Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Odd Man Out

Here's What Happened - 

Nina asks Nathan at the coffee shop if he still has feelings for Claudette. Nathan says he's not in love with Claudette, but she does make him angry. Nina tries to explain to him why Claudette makes Maxie feel insecure. Nina says when someone feels like the, "odd man out," it's a terrible feeling. She advises him to make amends with Maxie.

Maxie goes over wedding details with Felicia at The Floating Rib, but says she needs to let go of her wedding dreams. Felicia insists that Maxie should fight for Nathan. She asks Maxie what it would take for her to believe in Nathan again. Later Nathan walks in so Felicia leaves to give them time to talk. Nathan explains to Maxie that what she interpreted as him being "in love" with Claudette was just his bruised ego overreacting. To prove his love Nathan tosses his ring from Claudette in the garbage. Maxie says they can work things out as long as Claudette is out of the picture. 

Meanwhile back at the coffee shop, Felicia bumps into Nina. They end up having a conversation about Nathan and Maxie. Nina tries to convince Felicia that Nathan doesn't love Claudette, but Felicia kindly questions why Nathan wasn't just honest to begin with. They agree that Nathan and Maxie make a good couple and at the end, they both get text messages from Maxie and Nathan that they worked things out. They hug to celebrate being future in laws. Right then Claudette happens by.

Monica talks to Andre and Dr. Finn at GH about the hospital murders and then the power goes out. Monica finds it odd that the generator takes awhile to come on and calls the police. Later she finds out from Andre that someone tampered with the electricity. Meanwhile in the hospital stairwell, someone pushes Liz down the stairs. Liz is bloodied and dazed. As her view comes into focus, she sees Hayden walking down the steps. Then Franco rushes down to Liz's aid just as she passes out. He orders Hayden to get help. Hayden runs out the door and bumps into Paul. Hayden runs past him to get help and Paul goes to look at Liz. 

Griffin gets surprised in the hospital locker room by Claudette, who is holding his underwear. Then the lights go off. He accuses her of fooling with the lights and asks her to leave. However Claudette thinks they have unfinished business. Griffin says all she is to him is a bullet scar and she always makes selfish choices. Claudette says she can be better with him. Griffin demands to know what she wants from Nathan. Before she can answer, Andre calls Griffin to help Liz. 

At the PCPD, Ava remembers that Paul was wearing the cuff link that Jordan showed her. She calls in a favor from one of her associates. Then Ava goes to Paul's room at the Metro Court and searches for the cuff links. Instead she finds the drug that was used to subdue the murdered patients at the hospital. Meanwhile at the hospital, Dr. Finn rushes to help Liz while Paul questions Hayden about Liz's fall. Andre and Griffin come to help so Dr. Finn goes to the Nurse's station. Monica asks him to keep on eye on things and then Finn asks Hayden in private if she's hiding anything. Then Liz is rushed to the ER and Franco blames Hayden for her getting hurt. At the end, Paul follows Monica when she's alone in the locker room with a syringe. 

End of show!

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