Friday, September 9, 2016

Sister Act

Friday's Recap - 

Carly finds Morgan napping at Sonny's on the couch. She wakes him up, because he's late for work. Upon waking Morgan acts weird so Carly tries to understand what's going on with him. Then Nell rings the doorbell so Morgan leaves them alone. In private, Carly tells Nell she should work for her. Nell turns her down, because she thinks Carly is just giving her charity. However Carly insists she consider the position and leaves to let Nell think about it. After Morgan returns so Nell tells him that Carly offered her a job. She passionately talks about going to school to be a teacher and worries the job will interfere with that. Morgan thinks Nell should take the job so when Carly returns Nell accepts the offer. Later Morgan tells Carly he's enrolling in college. Carly is confused so Morgan explains that Nell inspired him. His enthusiasm concerns Carly. 

Sonny meets Griffin at The Floating Rib to talk about Julian's conviction. Griffin wants Sonny's opinion on how likely it is that he'll be sent to jail. Sonny tells him that Alexis is struggling and might crack under the pressure. Griffin gets frustrated. Sonny ends up telling him a little about Duke and how he died. He says Duke would give Alexis the benefit of the doubt and so should he. Griffin says he'll take Sonny's advice. Later Robert walks in and says Anna wanted him to talk to them. They all sit down and Robert tells Griffin that Anna doesn't want to him think she abandoned him. He also tells Sonny that he was very helpful to the investigation and he appreciates it. Then they all toast to getting justice for Duke. 

At the coffee shop, Lulu tells Dante and Robert that she wants to return to Cassadine Island to look for her embryo. Dante thinks its a bad idea, but Lulu says she thinks Daphne (the woman from the island) might know something. Robert checks the address that Daphne gave to her on the island and tells them there is no trace of someone named Daphne or the address she said she lived at. At the end, Lulu is determined to find Daphne and learn what she knows. 

Finn shows Curtis a picture on Liz's phone of her potential attacker at GH. Finn says it's definitely a man, which clears Hayden. Curtis thinks they need to be careful with the photo so he calls Jordan. Meanwhile Paul and Jordan talk about Hayden at PCPD. He's anxious for Hayden to be processed and tells Jordan to do her job. Later Finn and Curtis bring the picture to Jordan, which show a man's legs and shoes. 

Franco tells Hayden in the interrogation room that there is something about Liz that she doesn't know. He says she and Liz have the same rare blood type. Hayden is suspicious, but agrees to donate her blood. Franco wants to help her escape to get to the hospital asap, but then Jordan walks in with Curtis and Finn. Franco takes Finn aside, tells him that Hayden is a match for Liz and asks him to help. Back in the interogation room, Paul walks in demanding to know what's going on. Jordan shows him the picture of the shoes. He passionately dismisses it and insists that Hayden be charged. Finn tells them that Hayden is needed at the hospital to help Liz so Paul allows her to be transferred to the hospital. 

Once alone, Jordan and Curtis tell Paul they think the picture can identify the real killer. Paul is reluctant and lobbies to prosecute Hayden. However, Jordan convinces him to release her. Paul tells Jordan they have to proceed carefully going forward and he wants to oversee everything. Jordan gets suspicious of him. Meanwhile at the hospital, Hayden demands to know how Franco knew she was a match for Liz. Then Finn walks in and tells Hayden the charges have been dropped against her. After Hayden tells Franco she'll only give her blood if he gives her something first. 

End of show!

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