Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I Killed Them All

Here's What Happened - 

Outside of Kelly's, Morgan struggles to focus on writing his paper for school. Kiki sees him, but he refuses to let her read his paper when she asks. Morgan snaps at her Kiki when she pushes. Kiki ends up apologizing for hovering and then leaves to run errands. Once alone, Morgan decides to buy a college essay off the internet. Later Kiki returns with concert tickets for them and Morgan says she's too good for him. Then Dillon shows up and says there is a website teacher's use to make sure students don't cheat. Morgan gets nervous by that information.

Liz talks to Franco on the phone and he tells her he's visiting his accountant, however he's really seeing Heather at the prison. When he gets off the phone, Heather expresses displeasure about him telling Liz and Hayden that they're sisters. Franco says he had to tell, because of the hospital killer. Heather thinks maybe Franco is the killer. He takes offense and swears he's not the murderer. Then Heather says she can't give him anymore money, she's made too many sacrifices for him already and he should paint full time. 

Hayden stops by Elizabeth's house and gloats that the charges against her have been dropped. Liz apologizes for making trouble with her diamonds. Hayden hands Liz a bill for a lawyer saying she needs Liz to cover her mother's legal fees. Liz says she doesn't have any money so Hayden says they should call their father, Jeff Webber. However Liz refuses and tells Hayden to get a job. Then she kicks Hayden out. Later Franco stops by and Liz tells him about her visit with Hayden. Liz asks why he's helping her so Franco says he'd do anything for her, including being a better person. Later we see Franco tries to get a credit limit increase to help pay for Liz's recovery. Meanwhile Hayden goes to Kelly's and looks for jobs on her tablet. 

Alexis finds Julian waiting for her in the living room. She's tipsy and tells him she won't think twice about killing him. Julian claims that he's haunted by the night he tried to kill her, despite how she betrayed him by wearing a wire. Seeing how angry she is Julian says he will leave, but not before handing her signed divorce papers. Then he asks why she choked at his trial. Julian thinks maybe she choked on purpose, because she still loves him. They end up having an argument and Alexis tells him she hates him. Alexis decides to get a straining order against him. Julian tells her no matter what a court orders says they will always be connected. 

Tracy tells Paul at the Quartermaine's that she thinks he's upset about Susan. Dillon is there and Paul says he's always thinking about all his children. Then Paul says he wants to ask Monica some questions about the man who attacked her. Tracy says all Monica remembers is the killer's cologne. After Paul leaves, Tracy tells Dillon she wants to find Susan. Dillon is hesitant, but places a call to Susan anyway and leaves a message. Later someone calls back and Tracy takes the call. She learns that Susan sold her shop and ended up in a hospital. Meanwhile Paul goes to visit Susan at said hospital for her birthday and we see that Susan's catatonic. Paul tells Susan that he's taken care of all the people who hurt her, including Sloane and Dr. Mays, so she can come back to him now. Paul gets choked up when she won't talk and cries that he killed everyone for her. Unbeknownst to him, Tracy is listening outside the door. 

End of show!

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