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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I Killed Them All

Here's What Happened - 

Outside of Kelly's, Morgan struggles to focus on writing his paper for school. Kiki sees him, but he refuses to let her read his paper when she asks. Morgan snaps at her Kiki when she pushes. Kiki ends up apologizing for hovering and then leaves to run errands. Once alone, Morgan decides to buy a college essay off the internet. Later Kiki returns with concert tickets for them and Morgan says she's too good for him. Then Dillon shows up and says there is a website teacher's use to make sure students don't cheat. Morgan gets nervous by that information.

Liz talks to Franco on the phone and he tells her he's visiting his accountant, however he's really seeing Heather at the prison. When he gets off the phone, Heather expresses displeasure about him telling Liz and Hayden that they're sisters. Franco says he had to tell, because of the hospital killer. Heather thinks maybe Franco is the killer. He takes offense and swears he's not the murderer. Then Heather says she can't give him anymore money, she's made too many sacrifices for him already and he should paint full time. 

Hayden stops by Elizabeth's house and gloats that the charges against her have been dropped. Liz apologizes for making trouble with her diamonds. Hayden hands Liz a bill for a lawyer saying she needs Liz to cover her mother's legal fees. Liz says she doesn't have any money so Hayden says they should call their father, Jeff Webber. However Liz refuses and tells Hayden to get a job. Then she kicks Hayden out. Later Franco stops by and Liz tells him about her visit with Hayden. Liz asks why he's helping her so Franco says he'd do anything for her, including being a better person. Later we see Franco tries to get a credit limit increase to help pay for Liz's recovery. Meanwhile Hayden goes to Kelly's and looks for jobs on her tablet. 

Alexis finds Julian waiting for her in the living room. She's tipsy and tells him she won't think twice about killing him. Julian claims that he's haunted by the night he tried to kill her, despite how she betrayed him by wearing a wire. Seeing how angry she is Julian says he will leave, but not before handing her signed divorce papers. Then he asks why she choked at his trial. Julian thinks maybe she choked on purpose, because she still loves him. They end up having an argument and Alexis tells him she hates him. Alexis decides to get a straining order against him. Julian tells her no matter what a court orders says they will always be connected. 

Tracy tells Paul at the Quartermaine's that she thinks he's upset about Susan. Dillon is there and Paul says he's always thinking about all his children. Then Paul says he wants to ask Monica some questions about the man who attacked her. Tracy says all Monica remembers is the killer's cologne. After Paul leaves, Tracy tells Dillon she wants to find Susan. Dillon is hesitant, but places a call to Susan anyway and leaves a message. Later someone calls back and Tracy takes the call. She learns that Susan sold her shop and ended up in a hospital. Meanwhile Paul goes to visit Susan at said hospital for her birthday and we see that Susan's catatonic. Paul tells Susan that he's taken care of all the people who hurt her, including Sloane and Dr. Mays, so she can come back to him now. Paul gets choked up when she won't talk and cries that he killed everyone for her. Unbeknownst to him, Tracy is listening outside the door. 

End of show!

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Monday, September 26, 2016

The New Me

No more drinking!
Monday's Recap - 

Nina goes to Crimson and finds Julian waiting there. He tells her that he wants her put him on the cover of the magazine and help reform his image. However Nina strongly refuses. He threatens to cut her funding if she doesn't comply with his wishes. Nina reminds him that she has proof that he tried to destroy the magazine before. Julian laughs her off and walks out. 

Kiki and Morgan talk about Michael and them not attending Sabrina's funeral at The Metro Court. Then Kiki runs into Dillon after Morgan leaves. Dillon tells Kiki she's pretty close to perfect and Michael would probably appreciate her support during his time of loss. Kiki decides to leave a message on Sabrina's memorial page. 

At Kelly's, Jason and Sonny talk about Michael and then Julian. Sonny says Julian threatened him and Carly wants him to leave it alone. Jason says he can't be involved, but something has to be done about Julian. After Sonny runs into Morgan outside of Kelly's and asks why he didn't go to Sabrina funeral. He's worried that Morgan is going to burn himself out, but Morgan thinks Sonny should worry about other people more right now. Back inside, Sam joins Jason and they talk about Julian. Jason tells Sam he won't get involved no matter what Sonny does. 

Paul tells Tracy at the church that he killed Sabrina. However Tracy thinks Paul is just blaming himself for not catching the killer. Later when he's alone Paul talks to Sabrina's picture and tells her she didn't die in vein. Over at the Q's, Tracy and Dillon talk about Paul. Tracy says Paul is acting strangely over Sabrina's death. Dillon also thinks Paul is acting off. Tracy thinks Paul must feel like Sabrina reminds him of Susan and suggests that Dillon try to contact her. Meanwhile we see that Paul is trying to reach Susan.

