Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bye Bye Sabrina

Poor baby Teddy!
Here's What Happened - 

Julian prepares to leave for court in his jail cell when Scotty shows up to tell him he's got a better deal for him than pleading guilty. Meanwhile at the courthouse, Alexis thanks Sonny for trying to reason with Julian. However she thinks it won't make a difference. Then Paul walks in flustered, followed by Sam who comes to support Alexis. Then Ava strolls in and makes a scene with Paul to make it look like they're on opposites sides. Later Julian arrives and Alexis makes nervous. 

The trial begins and Paul gives his opening statement. Scotty requests a meeting in chambers. Instead the judge calls for a recess. In private, Scotty reveals the warrant for Julian's wire tap was issued for the wrong address, thus make all that evidence inadmissible. The judge reviews it and decides the evidence is indeed inadmissible. In light of that Scotty lobbies for the entire case to be thrown out for insufficient evidence. However Paul says he can proceed so the judge resumes the trial. At the end, Paul calls Alexis to the stand.

Lulu and Dante talk about Daphne and Cassadine Island at The Metro Court. Dante thinks their embryo was likely destroyed, but Lulu thinks there is more to it. Dante is worried that Lulu is going to get hurt if she proceeds. He also says that if the embryo is viable she'd be having Stavros' child. Lulu says it's also her DNA and what happened isn't the baby's fault. Then Kevin walks in and asks to talk to Lulu alone about Laura. He tells her that he messed up with Laura, but wants to make it up to her. Then Dante gets called on police business so Lulu uses the alone time with Kevin to talk about Daphne and the mysterious address. Kevin warns Lulu that searching for her embryo could create a lot of problems in her marriage. Lulu agrees it will be complicated, but says she and Dante talked about it. Lulu says she needs to find out and then she'll decide what to do. 

Michael heads to the hospital with his engagement ring for Sabrina. He bumps into Jason and tells him about his plans to propose. Jason advises him to proceed despite what Carly said to him. After Michael goes looking for Sabrina and runs into Felix. Michael ends up telling Felix about his marriage plans so Felix tells him to go for it. Then they go into one of the exam rooms and find Sabrina laying on the floor. Later a crash team tries to revive her, but without success and Sabrina is pronounced dead. Then Dante arrives on the scene to investigate. Michael gives him a statement and asks to see Sabrina one last time. Once alone with her, he says a tearful goodbye.

Tracy tries to insult Monica in order to inspire her to wake up from her coma in her hospital room. Meanwhile Jason learns from one of the doctor's in the hallway that Monica was attacked. He heads to Monica's room and asks Tracy what they should do. Tracy says they just have to wait. Later Jason sits with Monica and talks to her. He brings up his accident years ago and says now he understands why she pushed him so hard back then. He thanks her for loving him. Jason pleads with her to stick around for him and his kids. Monica ends up opening her eyes. Out in the hallway, Tracy learns that Sabrina died. She watches as Michael puts the engagement ring on her finger and tells Sabrina he loves her. 

End of show!

It has been a rough week for GH fans. While I think the show has improved a bit as far surprising me with some good twists, learning that Tyler Christopher won't be returning to GH really disappointed me. Also Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) is out and Bryan Craig (Morgan) is apparently quitting the show as well, although that hasn't been confirmed yet. As if the show hasn't been choppy enough over the years, I fear all these last minute rewrites and changes will drag GH further down the rabbit hole. I guess we'll have to see what happens. How do you feel about what's going on with GH?

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  1. I don't like the changes. I'm glad Tyler Christopher isn't coming back, but the Sabrina should stay
    She is a wonderful actress worthy of some understanding.

  2. I don't like the changes. I'm glad Tyler Christopher isn't coming back, but the Sabrina should stay
    She is a wonderful actress worthy of some understanding.


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