames Julian for what happened. 

Max goes to see Jason at his penthouse and they talk about the bomb in Julian's car. After they talk about Sonny. Max thinks Jason needs to save Sonny. Then Sam comes home with Danny dressed as a pirate so Max heads out. Later Jason talks to Sam about Sonny breaking down. Sam thinks Jason should help Sonny. 

Nina and Julian discuss business at The Metro Court. She confronts him for stealing her fruit basket and rails about how terrible he is. Julian continues to be in denial about Alexis and thinks she still loves him. Then Alexis walks in. Nina advises him to leave Alexis alone. However Alexis approaches Julian and says Morgan is dead because of him. Meanwhile back at The Haunted Star, Sonny yells that Ava killed his son and Scotty and Sonny end up fighting.

End of show!

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Monday, October 24, 2016

You Stole From Me

Oh Canada!
Here's What Happened - 

Dante shows Carly and Sonny that they found the jade necklace Carly gave Morgan at the scene of the accident. Sonny wants to know if there is any evidence that Morgan might have survived, but Dante says they haven't found anything yet. Dante leaves and after Carly wonders if it could be possible that Morgan is alive. She also scolds Sonny by saying she can't even look at him. Then Kiki stops by and apologizes for hurting Morgan. Kiki cries and says she always loved Morgan. Carly wants details about why Morgan was upset with Kiki before he died. Kiki tells her about what Morgan saw at the boat house and also tells Carly she was going to break up with Morgan. Carly ends up lashing out at her, but Sonny defends Kiki. At the end, Carly yells at Sonny some more and then kicks him out. 

Finn wakes Hayden up on the couch in his room, but she snaps at first. Once she remembers what happened the night before, Finn offers her some aspirin for her hang over. She takes a shower and after Finn tells her that he can't accept Evan's check for a medical grant. He appreciates Hayden's efforts to get it for him, but worries that it will come back to haunt her. Later Hayden remembers flirting with Finn when she was drunk. Finn ends up telling her that he's very interested in her, but says since he's dying, them getting together is a bad idea. Hayden thinks he's worth taking the risk and they end up kissing. 

Nathan finds Maxie's bracelet in Claudette's hotel room. He realizes that Maxie must have been taken as mistaken identity for Claudette. After Dante comes to the room to say Maxie's car is still in the parking garage. Meanwhile Maxie tries to think of a way to escape from the gas in the bad guy's basement. She manages to untie herself, but discovers the door is locked. She looks around for something to help get the door open  with and finds a cell phone. She manages to call Nathan and gives him a clue about where to find her. However she ends up passing out and drops the phone. Nathan manages to find her in time and comes to rescue her. 

Laura talks to Anna and Griffin about Valentin and parenthood at The Metro Court. After she joins Kevin for lunch. However Laura is distracted and tells Kevin about Valentin resurfacing. They agree to keep going on dates until there are no distractions. Nearby Anna wonders why Valentin's pictures looks familiar to her. Griffin then looks at Charlotte and begins to feel sympathy for Claudette. Later Charlotte starts to fuss about her mother so Griffin goes to Claudette's room. He finds Claudette alone and realizes that she's going to run away and leave Charlotte with him. Claudette ends up knocking Griffin out and then takes off. At the end, Claudette gets on a plane and Valentin sits down next to her singing Oh Canada. Then he says she stole something from him.

End of show!

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Friday, October 21, 2016

I Can't Find Maxie

Friday's Recap - 

Carly thinks of how she screamed at Sonny about killing Morgan at her house. Then Sonny rings the doorbell and asks to come in. She relunctantly lets Sonny inside and he says they should bury Morgan together. Carly says she's already planned his funeral for November 11th. Sonny gets upset and accuses her of trying to keep him from saying goodbye to his son. Carly yells at him for killing Morgan and gets emotional about how she begged him not to go after Julian. Then she tells him she won't stop him from going to the funeral, but she can't forgive him. Sonny begs Carly to come home and says he can't do "this" without her. 

