Thursday, August 25, 2016


No regrets!
Thursday's Recap - 

Laura and Kevin wake up in bed together in his hotel room and Kevin wonders if Laura has any regrets. However Laura says the only thing she regrets is his getting shot on the island. The conversation makes Laura thinks of Nikolas, but she says Kevin makes the pain bearable. Later Kevin leaves to get them breakfast. Once alone, Laura accidentally discovers some of Kevin's papers. She seems upset looking through them and it turns out that Kevin is writing a book about her and has a publishing deal. When Kevin returns he sees her reading the documents. Kevin explains that he had the book deal before he started working with her and she inspired him to change the story. Kevin swears he was going to get her approval before going forward, but Laura doesn't believe him and storms out. 

At The Metro Court, Sam and Jason tell Sonny and Carly that they're getting married. They say they want to get married on September 2nd and plan to keep it simple. Carly insists that they get married at their house. Then Nell walks in so Carly introduces her to Jason and Sam. Later Sonny and Jason speak in private. Sonny guesses there is more going on with Jason than just getting married. Jason says there is and asks Sonny to be his best man. Sonny agrees and wishes him well. Meanwhile Nell and Carly go back to Sonny's house and Nell asks Carly not to tell everyone she's Jocelyn's kidney donor. Carly thinks Nell is being very mature. At the end, Nell gets a call saying that she lost her job and she'll have to go home tomorrow. 

Kristina goes back to school to see Parker, because Parker called her. However Parker explains it was just a pocket dial mishap, but says she wants to speak with her. They sit down and Parker tells her that she is genuinely attracted to her. Kristina assumes that means they should be together, but Parker explains they can never be a couple. Then she tells Kristina that she's going back to her wife. Kristina gets upset, calls Parker weak and selfish and says she doesn't want to see her again.

Alexis goes to see Jordan at her apartment. Jordan shows her media coverage of her argument with Kristina on her tablet via a website called TMI. Apparently the scathing article goes into detail and suggests that Alexis is just as violent as Julian is. Jordan is very upset and thinks this will cast doubts on Alexis' testimony against him. Jordan also wonders if maybe Alexis did this on purpose, but Alexis swears that's not the case. Alexis gets defensive and tells Jordan to go to hell. Then Alexis walks out. Later Andre stops by and can see Jordan is upset. He urges her to open up to him.

Meanwhile Alexis goes home and gets a visit from Sam. She tells Alexis that Carly convinced her to have the wedding at Sonny's house. Alexis says it's probably for the best. Alexis is tense so Sam asks what's going on, but Alexis says she doesn't want to talk about it. Sam then asks Alexis to be her best girl at the wedding and Alexis agrees. Later Sam goes back to The Metro Court to see Jason and he says he's covered the person who is going to marry them. Back at Alexis' house, Sonny stops over and demands to know what happened with the media story on TMI.

End of show!

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