Nell tells Michael that she set up a memorial web page for Sabrina at the Quartermaine's. She tells him that she had a friend that died when she was in high school due to a drunk driver. Later Sonny stops by to see Michael. Sonny offers him comfort, but Nell interrupts them. In private she ends up telling Sonny that he's really good dad. 

Alexis has a nightmare about Julian at her house. Then we see that she has a bunch of empty wine bottles on her coffee table. Sam stops over and gets concerned about her drinking. Alexis gets defensive and says this is the "new me" after everything she's been through. Sam gets upset so Alexis says she won't drink again until Sam's baby is born. Alexis says she's going to focus on getting a job. Sam leaves and Alexis makes a series of calls for work without success so she ends up taking a bath and drinks more. At the end, Alexis finds Julian waiting in her living room.

End of show!

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hair Sample

Here's What Happened - 

Sonny finds Morgan at the park and scolds him for punching Joe. Sonny tells him he needs to exercise self control. Morgan asks how Sonny plans to use self control when he sees Julian. Sonny says it won't be easy, but plays devil's advocate and asks Morgan what he thinks would happen if he goes after Julian. Morgan says someone could get killed and realizes he needs to calm down going forward. However Morgan also says that something has to be done about Julian. 

Carly offers Kiki the night off to hang out with Morgan at The Metro Court. Kiki makes a comment about Ava backing off her relationship with Morgan. Then Kiki takes off and finds Morgan and Sonny together at the park. Sonny leaves and heads over to The Metro Court to see Carly. She asks him about Morgan. Sonny tells her that he talked to Morgan. Sonny also tells Carly he's taking what she said about not retaliating against Julian to heart. 

At the Q's, Michael and Tracy try to decide what picture to put on Sabrina's casket with Griffin. They decide to bury Sabrina with Gabriel. Tracy says she already wrote an obituary. Later Griffin tells Michael all he has to do now is grieve. Meanwhile Paul sneaks into the Quartermaine's with one of his syringes. Tracy sees him going up the stairs and tells him he's not allowed to visit Monica. Paul claims he wanted to question Monica about her attacker. Then Carly and Sonny knock on the door. Sonny gives Michael money to donate in Sabrina's name, but Michael just ends up snapping at Carly. Sonny and Carly leave and in private Griffin advises Michael not to hold onto anger toward his mother. After Tracy talks to Paul about the hospital killings, but he sees pictures of Sabrina and loses focus. Tracy asks what's wrong so Paul claims he's distracted because of work. 

Claudette calls Griffin to come over from her hotel room, but he flatly refuses. After she calls Dr. Obrecht over. When Dr. O arrives Claudette tells her about her daughter. Meanwhile Nathan tells Maxie about him supposedly being the father of Claudette kid at The Metro Court. Maxie doesn't think the kid is really his and says they need a DNA test. They head over to Claudette's room and find Dr. Obrecht in tears after seeing videos of her granddaughter. Maxie can't believe Dr. O is believing anything Claudette says, but Dr. O says Claudette should know better than to cross her. Maxie insists Claudette is lying and they need to run a test. Claudette offers a lock of hair from her daughter from a locket for them to test. 

Ava and Julian go to Kelly's, but when Ava sees Paul there she wants to leave. Paul tells Julian the police are closing in on a suspect for the hospital murders and orders Julian to stay out of trouble. Then Paul walks out and Ava follows him. He yells at her to keep her brother on a lease. Ava yells back that they're destruction will be mutual. However Paul says he'll send her to hell and walks away in a huff. After Ava goes back to Julian inside Kelly's and Julian grills her about her relationship with Paul. Then Julian makes a comment about trying to get Alexis back. Ava thinks he's nuts. Morgan and Kiki walk in, Julian gloats to Morgan so Morgan ends up roughing Julian up. Kiki drags Morgan outside and scolds him for his behavior. Ava takes Julian over to The Metro Court. Carly and Sonny show up and Julian tells them to get control over Morgan. Julian tries to push Sonny's buttons and they argue. At the end, Sonny yells to Carly that she was right and, "This has to stop!"

End of show!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Verdict Is In

You're going to owe me one!
Tuesday's Recap - 

Nathan goes to see Claudette at her hotel room. She tells that she's hiding from a bad guy she was involved with who is now tracking her from prison. She claims she came to town hoping to rekindle things with him so he could save her. Claudette swears she didn't know Griffin was in Port Charles, but says seeing him brought all her feelings for him rushing back. Nathan says he's not going to offer his help, because she almost ruined his life before. He advises her to talk to the police. At the end, Claudette begs him saying she needs his help for her and her daughter. 

