Thursday, September 1, 2016

Carlos Caused A Lot Of Trouble

Today's Show - 

At The Floating Rib, Sonny talks with one of his associates about ensuring that Julian goes to prison. Nearby Michael and Sabrina bring baby Teddy there. Sonny's associate leaves and after Michael and Sabrina chat with Sonny. Then Joe walks in and Sabrina introduces Sonny to him. Joe tells Sonny that he loved Carlos, but understands that he needed to pay for his crimes. Then in private, Joe asks Sabrina if he can spend more time with Teddy. She says yes, but also tells him their romantic past is over. Nearby Sonny senses that Michael is worried about Joe and advises him to separate Joe from Carlos. Later Sonny tells Joe in private that Carlos caused a lot of trouble in Port Charles and he better not make the same mistakes. Meanwhile Sabrina assures Michael that she loves him and wants a future with him. Michael says he wants the same thing and forgives her for the past. 

Liz tells Franco in her hospital room that Hayden tried to kill her. Jordan happens to overhear her and asks Liz to give her a statement. Liz ends up telling Jordan that Hayden pushed her. Jordan thinks it's odd that Hayden came walking back down to check on Liz if she was the one who pushed her. Franco thinks Hayden just wanted to make sure she got the job done. Then one of the other nurse's comes in and says she saw Hayden slap Liz before she fell. Jordan decides to investigate further. Later Griffin comes in and tells Liz that she has a mild concussion and a spline rupture. Franco decides to leave a message for Jason about Liz. After he decides to sleep next to Liz for the night and they hold hands. 

Sam and Jason check into The Metro Court to spend some alone time before their wedding. Sam wants to eat so Jason orders her some surprise food. When the food comes, Sam is excited to learn that it's from Noodle Buddha. Then Jason reminds her that it's also the five year anniversary of their first wedding. Later Jason dodges a call from Franco and after he and Sam hit the sheets. At the end, they open up fortune cookies and find one that says they will live happily ever after. 

Carly and Nell talk about Avery at Sonny's house. Then Bobby stops by and meets Nell. Carly tells Bobby that Nell is Jocelyn's kidney donor so Bobby hugs her. In private, Bobby offers to be Avery's nanny instead of Nell. Later Nell offers to stick around to help, but Carly tells her she's got Bobby now. Nell briefly talks about how hard it will be to find a new job. Sonny comes home and is happy to see Nell leaving and to learn that Bobby will be watching Avery. Carly tells Sonny she feels bad for Nell, because she doesn't have a job to go back to. Sonny tells her it's not her responsibility. Carly calls Nell anyway and says she has some ideas about her job hunt. 

Hayden thanks Dr. Finn in the hospital locker room for believing that she didn't push Liz down the stairs. He admits that he cares about her. Hayden says it's bad timing, because she has to leave town. He offers to take her to get her bags. Later they go to the coffee shop to say goodbye. Hayden spikes their coffee with whiskey and Finn asks where she's heading off to. Hayden says she can't tell him, because it will compromise him. Finn says he wishes she wouldn't leave and they kiss. At the end, Jordan finds them and arrests Hayden for pushing Liz. 

End of show!

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