Monday, September 12, 2016

Let's Chill Out

Davis girl time!
Here's What Happened - 

At Alexis' house, she practices her testimony with Molly. Alexis thanks Molly for standing by her and Molly hopes Alexis can end the Julian chapter of her life soon. Molly runs down the case with her to make sure Alexis has all the details correct. Meanwhile Sam and Jason chat at Perks in their wedding clothes. Sam guesses that he wants to go check on Liz. He assures her that she's his number one priority, but does decide to go to the hospital. Later Sam goes to Alexis' house saying she wanted to check on Alexis. Sam suggests they chill out, order food and watch a movie. They end up telling Molly that Sam is pregnant. Molly and Alexis promise Sam they won't let Julian near the baby. Later Alexis tells the girls that Julian is haunting her mind.

Michael goes to GH to see Sabrina. She's ecstatic and tells him she got her job back. Michael is worried that the hospital isn't safe for her to work at. Tracy overhears him and says the Quartermaine's have always protected the hospital. Sabrina kindly tells him that it's not his decision whether or not she works there. He implores her to wait until the killer is caught, but Sabrina won't budge. Tracy backs Sabrina up so Michael asks to speak with Tracy alone. Tracy explains to Michael that Sabrina needs to take care of herself. Later Paul interrupts and asks Sabrina to go over her testimony with him. 

Hayden tells Franco in the exam room at GH that she wants her diamonds in exchange for donating her blood to Elizabeth. Then Finn comes in to see if she's ready for her blood donation. Franco assures Hayden he'll take care of her request and leaves. Once alone, Hayden worries about Finn's health. Then nurse Amy comes in to start the blood transfusion. After she leaves, Finn waits with Hayden. Naomi comes rushing in so Finn steps out. He goes to the venting machine, but struggles with feeling like crap. Curtis sees him and asks if he's okay. Finn assures him that he's fine, but Curtis looks unconvinced. 

Franco runs into Jason by the hospital elevators. He tells him that they found a blood match for Liz. Jason asks who the donor is. Franco tells him that Hayden is. Later nurse Amy tells Franco Liz was asking for him in surgery and wanted her to thank him for her. Over at The Metro Court, Finn takes Hayden to his hotel room and she tells him about her deal with Franco. Finn thinks Hayden will do the right thing no matter what. Hayden appreciates his belief in her and she falls asleep. 

Scotty goes to visit Julian in his jail cell. He tells Julian that there is hope for his case, because Paul didn't pick good jurors. Julian thinks he's doomed. Scotty says he's going to destroy Alexis' character. Meanwhile Ava stops by the PCPD and torments Paul about being the hospital killer. He pulls her into the interrogation room where Ava argues that Paul allowed a couple of weak jurors for Julian's trial. Paul pleads with Ava that he's trying to get Julian to get off on double jeopardy. After Ava goes to see Julian and tells him everything will work out. 

End of show!

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