At Sam and Jason's place, Jason wants to talk about what comes next. Jason talks about what happened to Morgan and says Morgan died because of Sonny. Jason wants to protect his family and asks what Sam thinks about leaving Port Charles. Sam says she thinks about starting fresh sometimes, but she doesn't want to leave her mother and sisters. However Sam is open to a little town called, Aurora, that is north of Port Charles and they agree to check it out. Then Sam feels the baby kick and they share a moment basking in it. 

Nathan tries reaching Maxie on her cell phone from the PCPD without success. Then Lulu walks in and asks about the Claudette situation. Nathan says Charlotte's not his daughter and he doesn't know if Claudette is telling the truth about Valentin Cassadine. Nearby Dante gets frustrated on the phone while trying to get details about what happened to Morgan. Lulu tells him in private that he's too close to the case and he should walk away. Dante refuses so Lulu leaves. After Jordan advises Dante to recuse himself, especially given that Sonny will likely be implicated. Dante won't listen to her either. Later he gets a call about Morgan's case. He ends up going to Carly's house and tells her and Sonny that they found something at the scene of Morgan's death.

Felicia meets Anna at The Metro Court and notices Anna's new WSB ID badge. Felicia asks when she's leaving for Geneva, but Anna explains that her new position is actually based in Port Charles. Felicia seems relieved that Anna is staying in town, but is distracted that she hasn't heard from Maxie. Then she leaves to look for Maxie. Felicia goes to see Nathan at the PCPD and says she can't find Maxie. They both start to worry about where she is. Meanwhile Lulu meets Laura for manicures and they talk about the Cassadine's. Lulu says she okay if Laura wants to sell Wyndermere. Later Lulu wonders if Claudette and Valentin are involved in the games Helena was playing.

Claudette brings Charlotte to the Metro Court restaurant and tells Griffin she's leaving town. She insists that Valentin is after her and if Griffin won't leave town with her, he better say goodbye to Charlotte. Griffin says that's not okay with him and decides to ask Anna for help. He tells Anna that Charlotte is his daughter and Anna immediately think of her as Duke's granddaughter. Claudette starts to get worked up when telling Anna about Valentin. Then Claudette excuses herself to go to her hotel room and makes a tearful goodbye to Charlotte. Later Anna takes a look at Valentin's picture on her phone and seems to recognize him. Meanwhile Claudette goes to her room and tries to make travel arrangements for herself. Nathan sees her and says Maxie is missing. Claudette says she doesn't have time to worry about that, because her room was tossed and she knows it's Valentin. However when he checks her room is neat as a pin. At the end, Nathan thinks Claudette is lying again, but then he finds Maxie's bracelet in the room.

Maxie tries to get free of her bonds while tied up in the bad guy's basement. Then he comes downstairs with breakfast for Maxie, but she insists she needs something vegetarian. He leaves to make her an egg white omelet and once alone she continues to try and get free. When he returns, Maxie tries to make a run for it, but he stops her. He ties her back up and turns the gas on, despite her desperate pleas for him not to kill her. Then he leaves Maxie alone to die as she yells for help in a panic.

End of show!

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Money Upfront

Here's What Happened - 

Hayden takes her date, Evan, to his hotel room to strike a deal for Finn's medical grant. She decides to get him drunk and says she wants her money upfront before they commence with his part of the deal. Meanwhile Finn gets aid from Tracy at The Metro Court when he starts coughing. However he's more concerned with Hayden leaving with her date. Tracy urges him to focus on saving himself. Finn ignores her advice and decides to go burst into Evan's room. He finds Hayden with Evan, who is passed out, and she explains that she needs him to believe they slept together so he doesn't cancel the check he wrote her. Finn asks what she's talking about so Hayden explains what she did and asks for his help to set the stage for her ruse. After she's tipsy and calls Finn out for being attracted to her. Then she passes out as well. 

