Monday, August 29, 2016

That Bitch Has My Diamonds

Monday's Recap - 

Dante hears Lulu on the phone at their house arguing with someone about what was recovered in the explosion at Creighton-Clark last year. Then Robert Scorpio knocks on the door to tell Lulu that Luke is very much alive. Robert comes in and Dante asks if Luke said anything about visiting his family. Dante gets irked when Robert says he doesn't know, but Lulu comes to Luke's defense. Later Robert says Luke wanted to warn them about Valentin Cassadine as well. Then Lulu asks if Robert can find out if her embryos were found in the Creighton-Clark explosion. Robert agrees to help. After he leaves, Dante tells Lulu that he's on board with her search. 

Andre comes to the PCPD and surprises Jordan with a book about collectible currency. Jordan wonders why he's so interested, but Andre says he's a nerd and happens to know about stuff like that. After Jordan calls Ava to the PCPD. She asks for Ava to look at the cuff link picture. Ava says she thinks she's seen it before. Jordan says she also feels like she's seen it before. At the end, Ava remembers that she saw Paul wearing the cuff link.

At GH, Liz places a call to Jordan and asks if she can come by later to talk to her. Dr. Finn happens by and after she gets off the phone, he asks why she's going to the police station. Liz tells him she has to drop something off to Dante. After Finn runs into Monica and asks to file a complaint against Dr. Obrecht. However Monica advises him not to pick a fight with her. Right then another patient goes into arrest. Dr. Finn, Liz and Monica run into to check and find Andre doing CPR. Unfortunately the patient dies. Monica gets suspicious of Andre and calls the police. Paul comes to the hospital, but Andre refuses to talk to him without a lawyer. However at the end, they find out the patient died of natural causes. 

At The Metro Court, Ava tells Hayden that Elizabeth has her diamonds and wants to tell the FBI about it. Hayden angrily spouts, "That bitch has my diamonds!?!" Hayden thinks she's done for if Liz turns her in. She decides to leave and go find Liz to stop her. Hayden goes to the hospital, calls Liz a bitch and demands her diamonds. They end up having an argument and Hayden slaps Liz. Dr. Finn sees them, rushes in and stops them from fighting more. Liz storms off saying she's going to the police. After Hayden tells Dr. Finn that Liz wants to destroy her. Meanwhile Liz goes looking for Monica and finds Paul in her Monica's office. When Liz turns her back, we see that Paul is holding a syringe. At the end, Paul worries that Liz saw him so he goes looking for her. 

Heather tells Franco from prison that Naomi and Jeff Webber had a little brat together. Heather is reluctant to explain what she means. Heather says she promised Naomi she'd keep quiet in return for money. Franco decides to speak in hypothetical terms and gets Heather to admit that she followed Jeff back in the day and saw him with Naomi. She tells Franco that Hayden is the result and is also Liz's sister. Franco wants to tell Elizabeth, but Heather warns him not to. She tells him if the truth comes out, Naomi will stop paying her. However Franco heads off the hospital looking to tell Liz anyway. At the end, the hospital has a power failure while Liz is alone in the stairwell. Then someone comes up behind her and pushes her down the stairs. 

End of show!

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