Monday, September 26, 2016

The New Me

No more drinking!
Monday's Recap - 

Nina goes to Crimson and finds Julian waiting there. He tells her that he wants her put him on the cover of the magazine and help reform his image. However Nina strongly refuses. He threatens to cut her funding if she doesn't comply with his wishes. Nina reminds him that she has proof that he tried to destroy the magazine before. Julian laughs her off and walks out. 

Kiki and Morgan talk about Michael and them not attending Sabrina's funeral at The Metro Court. Then Kiki runs into Dillon after Morgan leaves. Dillon tells Kiki she's pretty close to perfect and Michael would probably appreciate her support during his time of loss. Kiki decides to leave a message on Sabrina's memorial page. 

At Kelly's, Jason and Sonny talk about Michael and then Julian. Sonny says Julian threatened him and Carly wants him to leave it alone. Jason says he can't be involved, but something has to be done about Julian. After Sonny runs into Morgan outside of Kelly's and asks why he didn't go to Sabrina funeral. He's worried that Morgan is going to burn himself out, but Morgan thinks Sonny should worry about other people more right now. Back inside, Sam joins Jason and they talk about Julian. Jason tells Sam he won't get involved no matter what Sonny does. 

Paul tells Tracy at the church that he killed Sabrina. However Tracy thinks Paul is just blaming himself for not catching the killer. Later when he's alone Paul talks to Sabrina's picture and tells her she didn't die in vein. Over at the Q's, Tracy and Dillon talk about Paul. Tracy says Paul is acting strangely over Sabrina's death. Dillon also thinks Paul is acting off. Tracy thinks Paul must feel like Sabrina reminds him of Susan and suggests that Dillon try to contact her. Meanwhile we see that Paul is trying to reach Susan.

Nell tells Michael that she set up a memorial web page for Sabrina at the Quartermaine's. She tells him that she had a friend that died when she was in high school due to a drunk driver. Later Sonny stops by to see Michael. Sonny offers him comfort, but Nell interrupts them. In private she ends up telling Sonny that he's really good dad. 

Alexis has a nightmare about Julian at her house. Then we see that she has a bunch of empty wine bottles on her coffee table. Sam stops over and gets concerned about her drinking. Alexis gets defensive and says this is the "new me" after everything she's been through. Sam gets upset so Alexis says she won't drink again until Sam's baby is born. Alexis says she's going to focus on getting a job. Sam leaves and Alexis makes a series of calls for work without success so she ends up taking a bath and drinks more. At the end, Alexis finds Julian waiting in her living room.

End of show!

Have a great night!

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