Maxie tells Nathan he's not Charlotte's father at their apartment. Nathan decides to go talk to Griffin about the situation. After he leaves, Maxie calls Dr. Obrecht over to babysit and tells her that Claudette lied. Then Maxie heads for Claudette's hotel room and finds a bad guy there, who attacks her. Meanwhile Griffin makes out with Claudette at the gym, but then stops. She pleads with him to run away with her and forget his promises to God. She says Charlotte is safer with Nathan. Then Nathan shows up and confronts Claudette. He accuses her of using his mother's hair for the first DNA test and says that Griffin must be the true father. Claudette ends up admitting that it's the truth. Later she takes Griffin to meet Charlotte.

Sonny thinks he hears and sees Morgan as a child at his house. Nell finds him distraught and tells him about her friend who died in high school from a drunk driver. Meanwhile Ava and Dr. Obrecht talk about Morgan at The Metro Court bar. Dr. O says that if he'd been properly medicated, Morgan might have lived. Dr. Obrecht also thinks Carly will likely have Morgan's medication tested. Ava gets nervous and decides to go to Sonny's house. She plays with him and acts concerned about Carly leaving him. Sonny tells Ava she can visit Avery for five minutes and then she has to leave. Instead Ava goes to Morgan's room looking for his pills. However she drops them and right then, Nell walks into the room.

End of show!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

He's A Tool

Today's Show - 

Anna works out furiously at the gym with Griffin. He gets her to open up about her feelings about Julian. She blames herself for Morgan getting killed, because she didn't make more effort to stop Julian. Griffin also feels like he's responsible. Then Anna gets a call from Robert and leaves. Once alone, Griffin starts beating the punching bag. Meanwhile Anna heads over to Kelly's and runs into Andre. Anna tells him that Robert offered her a position in Geneva, Switzerland and they weigh the pros and cons of taking it together. Later Anna calls Robert back and says she'll take the job.

At The Metro Court, Tracy asks Dr. Finn how he's doing. Hayden interrupts them also wanting to know how Finn is doing. In private, he tells Hayden he's running clinical trials on himself. Hayden is worried that he's going to kill himself, but Finn says he's got no choice. Then Hayden's date, Evan, shows up calling her, "babe." Finn sits a table near them and listens to Evan ramble on. Tracy joins joins him and says she thinks Finn and Hayden have sparks. Finn says Hayden's date is a tool. However Hayden gets intrigued when Evan tells her his father can get medical grants. Evan offers to help her with Finn's grant if she sleeps with him. At first Hayden gets upset, but when she sees Finn coughing, Hayden changes her mind. 

Liz and Franco talk at The Metro Court and he tells her that he's got an idea to help get her job back at GH. Then Franco goes to see Heather in jail and he gets her to admit that she was the person who attacked Bobby and Lucas at the hospital. He asks her to confess, but Heather refuses. Later Liz runs into Laura outside of Kelly's and Laura says she's thinking of selling Wyndermere. They end up talking about Hayden and Liz says she doesn't care if Laura kicks Hayden out. After they talk about Franco. Right then Franco happens to walk over and overhears Liz talking positively about him. At the end, Franco approaches Liz and shows her a recording of his conversation with Heather saying he can save the hospital now.

Nathan tries to get romantic with Maxie at their apartment, but they get interrupted by Claudette and Charlotte. She pushes her way inside and offers to let Nathan watch Charlotte for awhile. After Claudette goes to the gym and toys with Griffin. She says she hopes Nathan will help raise Charlotte. Meanwhile back at Maxie's place, she gets a letter delivered with Charlotte's DNA results. Maxie hides the results, but Charlotte ends up grabbing the envelop and Nathan sees it. He gets upset, but when they open the letter it says Nathan isn't Charlotte's father. Back at the gym, Claudette and Griffin start making out.

End of show!

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Break

No recap today. I'll be back tomorrow.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

It Was Too Late

Here's What Happened - 

Maxie strongly insists that Charlotte isn't Nathan's kid at her apartment. Claudette gets defensive and ends up leaving. In private, Nathan scolds Maxie for being rude in front of Charlotte. Maxie defends her actions and insists that Claudette is lying to him. Meanwhile Claudette takes Charlotte to the park and talks to her about her dad. Later she returns at Nathan's behest. Maxie decides to apologize to Charlotte. However in private, Claudette says doesn't believe Maxie's apology. Nathan takes Claudette outside and says he needs time alone with Charlotte. Claudette agrees and says when Nathan takes charge it makes her feel like everything will be okay. Later Claudette has Charlotte hug Nathan while Maxie makes inquiries about having another DNA test done. 

