Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Please Don't Kill Me

Wednesday's Recap - 

Carly and Sonny arrive at the courthouse. Sonny is skeptical that Julian is going to prison, but Carly is insistent that he's going to get what he deserves. Meanwhile in his jail cell, Julian prepares for his day in court. Sonny pays him a visit and demands to know if Julian is going to plead guilty. Sonny says Julian should spare Alexis the pain of having to take the stand if he really loves her. Julian seems to be effected by his words. After Scotty arrives and Julian tells him he wants to plead guilty. Scotty doesn't like what he hears, but Julian orders him to go make a deal. 

Alexis and Diane arrive at the courthouse for Julian's trial. Alexis hopes she can send Julian away for life. Diane tries to calm Alexis' nerves before everyone else arrives. Alexis says the fact that she was married to Julian sickens her. Diane orders her to stay calm and detached during her testimony. Alexis swears that she's ready to send him to prison. Later Sonny arrives and tells Alexis about his talk with Julian. Meanwhile Scotty goes to the courthouse and gets a piece of evidence that impresses him. Then he takes the information to Julian saying he's not going to make any deal and Julian will thank him for it. 

Tracy talks to Finn at The Metro Court about keeping the hospital open. She wants him to speak to the boar,. Dr. Finn thinks he and board don't mix. However he agrees to help on Tracy's behalf. Then Michael walks in looking for Sabrina. Tracy asks what his intentions are for a future with Sabrina and Teddy. Michael says he plans on asking Sabrina to marry him and shows them an engagement ring. Carly happens to see and says, "hell no!" Michael tells Carly it's his choice, not hers. Tracy turns and gives Carly a piece of her mind. She reminds Carly of her many marriages. Later Carly talks to Michael alone and questions the love he shares with Sabrina. Michael gets upset, but Carly says Sabrina has proven she doesn't love him with her actions with Carlos. She asks Michael to give things with Sabrina a little more time. However Michael doesn't want to hear it, says he's popping the question tonight and decides to send Sabrina text message.

In Liz's hospital room, Franco stops Hayden and Liz from arguing by telling them they're sisters. The girls don't believe him so Franco tells them about the affair between Naomi and Jeff Webber. He explains that he learned all of this from Heather and Naomi confirmed it. At first the girls don't believe it, but Franco reminds them about the rare blood type they share. Hayden gets upset because she gave Liz blood and Liz turned her diamonds into the police. Franco explains to Liz that they found a picture of men's shoes behind her so Hayden didn't push her. Then Nathan calls to speak with Liz and tells her that Sabrina already gave him the diamonds. Liz apologizes to Hayden, but Hayden doesn't want to hear it and storms off. In private, Liz feels bad for turning Hayden's diamonds in and wonders who wanted to kill her. Franco promises to look out for her. Outside Hayden runs into Dr. Finn and tells him about the police having her diamonds. She asks him to help her run away, but he refuses. He advises her to get a lawyer and fight. He promises to help her if she stays. Right then the FBI arrives to arrest Hayden. 

Paul attacks Monica in her office with a syringe. Monica passes out and Paul goes to leave. As he does so, Sabrina walks up on him and finds Monica passed out. Sabrina tries to save Monica with CPR and orders Paul to get a crash team. Sabrina manages to get a heart beat from Monica and calls for a crash team herself when Paul doesn't come back right away. A team arrives shortly after and manage to save Monica. They find the syringe mark and Sabrina wonders if it's for the drug the killer's been using. Sabrina heads off to investigate further and then Tracy arrives and sees Monica's condition.

Meanwhile Sabrina finds Paul and questions him for not getting help for Monica. She notices a rubber glove stuck in his jacket, which sets off alarm bells. Sabrina tries to get away from him, but Paul grabs her and drags her into one of exam rooms. Sabrina pleads and fights for her life, but Paul overpowers her. The next thing we see Paul arrives at the courthouse. At the end, we see Sabrina lying, apparently dead, with her phone next her and a text from Michael on it saying he loves her. 

End of show!

Good stuff on GH this week. I've been enjoying the hospital killer story, how about you?

Have a great night!


  1. Its overtime drive. Bring curtain down on Paul Hornsby for all the killing. Free Hayden. Time for Nikolas to come back. Ava Jerome need to be punished alone brother Julian. Too long overdue. Spinelli go to your save drive and rewinding the tape about Ava confessing to killing Connie.

  2. Have just found out that GH is not welcoming Tyler Christopher back in the role of Prince Nikolas Cassadine. This is it, I have watched GH for over 40 years and I am not tuning back in. Tyler is on of their best actors and has been with the show for almost 20 years but I have all these newbies who I care nothing about on my tv screen. GH wake up you are loosing long time viewers and fans by your disrespectful treatment of seasoned veterans of the show. My friends and I will not be watching GH we are done!!!! Bring the original Prince Nikolas (aka Tyler Christopher) back or we are done permanently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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