Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hair Sample

Here's What Happened - 

Sonny finds Morgan at the park and scolds him for punching Joe. Sonny tells him he needs to exercise self control. Morgan asks how Sonny plans to use self control when he sees Julian. Sonny says it won't be easy, but plays devil's advocate and asks Morgan what he thinks would happen if he goes after Julian. Morgan says someone could get killed and realizes he needs to calm down going forward. However Morgan also says that something has to be done about Julian. 

Carly offers Kiki the night off to hang out with Morgan at The Metro Court. Kiki makes a comment about Ava backing off her relationship with Morgan. Then Kiki takes off and finds Morgan and Sonny together at the park. Sonny leaves and heads over to The Metro Court to see Carly. She asks him about Morgan. Sonny tells her that he talked to Morgan. Sonny also tells Carly he's taking what she said about not retaliating against Julian to heart. 

At the Q's, Michael and Tracy try to decide what picture to put on Sabrina's casket with Griffin. They decide to bury Sabrina with Gabriel. Tracy says she already wrote an obituary. Later Griffin tells Michael all he has to do now is grieve. Meanwhile Paul sneaks into the Quartermaine's with one of his syringes. Tracy sees him going up the stairs and tells him he's not allowed to visit Monica. Paul claims he wanted to question Monica about her attacker. Then Carly and Sonny knock on the door. Sonny gives Michael money to donate in Sabrina's name, but Michael just ends up snapping at Carly. Sonny and Carly leave and in private Griffin advises Michael not to hold onto anger toward his mother. After Tracy talks to Paul about the hospital killings, but he sees pictures of Sabrina and loses focus. Tracy asks what's wrong so Paul claims he's distracted because of work. 

Claudette calls Griffin to come over from her hotel room, but he flatly refuses. After she calls Dr. Obrecht over. When Dr. O arrives Claudette tells her about her daughter. Meanwhile Nathan tells Maxie about him supposedly being the father of Claudette kid at The Metro Court. Maxie doesn't think the kid is really his and says they need a DNA test. They head over to Claudette's room and find Dr. Obrecht in tears after seeing videos of her granddaughter. Maxie can't believe Dr. O is believing anything Claudette says, but Dr. O says Claudette should know better than to cross her. Maxie insists Claudette is lying and they need to run a test. Claudette offers a lock of hair from her daughter from a locket for them to test. 

Ava and Julian go to Kelly's, but when Ava sees Paul there she wants to leave. Paul tells Julian the police are closing in on a suspect for the hospital murders and orders Julian to stay out of trouble. Then Paul walks out and Ava follows him. He yells at her to keep her brother on a lease. Ava yells back that they're destruction will be mutual. However Paul says he'll send her to hell and walks away in a huff. After Ava goes back to Julian inside Kelly's and Julian grills her about her relationship with Paul. Then Julian makes a comment about trying to get Alexis back. Ava thinks he's nuts. Morgan and Kiki walk in, Julian gloats to Morgan so Morgan ends up roughing Julian up. Kiki drags Morgan outside and scolds him for his behavior. Ava takes Julian over to The Metro Court. Carly and Sonny show up and Julian tells them to get control over Morgan. Julian tries to push Sonny's buttons and they argue. At the end, Sonny yells to Carly that she was right and, "This has to stop!"

End of show!

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