Sam and Alexis meet at The Metro Court and talk about Morgan's death. Sam says Jason is taking it hard. Alexis says the bomb was meant for Julian and Sonny must be behind it. Sam says no matter what Julian has done she doesn't wish him dead. Alexis says she doesn't wish him dead either. She does say she hopes Julian lives a miserable life and if he had died instead of Morgan, it would have solved a lot of problems.  

Julian stops by Crimson and tells Nina that Sonny killed his own son. Nina doesn't want to talk about it. Then Scotty interrupts to see Julian and Curtis arrives to speak with Nina. Curtis tells Nina in her office that he can't get her a baby. Nina says she's going to take the matter in her own hands. Later she notices that someone took her fruit basket for Sonny and Carly. Meanwhile Scotty tells Julian that Sonny is probably going to want revenge. Scotty thinks if they could prove that Sonny tried to kill him, he would go to prison. Later Julian asks Curtis to find out who put the bomb in his car and Curtis agrees.

Kristina goes to Sonny's and hugs him about Morgan. Then Jocelyn comes downstairs and hugs Kristina. Jocelyn says that Carly told her to pack. Upstairs Carly packs her bags and talks to Michael in the bedroom. She tells him she's going back to her old house. Michael advises to be sure she's doing the right thing. She gets upset and says because of Sonny's actions her son is dead and she can't stay there. 

Later Carly tries to leave the house so Michael takes Kristina and Jocelyn away to give her privacy. Once alone, Carly tells Sonny she should have left him after Kiki was shot. Sonny swears he called off the hit. Carly screams to him that, "it was too late!" Then Nell knocks on the door wanting to know about Morgan's funeral. Carly gets distraught and says she doesn't know if you can even have a funeral without a body. Then Carly and Nell leave Sonny alone with his grief. 

Michael goes to the park with Avery, Jocelyn and Kristina. In private, Kristina asks what Michael's mother is doing to her dad. Jocelyn overhears them arguing and asks how Sonny is involved. Right then Nell shows up and offers to take Avery for awhile. Once alone, Kristina confirms to Jocelyn that Sonny put the bomb in Julian's car. Jocelyn asks Michael to tell her the truth. Michael says he doesn't know for sure if Sonny is responsible, but Jocelyn assumes the worst anyway. Carly shows up and Jocelyn tells her that Jax was right about Sonny all along. Back at Sonny's house, Nell brings Avery to see Sonny, but Sonny says it would better if Nell put Avery down for a nap. After Julian shows up at Sonny's with Nina's gift basket in hand. 

End of show!

I wish I could say it was an exciting week on GH, but honestly, despite Morgan's death, I found this week kind of boring. What do you think?

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

That's Not Your Daughter

Thursday's Recap - 

Michael listens to Kiki's last voice message to Morgan at Sonny's house. Then Jason walks in saying he came to see him. Michael vents to Jason that he's feels guilty for not being there for Morgan when he really needed him. Jason assures him that he's not responsible and Morgan was a victim of terrible circumstances. Jason tells Michael to stop blaming himself.

At the PCPD, Jordan and Nathan discuss Morgan's car exploding. Then Dante walks in followed by TJ. Dante claims he will recuse himself if it turns out Sonny is involved. Jordan hugs TJ and they head off to the park for some time together. TJ recounts what happened with Morgan before he stole Julian's car to her. TJ blames himself for not calling the police. Jordan hopes TJ will stay away from Sonny now, but TJ says he can't think about that. Back at the station, Dante tells Nathan that Morgan's death doesn't feel real. Later Claudette brings Charlotte to meet Nathan. He's overjoyed and hugs the little girl. 

