Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pill Popping

Bad Ava!
Today's Show - 

Sonny comes to support Morgan at the coffee shop in how he handled the incident with the man who hit on Kiki. Morgan explains to Sonny that he wanted to hurt the guy, but he was able to pull himself back. Sonny says he's proud of him. Later Morgan shows Sonny the social media marketing strategy for the coffee shop. Sonny says seeing Morgan have passion for business is a beautiful thing. After Morgan talks about how he felt lost before, but is slowly getting clarity now and he feels like he has a future. Meanwhile Ava swaps Morgan's pills out upstairs in Sonny's house. Then she goes downstairs and says her goodbyes to Nell, who is waiting alone in the living room on her way out. 

Kevin can't believe that Laura never saw Raiders of the Lost Ark on their date at The Metro Court. She explains that she was busy in 1981 and those were adventurous days in her life. Kevin wonders if dinner with him is boring in comparison, but she insists it's exactly what she wants now. Kevin then suggests that she join him for a night cap, but just for good conversation. Laura says, "let's go!" Later they head up to his room and have a toast. They end up playing video games and laughing. It leads to a passionate kiss. They fall back on the bed, but then Kevin pulls back wondering if they're moving too fast. However Laura convinces him she's a grown up and very much ready. Then she kisses him. 

Liz finds a mysterious box from Cassadine Island at Wyndermere. Then Ava stops by and says she wanted to thank Laura for inviting her to Nik's funeral. Liz and Ava get to talking and Ava tells Liz about her recent friendship with Nikolas and consoles Liz on losing him. Ava notices the box and convinces Liz to open it. Inside they find the jacket Nikolas was wearing the night he died and one boot he was wearing. Liz gets upset seeing it. Ava asks if she can keep the boot in remembrance of Nik. Liz gets suspicious, searches it and finds Hayden's diamonds stuffed in the lining. She wants to take the diamonds to the police, but Ava pleads with her not to in the name of Nik's namesake. Then Ava walks out as Liz just stares at the diamonds wondering what to do. 

Franco eats a sandwich at his apartment and then gets a visit from Nina. She says she came to get the last box of her things. Then he tells her about his suspension from GH. She offers to help him, but Franco refuses. Then Nina says even though they didn't work out, she doesn't wish him ill will. Later Franco makes her a sandwich and they eat together. Nina ends up telling Franco that she thinks he's good at a lot of things and he should be confident. He tells Nina she should be proud of her hard work at Crimson. It leads to a conversation about Nina meeting a tall, dark and handsome stranger. Franco wonders if she's making it up to make him jealous. Nina gets annoyed and tells Franco she had incredible sex with this man, but he turned out to be Valentin Cassadine. Despite his criminal nature, Nina says she doesn't regret meeting Valentin. Nina then asks about Liz so Franco explains that he scares Liz and he's in limbo with her. At the end, they agree that better things are ahead for both of them. Nina leaves and Liz sees her as she's approaching the door. She tries to hide, but Franco notices Liz and asks what's she's doing there. She tells him she wanted to talk to someone. 

Carly asks Nell to babysit for her at Sonny's. Nell says she has to go back to her job. However Carly insists she stay and calls her job for a reference. After Carly officially hires Nell and then Sonny and Morgan come in. Avery starts crying so Nell offers to check on her. Morgan escorts Nell up to the baby's room. In private, Sonny expresses a little disappointment about Nell babysitting to Carly. She convinces him that Nell is very capable so Sonny agrees. Later Nell promises Sonny she'll take good care of Avery. At the end, Nell leaves and Sonny asks Carly if she really likes Nell. Carly says yes. Then Sonny tells Carly about Morgan's good behavior of late. Meanwhile Morgan goes to his room and pops the pills Ava planted.

End of show!

I could watch Kevin and Laura all day. Love them!!

Have a great night!

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