Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Real Maxie Returns

I know what you want!
Today's Show - 

Nathan brings Claudette to GH to have her ankle looked at, but quickly leaves her with Liz so he can call Maxie. Meanwhile Maxie comes to GH, runs into Griffin and then runs into Nathan. She hugs Nathan and then they talk privately. He tells her about how he got stranded with Claudette, which ticks Maxie off. Nathan then gets called off to work and after Claudette comes out to confront Maxie. However Maxie quickly snaps at Claudette while Claudette condescends to Maxie saying she has special memories of her and Nathan together. Maxie tells Claudette she's not going to play her game anymore and tries to force her into a wheelchair. Nathan then returns and decides to take Claudette back to the exam room. At the end, Nathan asks Maxie to marry him today.

Liz asks Griffin to have a look at the patient (Claudette) in the exam room. However Valerie stops him before he goes into the room. She wants to question he and Liz about the patient who died. Valerie puts Liz and Griffin in the conference room to wait for Nathan and they talk about Franco. Liz says she thought maybe she and Franco had a chance, but now she's not sure. Meanwhile we see that Claudette isn't really very injured in the exam room and looks at a picture of Griffin on her phone. Later Nathan comes to talk with Liz and Griffin. Liz remembers a detail that might exonerate Franco. Nathan checks it out and after says the information will allow Franco to be released. At the end, Griffin finally makes it to the exam room and sees Claudette. 

Morgan and Kiki talk at the coffee shop and Morgan says being with Kiki made him remember how much he loves her. Then Lucy shows up with enthusiasm to show them the new apartment Morgan picked out for them. Lucy tells Kiki about her new career as a real estate agent, but Kiki is shocked and speechless. Kiki asks to speech with Morgan alone, which Lucy says is fine because her next client, Dillon, is there. Dillon looks hurt at the idea of Kiki and Morgan moving in together. Kiki pulls Morgan aside for a private talk. They head to Sonny's house and end up having an argument. Kiki thinks he's moving too fast. Morgan assumes that Kiki must think he's off his meds. Meanwhile Dillon tells Lucy back at the coffee shop that he needs more time to find an apartment. Then he runs into Valerie and tells her he's seeing someone casually. At the end, Dillon gets an urgent text from Darby.

Franco meditates in the police interrogation room and wishes Liz would come visit him. However Scotty shows up instead and tells Franco he's in big trouble with the police. Scotty says the police are getting search warrants for his place and asks if Franco has anything incriminating they might find. Franco tells Scotty he should believe him, because Scotty is his father. Then he has Scotty call Elizabeth, but Liz doesn't want to talk to Franco. After Scotty asks about what happened with Nina so Franco tells him that Nina told the calls where to find him. He thinks no one believes in him. Later Scotty learns that Franco is free to go. After Scotty goes to the coffee shop and runs into Lucy. He invites her to have a drink with him. Meanwhile Franco heads to the hospital to see Liz and tells her he's going to leave her alone from now on. 

End of show!

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