Griffin overhears Scotty on the phone at the park talking about Julian's trial. He hears Scotty say Julian will be acquitted. Griffin introduces himself to Scotty as Duke's son and asks what happened. Scotty advises him to ask something else, because he's representing Julian. Later Scotty gets a message that the verdict is in. Meanwhile Alexis drinks coffee at The Metro Court and tries to calm her nerves. However Olivia storms over to her and accuses her of being drunk on the stand. Alexis tells her that she doesn't know what happened and says it was like an out of body experience. Olivia gets very upset and rants about how awful Julian is. 

Ava visits Julian in his jail cell while he waits to hear the jury's verdict. She tells him to stay positive and they talk about Alexis. He suspects that Ava knows something that he doesn't. He asks what she's up to. Ava responds that he's going to owe her one. Julian asks what she did on his behalf. Ava acts coy and says, "quid pro quo." Julian worries that Sabrina's death will effect the verdict negatively for him and he says he wishes he never told his secrets to Alexis. 

Sonny talks to Carly at the hotel about Michael. Sonny feels he's to blame for Sabrina, because he should have gotten involved in the hospital murders. Carly is scared that if Julian goes free and Sonny gets involved, it will come back to harm them. She asks him to promise to stay away from Julian no matter what happens. Then Sonny gets a text that the verdict is in. 

Dillon finds Paul alone at the courthouse. Paul is down and says he's done something very bad. Dillon asks what he means so Paul says Julian might go free because of him. Then Dillon brings up Sabrina's death and tells Paul that Monica is closing the hospital. Dillon tries to show some support toward Paul and Paul ends up apologizing to Dillon for being a crappy father. Right then Paul also gets a message that the verdict is in.

Later Scotty and Griffin make their way to the courthouse, as does Alexis and Olivia. Ava is there and gives Alexis some grief over her testimony. Olivia calls her a bitch. Then Sonny and Carly arrive as well. The judge comes in and reads a verdict of not guilty on all counts. Olivia has an outburst, Alexis bursts into tears and Sonny stares at Julian with contempt. Alexis steps out of the courthouse hysterical. After Scotty and Ava congratulate Julian and Scotty gives Paul a dig saying he put up a good fight. Paul walks out somberly and Dillon tries to console him. Paul says he needs to be alone. 

Meanwhile Alexis heads over to The Metro Court for a martini and recounts what happened with her testimony out loud to herself. Over at the park, Ava finds Paul alone and thanks him for fixing the trial. She also warns him if anything happens to her the police will learn who he really is. She asks him why he's killing people, but Paul says she wouldn't understand. He does say that he understands her commitment to family. Ava advises him to stop killing and get out of town. Over at the hospital chapel, Griffin says a prayer of mercy for the people that hurt his father. Back at courthouse, Julian goes free and Sonny seethes that he will see Julian in hell. 

End of show!

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Monday, September 19, 2016

The Witness

Monday's Recap - 

Nathan surprises Maxie at Crimson when he shows up for a meeting with Nina. Maxie can't find her wedding binder so Nina tells them that she took the binder, because she wants to cover their wedding for the magazine. Maxie and Nathan aren't crazy about the idea. Then Spinelli shows up and tells Maxie in private that he couldn't find anything on Claudette. He thinks she was erased from the internet. In Nina's office, Nathan questions Nina about her efforts to get a baby. She says she's given up on actively looking for a baby, but won't give one back if it lands on her doorstep. 

Griffin meets Claudette at Kelly's, but quickly get annoyed by her attitude. He demands to know her agenda with Nathan. She realizes that he's asking for Maxie and thinks Griffin just wants to ease his guilt. She wants to get back together with him, but Griffin is adamant that they can't be a couple. He advises her to leave town. At the end Claudette calls Nathan and says she needs to speak with him. 

Michael pushes Carly away at The Metro Court when she tries to console him about Sabrina. He rants at Carly saying she must be relieved, but Nell jumps to Carly's defense. Michael ends up storming off and picks up baby Teddy. He takes Teddy to the park to tell him that Sabrina is dead. Nell sees him and they end up talking. After Michael promises Teddy that his mother will always be with him, because love doesn't die. At the end, Nell goes back to The Metro Court meanwhile Sonny finds Michael at the park and tries to comfort him.

Alexis passes out in Julian's arms after she steps off the witness stand at the courthouse. Sam takes Alexis outside for some air. Sonny tells Paul to put him on stand instead. Paul is reluctant, but complies. Then Sonny gets on the stand and says he saw Julian trying to kill Alexis so he had to stab him. Scotty questions Sonny and makes it looks like the only one who was hurt was Julian. After Paul calls Sabrina to the stand. However Carly shows up to say Sabrina is dead. Alexis wants to go back on the stand, but Paul rests the case, as does Scotty. Both lawyers give their closing statements and the jury steps down. In anger, Sam slaps Julian across the face. Paul tells Alexis that Julian's fate is in the jury's hands now. 