At Crimson, Nina and Dillon discuss Morgan's passing. Nina asks Dillon to help her put her feelings into words for Carly. However Dillon is distracted over Kiki. Nina advises him to go to Kiki and fight for her, even if she pushes him away. Meanwhile Franco finds Kiki at her apartment and holds her as she cries. Kiki feels guilty, because she wanted to break up with Morgan. Franco tries to make her feel better, but she just says she wants to be alone. Later Dillon comes to see Kiki. He talks to her through the door until she opens up. After Michael overhears as Kiki vents to Dillon about wanting to break up with Morgan. Michael gets upset and berates Kiki until Dillon stops him. However Kiki freaks out and orders Dillon to leave. 

Lulu goes to Maxie's place in shock over Morgan's death and breaks the news to Maxie. Lulu cries and they talk about about how hard being a parent is. Maxie says Nathan is about to find out, because he's about to meet Charlotte. Maxie also tells Lulu that Claudette is hiding from Valentine Cassadine. Later Nathan brings Charlotte to meet Maxie with Claudette in tow. After Maxie tells Nathan she's certain that Charlotte isn't his child after meeting her. Meanwhile Lulu goes to see Dante and tells him about Claudette running from Valentine. 

Back at Crimson, Franco shows up looking for Dillon saying he wants to do something to help Kiki. Nina tells him she already sent Dillon to Kiki. Franco and Nina end up chatting and she says he would have been a great father. Franco doesn't agree. Meanwhile over at Kiki's place, Michael and her make some peace, but agree Morgan's death is going to hurt for a long time. 

End of show!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Morgan's Dead

Today's Show - 

Carly dreams of having all her children at the table with her. However Bobby wakes her up and asks if she remembers what happened last night. Carly thinks the news of Morgan's death was just a dream, but Bobby has to explain that Morgan is really gone. Meanwhile Jason talks to Sonny in his living room. Sonny asks if Jason thinks he's the reason Morgan is dead. Sonny says he called off the hit on Julian and his broker told him the job was cancelled. Sonny is convinced something went wrong. Jason promises to help figure it out.

Dante walks into the police station and sees Michael there. Dante has to tell him that Morgan is dead. Michael is in shock. Dante explains how Morgan stole Julian's car and it blew up. Michael says no one wanted Julian dead more than Sonny. Right then Sonny walks in with Jason. Michael, Jason and Sonny go into the interrogation room and Michael scolds Sonny for putting a hit on Julian. Later Dante goes to see Carly and tells her that Morgan was drunk driving Julian's car and it exploded. Carly asks if Sonny had anything to do with the bomb. Dante says he can't implicate Sonny, but hands her Morgan's cell phone. Then he leaves as Carly starts to break down.

Tracy learns that she's been banned from the GH board at the Quartermaine's. Ned walks in and they end up talking about Dillon. Later Monica walks in and asks Tracy why she was barred from the board meeting. Tracy tells her that GH is for sale. After Michael and Jason show up to tell Tracy and Monica about Morgan's death. At first Tracy snaps at Jason, but then Monica smooths things over. In private, Michael vents to Jason that who ever gave the order to plant the bomb killed Morgan. Jason says Sonny might not have had anything to do with it. 

At The Metro Court, Dillon comes to visit Kiki and tells her their talk made him feel like he was getting a fresh start. Kiki agrees, but wonders why Morgan won't call her back. Later Dillon goes to Crimson and gets a visit from Ned. They talk about the hook in the boathouse door, but Dillon swears he had nothing to do with it. Meanwhile Ava goes to see Kiki at work and tells her that Morgan died. Kiki is distraught and goes to see Dillon at Crimson. She tells him that she can't pursue a relationship with him now. After Kiki breaks down crying in the elevator and we get a music montage.

Lulu meets Laura at the Metro Court restaurant to catch up. They end up talking about Kevin. Laura says every time she trusts someone they prove her wrong. Later Olivia joins them, but Lulu gets called away by Dante. In private, Olivia asks about Laura's relationship with Kevin. It prompts Laura to give Kevin a call. After Ned comes to visit Olivia and wonders why they don't go public with their relationship. Olivia is worried that if they go public and make it real, then there's a chance they could mess it up. It leads to them sharing a kiss. Meanwhile Lulu finds Dante having a breakdown at the PCPD over Morgan's death. Dante is worried that he's going to have to arrest Sonny.

