Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Verdict Is In

You're going to owe me one!
Tuesday's Recap - 

Nathan goes to see Claudette at her hotel room. She tells that she's hiding from a bad guy she was involved with who is now tracking her from prison. She claims she came to town hoping to rekindle things with him so he could save her. Claudette swears she didn't know Griffin was in Port Charles, but says seeing him brought all her feelings for him rushing back. Nathan says he's not going to offer his help, because she almost ruined his life before. He advises her to talk to the police. At the end, Claudette begs him saying she needs his help for her and her daughter. 

Griffin overhears Scotty on the phone at the park talking about Julian's trial. He hears Scotty say Julian will be acquitted. Griffin introduces himself to Scotty as Duke's son and asks what happened. Scotty advises him to ask something else, because he's representing Julian. Later Scotty gets a message that the verdict is in. Meanwhile Alexis drinks coffee at The Metro Court and tries to calm her nerves. However Olivia storms over to her and accuses her of being drunk on the stand. Alexis tells her that she doesn't know what happened and says it was like an out of body experience. Olivia gets very upset and rants about how awful Julian is. 

Ava visits Julian in his jail cell while he waits to hear the jury's verdict. She tells him to stay positive and they talk about Alexis. He suspects that Ava knows something that he doesn't. He asks what she's up to. Ava responds that he's going to owe her one. Julian asks what she did on his behalf. Ava acts coy and says, "quid pro quo." Julian worries that Sabrina's death will effect the verdict negatively for him and he says he wishes he never told his secrets to Alexis. 

Sonny talks to Carly at the hotel about Michael. Sonny feels he's to blame for Sabrina, because he should have gotten involved in the hospital murders. Carly is scared that if Julian goes free and Sonny gets involved, it will come back to harm them. She asks him to promise to stay away from Julian no matter what happens. Then Sonny gets a text that the verdict is in. 

Dillon finds Paul alone at the courthouse. Paul is down and says he's done something very bad. Dillon asks what he means so Paul says Julian might go free because of him. Then Dillon brings up Sabrina's death and tells Paul that Monica is closing the hospital. Dillon tries to show some support toward Paul and Paul ends up apologizing to Dillon for being a crappy father. Right then Paul also gets a message that the verdict is in.

Later Scotty and Griffin make their way to the courthouse, as does Alexis and Olivia. Ava is there and gives Alexis some grief over her testimony. Olivia calls her a bitch. Then Sonny and Carly arrive as well. The judge comes in and reads a verdict of not guilty on all counts. Olivia has an outburst, Alexis bursts into tears and Sonny stares at Julian with contempt. Alexis steps out of the courthouse hysterical. After Scotty and Ava congratulate Julian and Scotty gives Paul a dig saying he put up a good fight. Paul walks out somberly and Dillon tries to console him. Paul says he needs to be alone. 

Meanwhile Alexis heads over to The Metro Court for a martini and recounts what happened with her testimony out loud to herself. Over at the park, Ava finds Paul alone and thanks him for fixing the trial. She also warns him if anything happens to her the police will learn who he really is. She asks him why he's killing people, but Paul says she wouldn't understand. He does say that he understands her commitment to family. Ava advises him to stop killing and get out of town. Over at the hospital chapel, Griffin says a prayer of mercy for the people that hurt his father. Back at courthouse, Julian goes free and Sonny seethes that he will see Julian in hell. 

End of show!

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