End of show!

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No recap today. I'll see you on Monday!

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Bye Bye Sabrina

Poor baby Teddy!
Here's What Happened - 

Julian prepares to leave for court in his jail cell when Scotty shows up to tell him he's got a better deal for him than pleading guilty. Meanwhile at the courthouse, Alexis thanks Sonny for trying to reason with Julian. However she thinks it won't make a difference. Then Paul walks in flustered, followed by Sam who comes to support Alexis. Then Ava strolls in and makes a scene with Paul to make it look like they're on opposites sides. Later Julian arrives and Alexis makes nervous. 

The trial begins and Paul gives his opening statement. Scotty requests a meeting in chambers. Instead the judge calls for a recess. In private, Scotty reveals the warrant for Julian's wire tap was issued for the wrong address, thus make all that evidence inadmissible. The judge reviews it and decides the evidence is indeed inadmissible. In light of that Scotty lobbies for the entire case to be thrown out for insufficient evidence. However Paul says he can proceed so the judge resumes the trial. At the end, Paul calls Alexis to the stand.

Lulu and Dante talk about Daphne and Cassadine Island at The Metro Court. Dante thinks their embryo was likely destroyed, but Lulu thinks there is more to it. Dante is worried that Lulu is going to get hurt if she proceeds. He also says that if the embryo is viable she'd be having Stavros' child. Lulu says it's also her DNA and what happened isn't the baby's fault. Then Kevin walks in and asks to talk to Lulu alone about Laura. He tells her that he messed up with Laura, but wants to make it up to her. Then Dante gets called on police business so Lulu uses the alone time with Kevin to talk about Daphne and the mysterious address. Kevin warns Lulu that searching for her embryo could create a lot of problems in her marriage. Lulu agrees it will be complicated, but says she and Dante talked about it. Lulu says she needs to find out and then she'll decide what to do. 

Michael heads to the hospital with his engagement ring for Sabrina. He bumps into Jason and tells him about his plans to propose. Jason advises him to proceed despite what Carly said to him. After Michael goes looking for Sabrina and runs into Felix. Michael ends up telling Felix about his marriage plans so Felix tells him to go for it. Then they go into one of the exam rooms and find Sabrina laying on the floor. Later a crash team tries to revive her, but without success and Sabrina is pronounced dead. Then Dante arrives on the scene to investigate. Michael gives him a statement and asks to see Sabrina one last time. Once alone with her, he says a tearful goodbye.

Tracy tries to insult Monica in order to inspire her to wake up from her coma in her hospital room. Meanwhile Jason learns from one of the doctor's in the hallway that Monica was attacked. He heads to Monica's room and asks Tracy what they should do. Tracy says they just have to wait. Later Jason sits with Monica and talks to her. He brings up his accident years ago and says now he understands why she pushed him so hard back then. He thanks her for loving him. Jason pleads with her to stick around for him and his kids. Monica ends up opening her eyes. Out in the hallway, Tracy learns that Sabrina died. She watches as Michael puts the engagement ring on her finger and tells Sabrina he loves her. 

End of show!

It has been a rough week for GH fans. While I think the show has improved a bit as far surprising me with some good twists, learning that Tyler Christopher won't be returning to GH really disappointed me. Also Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) is out and Bryan Craig (Morgan) is apparently quitting the show as well, although that hasn't been confirmed yet. As if the show hasn't been choppy enough over the years, I fear all these last minute rewrites and changes will drag GH further down the rabbit hole. I guess we'll have to see what happens. How do you feel about what's going on with GH?

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Please Don't Kill Me

Wednesday's Recap - 

Carly and Sonny arrive at the courthouse. Sonny is skeptical that Julian is going to prison, but Carly is insistent that he's going to get what he deserves. Meanwhile in his jail cell, Julian prepares for his day in court. Sonny pays him a visit and demands to know if Julian is going to plead guilty. Sonny says Julian should spare Alexis the pain of having to take the stand if he really loves her. Julian seems to be effected by his words. After Scotty arrives and Julian tells him he wants to plead guilty. Scotty doesn't like what he hears, but Julian orders him to go make a deal. 

Alexis and Diane arrive at the courthouse for Julian's trial. Alexis hopes she can send Julian away for life. Diane tries to calm Alexis' nerves before everyone else arrives. Alexis says the fact that she was married to Julian sickens her. Diane orders her to stay calm and detached during her testimony. Alexis swears that she's ready to send him to prison. Later Sonny arrives and tells Alexis about his talk with Julian. Meanwhile Scotty goes to the courthouse and gets a piece of evidence that impresses him. Then he takes the information to Julian saying he's not going to make any deal and Julian will thank him for it. 

