Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ruptured Spleen

Here's What Happened - 

Sonny, Carly, Spinelli, Jason and Sam continue to celebrate Sam being pregnant at Sonny's place. Sam says she's glad that the news of the baby came out and they're all friends now. Then Jason gets a call from Franco telling him about Liz's condition. Jason takes off to investigate and Spinelli takes Sam out for ribs. Once alone, Carly thinks Sam is probably upset that Jason got a call about Liz on their wedding day. Later at The Floating Rib, Spinelli asks Sam if she wants to vent to him about Jason going to check on Liz. Sam says she's accepted that Liz is a part of their lives. Sam then thanks Spinelli for coming to the wedding and he says he's never seen her so happy. Sam says being happy always made her nervous before, but now she has fate that joy can last. 

Ava watches Kiki and Morgan chatting at the coffee shop. Morgan gets a package of what he thinks is coffee hats, but instead of saying "Perks" the hats say, "Pecks". He assumes that he messed up, but Kiki says there was just a mistake made and she'll return them for him. Kiki thinks he seems off. Morgan says he woke up feeling weird. Later Ava tells Morgan's boss that his co-worker, Morgan, seems like a downer. 

Tracy finds Dillon at the park taking pictures of the "light" and calls him an artist. She notices that Dillon seems down and she wonders if it's because of his STI. Dillon says he's fine now so Tracy guesses that he's upset about Kiki. He says he wanted to date Kiki, but realizes Morgan was always a potential problem. Tracy advises him to fight for Kiki. Later Kiki runs into Dillon and he tells her about his conversation with Tracy. Dillon says despite Tracy's advise, he's accepted that Kiki loves Morgan. Dillon wishes good things for her and Kiki ends up giving him a little kiss. Then they say goodbye. 

Morgan goes to Sonny's house and talks to Carly. She notices that he seems quiet so he tells her about the hat incident at work. Carly worries that he's off, but Morgan grabs his pills and says he just needs to get used to the meds. Meanwhile Sonny goes to see Morgan at the coffee shop and finds Ava there instead. He calls her out for spying on Morgan and says he's not going to let her hurt Morgan. Sonny reminds Ava that if she hurts Morgan or anyone he loves, he will retaliate. Kiki returns, sees Ava and Sonny chatting and asks what's going on. Sonny tells her to ask Ava and leaves. Once alone, Ava swears she wasn't trying to cause trouble and that she won't say anything else about Kiki's relationship with Morgan going forward.  

At GH, Liz passes out while Franco is trying to tell her that Hayden is her sister. Griffin comes in and calls a cold blue saying her spleen ruptured. Liz is rushed into surgery. Griffin advises Franco to pray for Liz and notify her family. Later Jason comes to the hospital and Franco tells him about Liz being pushed down the steps. Then Griffin tells Franco and Jason that he hopes to repair Liz's spleen. Franco advises Jason to tell Jake right away, but Jason gets annoyed by his interference. However Jason goes to the park and makes arrangements for Jake to meet him there. Meanwhile back at GH, Griffin tells Franco that Liz has some serious problems. 

End of show!

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