 Back at the hotel, Ava runs into Bobby and offers her condolences. Bobby asks if Ava ever loved Morgan. Ava swears she loved Morgan very much and walks off in tears. Over at Sonny's house, Carly listens to the last voice message she left for Morgan on his cell phone. Then Sonny walks in. Carly assumes he's responsible and accuses Sonny of killing their son.

End of show!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016

Blown Away?

Here's What Happened - 

Molly runs into TJ outside of The Floating Rib and he tells her that Morgan punched him. Inside, Julian's henchmen tells him their car was stolen. Later Molly and TJ walk inside and Dante also shows up. Julian reports his missing car to Dante and blames Sonny. In private TJ and Molly tell Dante about Morgan taking Julian's car. After Julian tells his henchman that the police won't take him seriously about the stolen car. Back outside, Dante calls for help to find Morgan with Molly and TJ standing nearby. They all agree that Morgan seems out of control. Later Julian and his man use the car's GPS to track the car. Julian then fires his associate. Back inside, TJ and Molly worry about Morgan. 

Dillon thinks of Kiki and their kiss at Crimson. Meanwhile Tracy meets with Hayden and Dr. Finn at The Metro Court to talk about the sale of the hospital. Tracy is upset by the news. Later Tracy goes to visit Dillon at Crimson. He tells her about what transpired between him and Kiki. Tracy is skeptical, but supportive. After they talk about Paul and how GH might get sold. Tracy tells Dillon she plans to fight for the hospital. Back at The Metro Court, Finn tells Hayden he might have made a breakthrough in his research. Hayden is happy to hear it and challenges him to dream big about his future. Then Finn seems to take ill and excuses himself. While sitting alone, a man sends Hayden a drink with his card. When Finn returns, Hayden lets Finn know and he gets a little jealous. 

Kiki calls Morgan from outside of his house and leaves him a voice message. Meanwhile Sonny tells Carly at The Metro Court that he thinks everything is going to be okay. Carly asks if Sonny is going to let Julian live. Sonny tells her about his conversation with Griffin at the church and says he knows he needs to find peace. Carly says he made her very happy. Later Nell stops Carly and Sonny to tell them about her getting them concert tickets. 

After Kiki shows up saying that she can't find Morgan. Carly asks if everything is okay with her and Morgan. Kiki claims they must have just got their wires crossed. Then Carly and Sonny leave to go home. In private, Nell tells Kiki she saw Morgan earlier and he was in bad shape. Nell goes on to say that Morgan gave her the impression that he and Kiki might be breaking up, but neglects to mention that Morgan said Kiki was cheating on him. Kiki leaves to find Morgan and after Nell seethes to herself, calls Kiki a princess and says out loud that Morgan has it a lot worse than Kiki. Meanwhile Kiki runs into Julian at The Floating Rib. She asks if he's seen Morgan. Julian tells her no and advises her to dump Morgan. At the end, Kiki leaves another message for Morgan pleading with him to call her. 

Morgan appears to blow up on the side of the road in front of Jason when the car he stole suddenly explodes. Jason runs to help, but can't find Morgan so he calls for help. When firefighters arrive Jason tells them Morgan was either trapped in the car or blown into the river. Then Jason calls Dante to come immediately. Dante rushes to the scene and is panicked over Morgan. Jason fills Dante in on what happened with Morgan before the car blew up and after. Dante is distraught by the news and cries. At the end, Julian arrives on the scene and learns that his car exploded. 

Meanwhile over at Sonny's house, he and Carly pour wine and talk about her fears about Sonny retaliating against Julian. Sonny reassures her that he realizes what is most important and then leads Carly to the bedroom. We get a steamy love scene set to music. After Carly gets a text message that there is an emergency at the hotel so she takes off. Later she calls Sonny from the hotel looking to see if Morgan checked in. Sonny says he's going to wait up for her. Right then Jason walks in. Sonny sees him beaten up and asks what happened. Jason replies, "It's Morgan."

End of show!

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Friday, October 7, 2016


No recap today! I'll see you on Monday.