Tracy talks to Finn at The Metro Court about keeping the hospital open. She wants him to speak to the boar,. Dr. Finn thinks he and board don't mix. However he agrees to help on Tracy's behalf. Then Michael walks in looking for Sabrina. Tracy asks what his intentions are for a future with Sabrina and Teddy. Michael says he plans on asking Sabrina to marry him and shows them an engagement ring. Carly happens to see and says, "hell no!" Michael tells Carly it's his choice, not hers. Tracy turns and gives Carly a piece of her mind. She reminds Carly of her many marriages. Later Carly talks to Michael alone and questions the love he shares with Sabrina. Michael gets upset, but Carly says Sabrina has proven she doesn't love him with her actions with Carlos. She asks Michael to give things with Sabrina a little more time. However Michael doesn't want to hear it, says he's popping the question tonight and decides to send Sabrina text message.

In Liz's hospital room, Franco stops Hayden and Liz from arguing by telling them they're sisters. The girls don't believe him so Franco tells them about the affair between Naomi and Jeff Webber. He explains that he learned all of this from Heather and Naomi confirmed it. At first the girls don't believe it, but Franco reminds them about the rare blood type they share. Hayden gets upset because she gave Liz blood and Liz turned her diamonds into the police. Franco explains to Liz that they found a picture of men's shoes behind her so Hayden didn't push her. Then Nathan calls to speak with Liz and tells her that Sabrina already gave him the diamonds. Liz apologizes to Hayden, but Hayden doesn't want to hear it and storms off. In private, Liz feels bad for turning Hayden's diamonds in and wonders who wanted to kill her. Franco promises to look out for her. Outside Hayden runs into Dr. Finn and tells him about the police having her diamonds. She asks him to help her run away, but he refuses. He advises her to get a lawyer and fight. He promises to help her if she stays. Right then the FBI arrives to arrest Hayden. 

Paul attacks Monica in her office with a syringe. Monica passes out and Paul goes to leave. As he does so, Sabrina walks up on him and finds Monica passed out. Sabrina tries to save Monica with CPR and orders Paul to get a crash team. Sabrina manages to get a heart beat from Monica and calls for a crash team herself when Paul doesn't come back right away. A team arrives shortly after and manage to save Monica. They find the syringe mark and Sabrina wonders if it's for the drug the killer's been using. Sabrina heads off to investigate further and then Tracy arrives and sees Monica's condition.

Meanwhile Sabrina finds Paul and questions him for not getting help for Monica. She notices a rubber glove stuck in his jacket, which sets off alarm bells. Sabrina tries to get away from him, but Paul grabs her and drags her into one of exam rooms. Sabrina pleads and fights for her life, but Paul overpowers her. The next thing we see Paul arrives at the courthouse. At the end, we see Sabrina lying, apparently dead, with her phone next her and a text from Michael on it saying he loves her. 

End of show!

Good stuff on GH this week. I've been enjoying the hospital killer story, how about you?

Have a great night!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Let's Chill Out

Davis girl time!
Here's What Happened - 

At Alexis' house, she practices her testimony with Molly. Alexis thanks Molly for standing by her and Molly hopes Alexis can end the Julian chapter of her life soon. Molly runs down the case with her to make sure Alexis has all the details correct. Meanwhile Sam and Jason chat at Perks in their wedding clothes. Sam guesses that he wants to go check on Liz. He assures her that she's his number one priority, but does decide to go to the hospital. Later Sam goes to Alexis' house saying she wanted to check on Alexis. Sam suggests they chill out, order food and watch a movie. They end up telling Molly that Sam is pregnant. Molly and Alexis promise Sam they won't let Julian near the baby. Later Alexis tells the girls that Julian is haunting her mind.

Michael goes to GH to see Sabrina. She's ecstatic and tells him she got her job back. Michael is worried that the hospital isn't safe for her to work at. Tracy overhears him and says the Quartermaine's have always protected the hospital. Sabrina kindly tells him that it's not his decision whether or not she works there. He implores her to wait until the killer is caught, but Sabrina won't budge. Tracy backs Sabrina up so Michael asks to speak with Tracy alone. Tracy explains to Michael that Sabrina needs to take care of herself. Later Paul interrupts and asks Sabrina to go over her testimony with him. 

