Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Nell's Your Donor

Tuesday's Recap - 

Paul talks to Tracy at The Metro Court about Dillon. She tells him about Dillon's STI, which Paul isn't happy to hear. He gets angry at Tracy for not including him in Dillon's life. Tracy blames him for keeping his distance. Then Tracy brings up Paul's daughter, Susan, but he orders her not to talk about Susan. Tracy is taken aback, but then apologizes for bringing up his past. Then Tracy offers to set up a lunch with Paul, her and Dillon, but she seems suspicious of Paul's intensity about his children. 

Ava tries to convince Dillon to go after Kiki at Crimson. Ava says that Morgan made Kiki feel sorry for him and that's why she ended up going back into a relationship with him. Dillon wonders if Ava is telling him this just because she wants Morgan back. However Ava swears that Morgan is dangerous for Kiki and she has no interest in him other than protecting Kiki. Dillon doesn't buy it and tells Ava she's just trying to use him to control Kiki. Then he storms off. 

In her office, Nina asks Curtis to find her a baby. She gives him background on her attempt to take Ava's baby and why that makes adoption impossible for her. Curtis is apprehensive to take on her request. Nina makes a heartfelt plea and hopes he can find someone who needs her to raise their baby. Curtis isn't comfortable trying to find someone to buy a baby from, but he ends up changing his mind at the end and agrees to help her.

Morgan tells Andre in his office that he feels great and is happy with Kiki, but Andre senses something else is going on. Morgan ends up opening up and tells Andre that he's afraid of losing Kiki. However Morgan says he can't go back to the clinic. Andre tells him to stay on his meds and stick to his routine. Ava happens to overhear part of their conversation. Then she sees Morgan leave his pills in his backpack and then walk away. Ava ends up taking the pills and runs off with them. 

Kiki finds that her tire is flat in the hotel parking garage. She can't get assistance for another two hours so she decides to change it herself. Later Dillon sees her struggling to change the tire and steps in to help. Dillon ends up telling Kiki that Ava wanted him to break up her relationship with Morgan. Kiki gets upset, but then Morgan calls her. After Kiki tells Dillon that she's very happy with Morgan so Dillon wishes her well. 

Jason asks Sam to marry him again at their penthouse. Sam is thrilled, says yes and they kiss. After she wonders if he only asked her to marry him because she's pregnant. Jason says only in part, but that he always wanted to marry her again. Sam is worried that something could be wrong with the baby, but Jason tells her to think good thoughts. Then Sam gets a call from the hospital telling her that the baby doesn't have malaria. At the end, Jason asks Sam to promise to always tell him if something is wrong. They agree to handle their relationship right this time. 

At the hospital, Jocelyn learns that Nell is her kidney donor. She gets emotional and thanks Nell. Then Jocelyn asks Carly how they found Nell. Jax, Michael and Carly explain how it all came to pass. Jocelyn gets upset that no one told her who Nell was right away. Then she realizes that's why Jax and Carly have been fighting and storms off. Nell goes after Jocelyn and tells her that her family just wanted to protect her. 

Meanwhile Sonny talks to Michael in private and says he doesn't trust Jax. Nearby Jax and Carly talk in private as well. Jax says no matter what, he's glad they were able to save Jocelyn's life. Later Jocelyn returns and hugs Carly. Then Nell says she's going back home, but will be in touch because she wants the best for Jocelyn. Michael asks if he can keep in touch with Nell and she agrees. Carly and Jocelyn then hug Nell goodbye. Jax makes a phone call in private to someone unknown saying that Nell isn't a threat afterall. However at the end to his surprise, Carly asks Nell to stay in town. 

End of show!

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