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Our First Kiss

Thursday's Recap - 

Morgan goes to the Quartermaine's boathouse and thinks he sees Kiki and Dillon making out through a shadowy reflection in the window. In anger he slams a hook into the door. However it's actually Olivia and Ned inside. He leaves and inside Olivia and Ned talk about how "hot" their tryst was. After Olivia opens the door, sees the hook in the door and thinks someone is sending them a message. She thinks Julian is threatening them. Later Olivia and Ned go to The Metro Court and warn Julian to stay away. Julian denies threatening them with the hook and warns them to back off. Later Ned suggests that maybe Dillon was venting and put the hook in the door.

Morgan goes to The Floating Rib, sees Nell there and vents to her about seeing his girlfriend cheating on him. They end up venting about his mental problems and her parents selling her kidney. Morgan impulsively kisses her. Nell pushes him away and walks out. After Morgan decides to start drinking at the bar and tosses his pills in the garbage.

Dillon thanks Kiki for driving him to Crimson. He gets upset when he sees a picture of Paul. Kiki tries to make him feel better by talking about how awful Ava is for a mother. After they talk about their duet at Nurses' Ball and flirt. They reminisce about their first kiss and agree it was one of the best nights of their lives. Then they end up kissing again.

Anna and Griffin have dinner together at The Metro Court and they talk about Julian's trial. Griffin says he has hatred toward Julian, which isn't very Christian of him. Meanwhile Julian lets himself into Alexis' house and she freaks out on him to get out. He says he just wanted to get his last box and doesn't mean her any harm. Alexis drinks wine so Julian accuses her of having a problem. Then Anna shows up, her and Julian have words and then he leaves. After Anna and Alexis get into a tense conversation about what happened during Alexis' testimony. Then Anna says she hopes Sonny takes action against Julian now. 

Sonny goes to church to let God know he has to take action against Julian. Griffin shows up and they have a conversation about getting revenge against Julian. Griffin thinks Sonny should let God deal with Julian. Sonny says God doesn't come through. Griffin takes the defense and says maybe Sonny never really believed in God at all. He accuses Sonny of enjoying having the power to kill people. Meanwhile Julian is followed by a man in dark suit at the Metro Court.

End of show!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It's Time to Pay for Your Crimes

Here's What Happened - 

Carly questions Sonny at their house and asks if he's lying to her about going after Julian. Then Morgan stumbles in smelling of smoke and looking like a mess. Morgan goes to shower and Sonny gets a call that Morgan was expelled from school for cheating. Later Sonny and Carly confront Morgan about what happened. Morgan gets upset, screams that he's not getting better and storms out. After Sonny tells Carly something is off with Morgan. Carly doesn't understand why so Sonny advises they give it a little more time. He promises Carly that Morgan will have a good life. 

Claudette approaches Griffin at The Floating Rib and he asks about the man she's running from. She tells him a story about how she met Valentin Cassadine at a nightclub and was seduced by him, but says then he changed and threatened to kill her and Charlotte if she left him. Then she says she wishes Charlotte was Griffin's child. Meanwhile Nathan tells Maxie at their apartment that Valentin Cassadine is still locked up. Nathan thinks there should be no reason for him not to see his daughter. Maxie cautions him to retest the DNA. Nathan says he will, but Charlotte is innocent and he wants to be there for her. 

Curtis tells Nina at The Metro Court that he's having trouble finding her a baby. Nina says she's okay with it, because she's going to look outside the country for a baby. He's concerned that she's going to go outside the law and says he can't help. Nina gets upset and walks out. She heads over to see Maxie and Nathan and learns about Claudette's daughter. Nathan surprises both Maxie and Nina when he says Charlotte should come live with them. Nina suggests that Charlotte live with her instead. Meanwhile Curtis goes to see Jordan at the PCPD and she thanks him for helping her catch Paul. Curtis asks if she'll give him a job a the PCPD. They end up having a disagreement about their past working together and his previous drug problem. Jordan says she turned him in before for his own good and she doesn't trust him anymore. Curtis swears he's not the same man anymore and walks away. 