Hayden tells Franco in the exam room at GH that she wants her diamonds in exchange for donating her blood to Elizabeth. Then Finn comes in to see if she's ready for her blood donation. Franco assures Hayden he'll take care of her request and leaves. Once alone, Hayden worries about Finn's health. Then nurse Amy comes in to start the blood transfusion. After she leaves, Finn waits with Hayden. Naomi comes rushing in so Finn steps out. He goes to the venting machine, but struggles with feeling like crap. Curtis sees him and asks if he's okay. Finn assures him that he's fine, but Curtis looks unconvinced. 

Franco runs into Jason by the hospital elevators. He tells him that they found a blood match for Liz. Jason asks who the donor is. Franco tells him that Hayden is. Later nurse Amy tells Franco Liz was asking for him in surgery and wanted her to thank him for her. Over at The Metro Court, Finn takes Hayden to his hotel room and she tells him about her deal with Franco. Finn thinks Hayden will do the right thing no matter what. Hayden appreciates his belief in her and she falls asleep. 

Scotty goes to visit Julian in his jail cell. He tells Julian that there is hope for his case, because Paul didn't pick good jurors. Julian thinks he's doomed. Scotty says he's going to destroy Alexis' character. Meanwhile Ava stops by the PCPD and torments Paul about being the hospital killer. He pulls her into the interrogation room where Ava argues that Paul allowed a couple of weak jurors for Julian's trial. Paul pleads with Ava that he's trying to get Julian to get off on double jeopardy. After Ava goes to see Julian and tells him everything will work out. 

End of show!

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Sister Act

Friday's Recap - 

Carly finds Morgan napping at Sonny's on the couch. She wakes him up, because he's late for work. Upon waking Morgan acts weird so Carly tries to understand what's going on with him. Then Nell rings the doorbell so Morgan leaves them alone. In private, Carly tells Nell she should work for her. Nell turns her down, because she thinks Carly is just giving her charity. However Carly insists she consider the position and leaves to let Nell think about it. After Morgan returns so Nell tells him that Carly offered her a job. She passionately talks about going to school to be a teacher and worries the job will interfere with that. Morgan thinks Nell should take the job so when Carly returns Nell accepts the offer. Later Morgan tells Carly he's enrolling in college. Carly is confused so Morgan explains that Nell inspired him. His enthusiasm concerns Carly. 

Sonny meets Griffin at The Floating Rib to talk about Julian's conviction. Griffin wants Sonny's opinion on how likely it is that he'll be sent to jail. Sonny tells him that Alexis is struggling and might crack under the pressure. Griffin gets frustrated. Sonny ends up telling him a little about Duke and how he died. He says Duke would give Alexis the benefit of the doubt and so should he. Griffin says he'll take Sonny's advice. Later Robert walks in and says Anna wanted him to talk to them. They all sit down and Robert tells Griffin that Anna doesn't want to him think she abandoned him. He also tells Sonny that he was very helpful to the investigation and he appreciates it. Then they all toast to getting justice for Duke. 

At the coffee shop, Lulu tells Dante and Robert that she wants to return to Cassadine Island to look for her embryo. Dante thinks its a bad idea, but Lulu says she thinks Daphne (the woman from the island) might know something. Robert checks the address that Daphne gave to her on the island and tells them there is no trace of someone named Daphne or the address she said she lived at. At the end, Lulu is determined to find Daphne and learn what she knows. 

Finn shows Curtis a picture on Liz's phone of her potential attacker at GH. Finn says it's definitely a man, which clears Hayden. Curtis thinks they need to be careful with the photo so he calls Jordan. Meanwhile Paul and Jordan talk about Hayden at PCPD. He's anxious for Hayden to be processed and tells Jordan to do her job. Later Finn and Curtis bring the picture to Jordan, which show a man's legs and shoes. 

Franco tells Hayden in the interrogation room that there is something about Liz that she doesn't know. He says she and Liz have the same rare blood type. Hayden is suspicious, but agrees to donate her blood. Franco wants to help her escape to get to the hospital asap, but then Jordan walks in with Curtis and Finn. Franco takes Finn aside, tells him that Hayden is a match for Liz and asks him to help. Back in the interogation room, Paul walks in demanding to know what's going on. Jordan shows him the picture of the shoes. He passionately dismisses it and insists that Hayden be charged. Finn tells them that Hayden is needed at the hospital to help Liz so Paul allows her to be transferred to the hospital. 

Once alone, Jordan and Curtis tell Paul they think the picture can identify the real killer. Paul is reluctant and lobbies to prosecute Hayden. However, Jordan convinces him to release her. Paul tells Jordan they have to proceed carefully going forward and he wants to oversee everything. Jordan gets suspicious of him. Meanwhile at the hospital, Hayden demands to know how Franco knew she was a match for Liz. Then Finn walks in and tells Hayden the charges have been dropped against her. After Hayden tells Franco she'll only give her blood if he gives her something first. 

