Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Jasam Wedding Day

Today's Recap - 

At Sonny's house, Sam and Jason's wedding begins. Sam walks down the isle and greets all her family along the way until finally getting to Jason. Then Spinelli begins the ceremony. He says that Sam and Jason are soulmates and that it's his honor to reunite them. Sam and Jason decide to "wing" their vows. Sam goes first and tells Jason he made her want to risk falling in love and she will cherish him forever. Then Jason says his vows and says he loves everything about Sam and they fit perfectly together. They exchange rings and Spinelli pronounces them husband and wife. 

After everyone dances at the reception while Alexis drinks alone. Jake and Danny start eating cake so Sam and Jason jump in to feed each other some. Later Alexis gets a little emotional and is clearly buzzed. Sam tells Jason she's loving every moment of their wedding and then Carly makes a wedding toast, although Sam won't take a sip. She and Jason decide to tell everyone that she's pregnant and everyone is thrilled. 

Dr. Finn meets Curtis at The Floating Rib to discuss Hayden. Finn says Hayden is innocent so Curtis says he's not going to sit around and let Hayden get railroaded by the police. Valerie walks in right then and hears him. She takes offense saying the police don't really railroad people and Hayden definitely pushed Liz. Curtis doesn't believe it, despite what the evidence might suggest. Valerie gets a little defensive and thinks Curtis doesn't respect her enough to do her job right. She warns Curtis to stay out of the investigation. Curtis promises her she won't have to worry about him. However after Valerie leaves, Curtis tells Finn that he's "all in" for them investigating Liz's fall together.

At the PCPD, Hayden waits in the interrogation room. Nearby Naomi tries to talk Franco out of telling Liz that her and Hayden are sisters. Then Naomi goes to see Hayden and tells her that she's going to help her. She says Hayden shouldn't say anything until her lawyers get there. Hayden insists that she's innocent and gets emotional thinking that no one will believe her. Naomi swears she believes her and will protect Hayden. 

Ava approaches Paul at the hospital and demands to talk about Julian's trial. She says if Paul doesn't help Julian she's going to reveal that he's the hospital killer. Meanwhile Monica informs Liz in her hospital room that Sam and Jason are getting married today. After Sabrina and Liz talk and Liz says the wedding is a lot to process. Then Liz tells Sabrina that she's dating Franco. Sabrina says she understands because of her relationship with Carlos and won't judge. Then Sabrina notices that Liz's vitals seem off so she leaves to find Monica. 

On her way, Sabrina overhears Ava and Paul talking. After Sabrina has a weird exchange with Paul where he assures her that his talking to Ava isn't a conflict of interest for Julian's trial. Then Monica sees Sabrina and offers to let her rejoin the staff. Sabrina is thrilled. Later Valerie approaches Sabrina and Monica to discuss the killer's syringe. Meanwhile Paul returns to the hospital stairwell and has a flashback of pushing Liz down the steps. Back in Liz's room, Franco stops by for a visit. He's about to tell her that Hayden is her sister when Liz passes out. 

End of show!

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