Monday, September 19, 2016

The Witness

Monday's Recap - 

Nathan surprises Maxie at Crimson when he shows up for a meeting with Nina. Maxie can't find her wedding binder so Nina tells them that she took the binder, because she wants to cover their wedding for the magazine. Maxie and Nathan aren't crazy about the idea. Then Spinelli shows up and tells Maxie in private that he couldn't find anything on Claudette. He thinks she was erased from the internet. In Nina's office, Nathan questions Nina about her efforts to get a baby. She says she's given up on actively looking for a baby, but won't give one back if it lands on her doorstep. 

Griffin meets Claudette at Kelly's, but quickly get annoyed by her attitude. He demands to know her agenda with Nathan. She realizes that he's asking for Maxie and thinks Griffin just wants to ease his guilt. She wants to get back together with him, but Griffin is adamant that they can't be a couple. He advises her to leave town. At the end Claudette calls Nathan and says she needs to speak with him. 

Michael pushes Carly away at The Metro Court when she tries to console him about Sabrina. He rants at Carly saying she must be relieved, but Nell jumps to Carly's defense. Michael ends up storming off and picks up baby Teddy. He takes Teddy to the park to tell him that Sabrina is dead. Nell sees him and they end up talking. After Michael promises Teddy that his mother will always be with him, because love doesn't die. At the end, Nell goes back to The Metro Court meanwhile Sonny finds Michael at the park and tries to comfort him.

Alexis passes out in Julian's arms after she steps off the witness stand at the courthouse. Sam takes Alexis outside for some air. Sonny tells Paul to put him on stand instead. Paul is reluctant, but complies. Then Sonny gets on the stand and says he saw Julian trying to kill Alexis so he had to stab him. Scotty questions Sonny and makes it looks like the only one who was hurt was Julian. After Paul calls Sabrina to the stand. However Carly shows up to say Sabrina is dead. Alexis wants to go back on the stand, but Paul rests the case, as does Scotty. Both lawyers give their closing statements and the jury steps down. In anger, Sam slaps Julian across the face. Paul tells Alexis that Julian's fate is in the jury's hands now. 

End of show!

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