End of show!

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ruptured Spleen

Here's What Happened - 

Sonny, Carly, Spinelli, Jason and Sam continue to celebrate Sam being pregnant at Sonny's place. Sam says she's glad that the news of the baby came out and they're all friends now. Then Jason gets a call from Franco telling him about Liz's condition. Jason takes off to investigate and Spinelli takes Sam out for ribs. Once alone, Carly thinks Sam is probably upset that Jason got a call about Liz on their wedding day. Later at The Floating Rib, Spinelli asks Sam if she wants to vent to him about Jason going to check on Liz. Sam says she's accepted that Liz is a part of their lives. Sam then thanks Spinelli for coming to the wedding and he says he's never seen her so happy. Sam says being happy always made her nervous before, but now she has fate that joy can last. 

Ava watches Kiki and Morgan chatting at the coffee shop. Morgan gets a package of what he thinks is coffee hats, but instead of saying "Perks" the hats say, "Pecks". He assumes that he messed up, but Kiki says there was just a mistake made and she'll return them for him. Kiki thinks he seems off. Morgan says he woke up feeling weird. Later Ava tells Morgan's boss that his co-worker, Morgan, seems like a downer. 

Tracy finds Dillon at the park taking pictures of the "light" and calls him an artist. She notices that Dillon seems down and she wonders if it's because of his STI. Dillon says he's fine now so Tracy guesses that he's upset about Kiki. He says he wanted to date Kiki, but realizes Morgan was always a potential problem. Tracy advises him to fight for Kiki. Later Kiki runs into Dillon and he tells her about his conversation with Tracy. Dillon says despite Tracy's advise, he's accepted that Kiki loves Morgan. Dillon wishes good things for her and Kiki ends up giving him a little kiss. Then they say goodbye. 

Morgan goes to Sonny's house and talks to Carly. She notices that he seems quiet so he tells her about the hat incident at work. Carly worries that he's off, but Morgan grabs his pills and says he just needs to get used to the meds. Meanwhile Sonny goes to see Morgan at the coffee shop and finds Ava there instead. He calls her out for spying on Morgan and says he's not going to let her hurt Morgan. Sonny reminds Ava that if she hurts Morgan or anyone he loves, he will retaliate. Kiki returns, sees Ava and Sonny chatting and asks what's going on. Sonny tells her to ask Ava and leaves. Once alone, Ava swears she wasn't trying to cause trouble and that she won't say anything else about Kiki's relationship with Morgan going forward.  

At GH, Liz passes out while Franco is trying to tell her that Hayden is her sister. Griffin comes in and calls a cold blue saying her spleen ruptured. Liz is rushed into surgery. Griffin advises Franco to pray for Liz and notify her family. Later Jason comes to the hospital and Franco tells him about Liz being pushed down the steps. Then Griffin tells Franco and Jason that he hopes to repair Liz's spleen. Franco advises Jason to tell Jake right away, but Jason gets annoyed by his interference. However Jason goes to the park and makes arrangements for Jake to meet him there. Meanwhile back at GH, Griffin tells Franco that Liz has some serious problems. 

End of show!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Jasam Wedding Day

Today's Recap - 

At Sonny's house, Sam and Jason's wedding begins. Sam walks down the isle and greets all her family along the way until finally getting to Jason. Then Spinelli begins the ceremony. He says that Sam and Jason are soulmates and that it's his honor to reunite them. Sam and Jason decide to "wing" their vows. Sam goes first and tells Jason he made her want to risk falling in love and she will cherish him forever. Then Jason says his vows and says he loves everything about Sam and they fit perfectly together. They exchange rings and Spinelli pronounces them husband and wife. 

After everyone dances at the reception while Alexis drinks alone. Jake and Danny start eating cake so Sam and Jason jump in to feed each other some. Later Alexis gets a little emotional and is clearly buzzed. Sam tells Jason she's loving every moment of their wedding and then Carly makes a wedding toast, although Sam won't take a sip. She and Jason decide to tell everyone that she's pregnant and everyone is thrilled. 

Dr. Finn meets Curtis at The Floating Rib to discuss Hayden. Finn says Hayden is innocent so Curtis says he's not going to sit around and let Hayden get railroaded by the police. Valerie walks in right then and hears him. She takes offense saying the police don't really railroad people and Hayden definitely pushed Liz. Curtis doesn't believe it, despite what the evidence might suggest. Valerie gets a little defensive and thinks Curtis doesn't respect her enough to do her job right. She warns Curtis to stay out of the investigation. Curtis promises her she won't have to worry about him. However after Valerie leaves, Curtis tells Finn that he's "all in" for them investigating Liz's fall together.