Kiki gives Nell some tips at The Metro Court about working for Carly and helps her score concert tickets. Then Michael walks in and tells them that Paul murdered Sabrina. Michael vents to Nell so she tells him to take comfort in the fact that Paul will pay for his crimes. Nearby Kiki leaves a voice message for Dillon and Morgan overhears her. He gets upset and accuses Kiki of ignoring him in favor of Dillon. Kiki tells him that Paul is the hospital killer and that's why she called Dillon. Then Morgan confesses that he got kicked out of school, snaps at Kiki and storms away. Meanwhile Michael tells Nell he plans on getting justice for Sabrina. Nell gets concerned and calls Sonny to tell him. 

Ava goes looking for Scott at The Floating Rib and demands to know if he'll represent Paul. Scotty is reluctant, but says he will. Meanwhile Jordan visits Paul in his jail cell and scolds him for being such a psycho killer. Then Ava and Scotty show up to talk with him. Paul says he doesn't need Scotty, because he plans on representing himself. Scotty says he has a fool for a client. Ava asks to speak with Paul alone and pleads with him for her flash drive. Paul thinks paying for his crimes will be good for him and says maybe it would be good for Ava if she paid for hers. At the end Jordan returns and Paul says he has something to tell her. 

End of show!

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Drop the Syringe!

Monday's Recap - 

At The Floating Rib, Dr. Finn tells Hayden he's got to sneak into GH to help a patient. Hayden decides she wants to go with him. Later at the hospital they sneak into the lab and overhear Lucy showing around a prospective buyer from the hospital board and saying that she didn't realize GH was for sale. The potential buyer says GH might be turned into condos. Lucy gets upset and claims GH is a family. The board member says GH will move to a different building. However Hayden and Finn overhear and think if the sale of GH goes through the hospital is done for. 

Ava lectures Kiki at The Metro Court about her troubles with Morgan. Franco overhears Ava saying that Morgan is mentally ill and tells Ava to back off. Ava leaves and after Franco tries to talk to Kiki about her relationship with Morgan. Kiki ends up telling Franco about how she feels like she's walking around on eggshells with Morgan. She worries that he'll never be able to meet her needs. After they talk about Franco's relationship with Elizabeth. Franco tells her that Liz is good, but Heather thought he was the hospital killer and may have done something to protect him. 

Ava goes back to her apartment and researches the dangers of not taking medication for mental illness. Then Scotty knocks on the door and plays Ava his new rap recording to attract new business. After he goes on to say he heard at the PCPD that Paul is the hospital killer. Ava pretends to be surprised, but then pleads with Scotty to defend Paul. She ends up telling Scotty that she knew Paul was the killer and needs Scotty to help her keep Paul quiet. She cries about the flash drive (my goodness that flash drive has been around for ages, hasn't it?) Then she admits to messing with Morgan's medication and fears it will effect Kiki negatively. Scotty thinks Morgan could end up hurting someone and scolds Ava. 

Morgan goes to Andre's apartment for a therapy session. He tells Andre about his recent violent outbursts and his concerns about his relationship with Kiki. Morgan also tells Andre about cheating on his paper for school and worries Kiki will dump him if she finds out. Andre suggests that he admit his mistakes to everyone and face the music. Morgan humbly agrees and says he'll start with Kiki. Then Morgan leaves to meet up with Kiki, but learns she has to work a double shift. After Morgan inquires about joining a poker game. 

Dillon and Anna burst into Paul's room just in time to stop him from injecting Tracy with a lethal syringe. Dillon screams at Paul for his actions and says Susan would never approve of his killing spree. Paul tries explain his behavior, but Dillon won't listen, unties Tracy and dares Paul to kill him instead. Paul yells at Anna while she holds a gun to him asking why she brought Dillon with her. Anna doesn't want to hear it and orders him to put the syringe down or she'll shoot. Paul tries to inject himself, but Anna attacks him and Tracy grabs for the needle. Anna handcuffs Paul and Dillon says he'll take care of Susan. At the end, Tracy hugs Dillon as Anna takes Paul out to the police cruiser. 

End of show!

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