Thursday, August 4, 2016

One Night With Theo

Here's What Happened - 

Sonny goes to the station to find Jason in handcuffs. Jordan tells Sonny that Jason is wanted for Nikolas' murder. Then Dante and Lulu walk in and tell Jordan that Nik faked his death, but then died for real on Cassadine Island. Dante tells Jordan about Valentin Cassadine so she goes to contact Interpol. After Lulu tells Sonny, Dante and Jason about the skeleton she found that could be Luke. Sonny thinks you can never count Luke out and promises he'll check it out. Sonny decides to investigate Valentin himself and takes off. Later Jordan gets a file on Valentin from Interpol that shows he's a very dangerous criminal. She releases Jason, but warns him to stay out of the investigation into Valentin. 

Nina wakes up naked in her bed and surprised to see Valentin aka Theo Heart in her room. Nina can't remember much and says she never had a one night stand before. Valentin says they are just two sexy adults who don't need a commitment. They end up having sex again. After Curtis knocks on the door and pushes his way into the room. Nina is embarrassed, hands Valentin a newspaper and steps outside with Curtis. In private, Curtis tells Nina he came to check on her. Nina asks him not to judge her and he promises he won't. Meanwhile Valentin looks at the newspaper and sees that his island captives all got back to Port Charles safely. Valentin ends up rushing out and leaves his cell phone behind. 

 Kiki accuses Morgan of having a manic episode at Sonny's house. She asks if he's still taking his medication. Morgan insists he's just happy and wants to be with her. Kiki tells him she's not the same girl she used to be and he needs to understand who she is now. Kiki thinks he's moving too fast and they need to act like adults now. Meanwhile Darby and Dillon talk about their night together at the coffee shop. Darby tells him to get tested for an STI (Not STD) called MG. Dillon is shocked and then asks if she told Morgan. She tells him she tried to reach Morgan, but he won't return her calls. Later Dillon researches MG on his phone. Then Morgan shows up and Dillon tells him about the STI situation. Later everyone meets at the hospital where Darby tells Kiki about spreading around her STI. Kiki gets upset and storms off. Morgan chases after her while Darby tells Dillon she's just as good as they are. At the end, Dillon sees Kiki and Morgan hugging.

Griffin sees Claudette in the exam room at GH. She's shocked to see him and they hug. She's pleased to see he's working at the hospital. Griffin tells her he took a break from the cloth. Claudette thinks them running into each other means they were meant to see each other, but they end up having an argument about their past. Griffin thinks she liked the idea of getting caught when they cheated together, but Claudette says she fell in love with him. Griffin says his feelings for her were real too. Later Griffin accuses Claudette of only being in town for Nathan and wants to know what she's really up to. Claudette claims she really loved him, but Griffin just storms out. 

In the hospital hallway, Nathan pressures Maxie to marry him right now. Maxie thinks its sudden and rushing into the wedding will disappointment a lot of people. Nathan keeps pressuring her so Maxie asks if he's overcompensating for spending the night with Claudette. Nathan says he has nothing to feel guilty about and he just wanted to make Maxie feel better. Maxie suggests they compromise and move the wedding up to next month. At the end, Maxie and Nathan tell Claudette they're moving up their wedding date. She tells them she's decided to stay in Port Charles. 

Nina gets curious and looks through Valentin's messages. She ends up hearing the messages Spencer left for Nikolas. Curtis says the phone is a burner and they realize its Nikolas Cassadine's phone. They end up taking the phone to Jordan at the station. Nina then identifies Valentin as Theo Heart from a picture. Meanwhile at Camp, Spencer practices for his play as Richard III and leaves another message on Nik's phone. Then his counselor comes in and ushers him off to the stage. Later Spencer gets a visit from Valentin. He tells Spencer he's his uncle Theo Cassadine. He claims that Nikolas sent him. Spencer is suspicious so Theo shows him his tattoo. Theo tells Spencer they have to leave right now to go see Nikolas. Spencer agrees, however Sonny shows up right then surprising them. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

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