At the PCPD, Hayden waits in the interrogation room. Nearby Naomi tries to talk Franco out of telling Liz that her and Hayden are sisters. Then Naomi goes to see Hayden and tells her that she's going to help her. She says Hayden shouldn't say anything until her lawyers get there. Hayden insists that she's innocent and gets emotional thinking that no one will believe her. Naomi swears she believes her and will protect Hayden. 

Ava approaches Paul at the hospital and demands to talk about Julian's trial. She says if Paul doesn't help Julian she's going to reveal that he's the hospital killer. Meanwhile Monica informs Liz in her hospital room that Sam and Jason are getting married today. After Sabrina and Liz talk and Liz says the wedding is a lot to process. Then Liz tells Sabrina that she's dating Franco. Sabrina says she understands because of her relationship with Carlos and won't judge. Then Sabrina notices that Liz's vitals seem off so she leaves to find Monica. 

On her way, Sabrina overhears Ava and Paul talking. After Sabrina has a weird exchange with Paul where he assures her that his talking to Ava isn't a conflict of interest for Julian's trial. Then Monica sees Sabrina and offers to let her rejoin the staff. Sabrina is thrilled. Later Valerie approaches Sabrina and Monica to discuss the killer's syringe. Meanwhile Paul returns to the hospital stairwell and has a flashback of pushing Liz down the steps. Back in Liz's room, Franco stops by for a visit. He's about to tell her that Hayden is her sister when Liz passes out. 

End of show!

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Monday, September 5, 2016

GH Is A Repeat Today

General Hospital will be a repeat episode today.

Happy Labor Day!

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Carlos Caused A Lot Of Trouble

Today's Show - 

At The Floating Rib, Sonny talks with one of his associates about ensuring that Julian goes to prison. Nearby Michael and Sabrina bring baby Teddy there. Sonny's associate leaves and after Michael and Sabrina chat with Sonny. Then Joe walks in and Sabrina introduces Sonny to him. Joe tells Sonny that he loved Carlos, but understands that he needed to pay for his crimes. Then in private, Joe asks Sabrina if he can spend more time with Teddy. She says yes, but also tells him their romantic past is over. Nearby Sonny senses that Michael is worried about Joe and advises him to separate Joe from Carlos. Later Sonny tells Joe in private that Carlos caused a lot of trouble in Port Charles and he better not make the same mistakes. Meanwhile Sabrina assures Michael that she loves him and wants a future with him. Michael says he wants the same thing and forgives her for the past. 

Liz tells Franco in her hospital room that Hayden tried to kill her. Jordan happens to overhear her and asks Liz to give her a statement. Liz ends up telling Jordan that Hayden pushed her. Jordan thinks it's odd that Hayden came walking back down to check on Liz if she was the one who pushed her. Franco thinks Hayden just wanted to make sure she got the job done. Then one of the other nurse's comes in and says she saw Hayden slap Liz before she fell. Jordan decides to investigate further. Later Griffin comes in and tells Liz that she has a mild concussion and a spline rupture. Franco decides to leave a message for Jason about Liz. After he decides to sleep next to Liz for the night and they hold hands. 

Sam and Jason check into The Metro Court to spend some alone time before their wedding. Sam wants to eat so Jason orders her some surprise food. When the food comes, Sam is excited to learn that it's from Noodle Buddha. Then Jason reminds her that it's also the five year anniversary of their first wedding. Later Jason dodges a call from Franco and after he and Sam hit the sheets. At the end, they open up fortune cookies and find one that says they will live happily ever after. 

Carly and Nell talk about Avery at Sonny's house. Then Bobby stops by and meets Nell. Carly tells Bobby that Nell is Jocelyn's kidney donor so Bobby hugs her. In private, Bobby offers to be Avery's nanny instead of Nell. Later Nell offers to stick around to help, but Carly tells her she's got Bobby now. Nell briefly talks about how hard it will be to find a new job. Sonny comes home and is happy to see Nell leaving and to learn that Bobby will be watching Avery. Carly tells Sonny she feels bad for Nell, because she doesn't have a job to go back to. Sonny tells her it's not her responsibility. Carly calls Nell anyway and says she has some ideas about her job hunt. 

Hayden thanks Dr. Finn in the hospital locker room for believing that she didn't push Liz down the stairs. He admits that he cares about her. Hayden says it's bad timing, because she has to leave town. He offers to take her to get her bags. Later they go to the coffee shop to say goodbye. Hayden spikes their coffee with whiskey and Finn asks where she's heading off to. Hayden says she can't tell him, because it will compromise him. Finn says he wishes she wouldn't leave and they kiss. At the end, Jordan finds them and arrests Hayden for pushing Liz. 

End of show!

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